10 Best Smart Lamps to Light up Your Bedroom

10 Best Smart Lamps to Light up Your Bedroom
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Smart lamps are an interesting way to add character to your spaces. These lamps come with an array of features from colour options to operations to scene settings, and so on. Lamps aid in the overall aesthetics of space in addition to providing adequate light for various functions. Lamps are available across various designs, forms and features. Smart technology has amped up the features of lamps. The interesting trick to easily convert their lamps into smart lamps is by installing a smart bulb in your existing lamps (if the holder is compatible). To help you in selecting a smart lamp, the following is a guide to buying smart lamps –

What Are Smart Lamps and How do they work?

Smart lamps are lighting fixtures that can be operated via smartphones, smart hubs or voice assistants over a wi-fi network. These lamps aid in automating the lighting of a space in addition to providing interesting features such as a wide range of colours, scene settings, brightness levels, etc.

These lamps are built with sensors and software in order for them to be operated remotely through smartphone applications, voice assistants, so on and so forth.

Costs attached to the Smart Lamps?

The cost of a smart lamp depends on the type of fixture and the features it comes with. While a smart bulb starts from 500 rupees, a basic smart lamp can cost somewhere in the range of 800 to 1500 rupees.

Things to consider before you choose a Smart Lamp

The devices across a smart home can be controlled via the following common methods –

  • Wattage:

When selecting a smart lamp, one must pay attention to the fact that the higher the wattage, the higher would be the brightness in the case of LED lights. Therefore, choose the wattage adequately according to your requirements.

  • Colours and ambiance:

Smart lamps can offer a range of over 16 million colours to choose from, therefore they provide the users with a huge palette of lighting to suit varied moods and ambiances. In addition, these provide the flexibility to regulate the brightness of light, thus aiding in achieving the desired ambiance.

  • Controllability:

Smart lamps can be controlled remotely by voice and with the aid of dedicated apps.

  • Aesthetics:

The aesthetics are one of the most important considerations as the aesthetics of the lighting fixture can contribute to altering the aesthetics of a space. Therefore, one should look for shape, form, material, etc. while selecting the model of the lamp.

  • Power:

The smart lamps can either be powered through a conventional plug-and-play system or be equipped with a rechargeable battery. One should look at the powering typology for the lamp that they want to go in for.

What are the advantages of a Smart Lamp?

Smart lamps have the following advantages –

  • The remote access and scene creation features may help in adding additional security in the absence of homeowners.
  • These can be operated remotely thereby providing ease of use and control.
  • Some smart lamps can help in saving energy by scheduling the use of lamps.
  • Offers a huge range of possibilities by providing scene creation, a huge array of colours of the light, adjustable brightness levels and ambiance.

Are there any drawbacks to a Smart Lamp?

Some drawbacks of a smart lamp are as follows –

  • If there is a fault in the wireless connection, there could be connectivity and performance issues with the smart lamps.
  • These can fall a little expensive when compared to some of their conventional counterparts.

The following are the 10 best smart lamps to light up your bedroom –

1. Philips 10-watt Wiz Smart Colour Changing, Dimmable, Wi-Fi Enabled LED Desk Lamp | Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant | Table Lamp for Bedroom, Study, Decoration | Multicolour Desklight

The simple Smart LED lamp with modern aesthetics is ideal for use on bedroom side tables, study tables, coffee tables, reading nooks, etc. Some features of this smart lamp are as follows –

  • This smart lamp works with Wiz and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The Philips smart lamp is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.
  • It can be remotely controlled via the Wiz app.
  • It has a wattage of 10 watts and can change colours from the 16 million colours available.
  • The rechargeable LED lamp has a flexible arm that can be adjusted according to the illumination requirements.

2. Philips Comet Single Head 10-Watt Smart Wiz Wi-Fi Enabled LED Wall Light/Wall Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room | Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant | B22 Base | Multicolor LED Lamp

This smart lamp by Philips is minimalistic and designed to suit an array of decor palettes. The features of this smart lamp are as follows –

  • This multifunctional smart lamp offers features such as scene setting, schedules, rhythms, controlling light intensity, and options to switch between 16 million colours.
  • This smart lamp can be controlled and operated with the Wiz app.
  • It can also be operated via the voice assistant Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Universal remote enables one to control IR devices from anywhere.

3. MORPICH® RGB Corner Floor Lamp, Smart Corner Lamp with WiFi App Control, Customizable DIY Mode, Music Sync, Timer Setting, Led Corner Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room, TV, Game Room (Multi)

This unique right-angled minimalistic floor lamp is a classy add-on to a space. The specifications of this smart bedside lamp are as follows –

  • The smart floor lamp can switch between 16 million colours to choose the desired colour depending on the occasion, function and mood.
  • It has an inbuilt RGB LED strip to give multi light effect.
  • This smart floor lamp is controlled using The Smart Vibrancy remote for up to 20 feet.
  • One can change between static and dynamic colour-changing scenes, in addition to controlling the speed of the switch.
  • The smart lamp supports brightness adjustments from 0 to 100%.

4. Smartway® - Mini Desk Table Lamp Led, USB,Touch Sensor, Adjustable, Step Less Dimming & Color Changing (Warm White+ Natural White+ Cold White)

This interesting portable lamp is designed to provide optimum ambient light. It has the following specifications –

  • This smart lamp offers three brightness levels or light modes, vis-a-vis Warm, white and natural white.
  • It is a low-power consumption lamp.
  • The lamp has a 40 degrees rotatable head.
  • It can be controlled completely by touch.
  • It has an in-built rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB cord.

5. Mi LED Smart Color Bulb (B22) - (16 Million Colors + 11 Years Long Life + Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

A smart bulb can be integrated with any lamp to transform it into a smart lamp. The smart bulb by Mi has the following features –

  • This smart bulb can light up across 16 million colours to suit an array of purposes and moods.
  • It can be controlled via voice assistants – Alexa and Google assistant.
  • The smart bulb can be easily operated using the Mi Home app.
  • It offers a service life of approximately 11 years.
  • The various functions that the smart lamp is built with are - scheduler, adjusting the brightness and colour temperature, automatic power on and off, and so forth.

6. i GEAR iLumi Rechargeable Night Light Lamp, White,Pack of 1

This smart rechargeable lamp is eco-friendly and has the following features –

  • this is a portable lamp and does not support a touch mechanism.
  • It can be controlled by hand gestures to change the colour or brightness of the light.
  • It has a minimalistic design and is ideal for an array of spaces.
  • It is a rechargeable lamp and can run for 350 hours of standby time and 12 hours of usage on a full charge.

7. HOME CUBE Smart Control Sensor LED Night Light Bedroom Lamp with Dual USB Phone Charging Switch Socket (Warm White, Pack of 1)

This Smart Control Sensor LED lamp is a multifunctional option to opt for. The features of this super cool smart lamp are as follows –

  • In addition to being a lamp, it has dual USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously.
  • This lamp has 3 settings – on, off and auto. In the auto mode, through a light sensor, the lamp automatically turns on at dusk and turns off and dawn.
  • The smart lamp has a soft light that won’t bother the user while sleeping.

8. Mi Smart Bedside Lamp 2 (16 Million Colors, App-Enabled, Touch Panel)

This smart lamp is a very user-friendly gadget to introduce smart technology into your bedroom. The specifications of this smart bedside lamp are as follows –

  • The aesthetics of this smart lamp are minimalistic and clean.
  • This smart lamp has a palette of 16 million colours to choose the desired colour from depending on the occasion and mood.
  • It offers the flexibility to adjust the temperature of white light according to the requirements.
  • This lamp can be controlled through a smooth touch panel, mobile app and also by voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Provides scene creation feature.
  • It can be grouped with other Mi smart lights to create interesting scenes.

9. Hoard Led Light Night Lamp with Sensor,0.5W Automatic Sensor Smart LED Night Lamp. (Warm White, Pack of 1)

This smart lamp is a very handy night lamp for a bedroom. Some features of it are as follows –

  • The smart lamp is equipped with a Luminescence sensor that turns on the lamp when the other lights are switched off at night.
  • it has a built-in sensitive light sensor.
  • It provides about 97% of energy savings as compared with GLS night lamps.
  • It is small in size and therefore doesn’t obstruct the other functions.

10. Philips Smart Wi-Fi LED T-Beamer 20-Watt 2-Feet (Pack of 1) (Shades of White + Tunable + Dimmable + Pre-Set Modes) (Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant)

This smart LED beamer can help in introducing and amp up a space with smart technology almost instantly. Its features include –

  • This smart LED T beamer can be operated using the WIZ app and with voice assistants too.
  • It has an extremely widespread (2 feet) of light.
  • It can switch between the shades of white as per the requirements.


Integrating smart lamps in one's bedroom is one of the ways to introduce smart technology into your personal space. This is a gadget that is bound to impress the users as one can easily operate the lamps via their smartphones or voice assistants. To help you in your search for smart lamps for your bedroom above is a list of the 10 best smart lamps to choose from. In addition, to help our readers in narrowing down a smart lamp for their bedroom, there is a detailed guide to buying smart lamps. Be sure to give it a thorough read before making the purchase.

If there are any smart home devices that you feel can be added to the list, feel free to post your suggestions!

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