Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Planndesign website. This term of use agreement constitutes a legal binding contract between Planndesign("Plandesign", "we", "us", "our"), and you with respect to your use of our website ( It is very important that you read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement. By using the Website, you agree to be bound by this Agreement. Be advised that this Agreement contains disclaimers of warranties and limitations on liability that may be applicable to you.

We reserve the right with or without notice, at any time, to following:

  • Change the terms and condition of this agreement
  • Change the website (, including completely removing OR discontinuing one or more services, or any feature of our website (
  • Terminate or Deny your use and/or access to the website (

Any changes that we make will be effective immediately on our website, or after providing enough notice. You agree that your continued use of the Website after such changes constitutes your acceptance of such changes. You hereby acknowledge that you have carefully read all of the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy (which can be accessed at and agree to all such terms and conditions. Be sure to return to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version of this Agreement.

If you do not acceot these terms and conditions, which are obligatory and binding, should not use the website ( OR any of services/features of the website (

General Terms

  1. User must read and understand and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned here, and in privacy-policy before using this site.
  2. Access to certain features or services of the website require you to register with us, and provide us your information. We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to any user for no reason or with reason. You must provide your true, accurate and complete information about yourself, which contains your valid email address, while registration.
  3. is not responsible for any damage to user caused due to system failure, or due to network. Planndesign is not responsible if user's system is affected due to some virus or malware. is not responsible for any failure due to user's system failure or internet, and will not demand any compensation due to this.
  4. Users must accept any change in terms and condition, if we have in future. The contract with user will be broken, if the user does not accept our terms. And, the user will be blocked.
  5. protects Intellectual Property rights. Therefore, the publication of works and articles that infringe the laws relating to copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial models, designs and secrets is forbidden.
  6. The user will be responsible for every operation through that account.{" "}

Work uploaded by users provides some features where users can upload their work on our website. And, your content becomes available to the public through our website in accordance with below terms:

  1. We may ask you to provide information about the work that you are uploading, and whether its free or paid. We may consider your work not eligible for paid category, and we will ask to you whether we should make your work publically available in free section. Only, after your approval, the work will be published accordingly. Sender is authorizing us to publish their work.{" "}
  2. Given that we can not certify the ownership of the work, the received work will be published with the author's name.
  3. has the right to reject any work submitted by user.{" "}
  4. When user is submitting their work. He or she is allowing his or her work to be used and/or manipulated and/or modified by other users. And thereby losing right to complain about the use for their work.
  5. User must not submit the work, which is not owned by them. In case user submit such work which is a copyright by someone, the legal responsibility for the material will fall on the sender and will remove the work immediately and will penalize the sender of work who infringes these conditions by disabling his or her account.
  6. Work submitted by user which offend or harm third parties will not published.
  7. The work submitted that exposes third party's name, or any other information, will not be published.
  8. Sender can see the analytics of their upload work through their profile area.
  9. We will take a certain amount of time to publish your work. It may take 30-45 days after you submit your work.

Other terms

  1. has various plans for paid users. The plans may change upon time. But, once a user has subscribed to a plan, for defined duration his or her plan will not change.
  2. have a point system, where we can allow user to have access to some subscription plan upon completion of certain points.

Cancellation and Refund

Once you buy subscription from, and you have used your credits. You are not liable for a refund. However, if you have not used your credits, it can be refunded by raising a request to our payment gateway, or contact us. The amount will not be refunded, if you have downloaded the premium content as per the subscription.

Delivery of Premium Drawing

Once you buy subscription, you can download premium drawings. To download a drawing, you need to goto the drawing page, there is a download button. The file will be downloaded in your browser. If you have any issue or file not received. You can contact to us, we will email that file to you.