10 Best Reviewed Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Spotless Home

10 Best Reviewed Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Spotless Home
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Robotic vacuum cleaners have been around for quite some time now. These are also known by the names Robovac or Roomba. These are smart ways to get the home cleaned in a matter of minutes effortlessly. These come packed with a lot of features and functions to make the life of their users easy. One can get a spotless floor without the hassle of wasting a lot of effort in scrubbing a spot. These are versatile in a way that one piece of equipment can cater to a lot of tasks, surfaces and dirt types. For you to know more about the robotic vacuum cleaners before choosing the model for your home, the following is our guide to buying a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner -

What Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners and how do they work?

A robotic vacuum cleaner is comprised of cleaning systems combined with various sensors and robotic programming. These in addition to cleaning can be programmed to carry out scheduled cleaning routines, and work on various modes (sweeping, vacuuming and mopping) as per the requirements of the user. Many models these days are equipped with tools based on Artificial intelligence and Machine learning to provide for better cleaning and also help the robot in remembering the floor maps and navigation routes.

Compacted in a high-grade plastic body are up to two spinning brushes and a rolling brush which aid in collecting the dirt, which is later collected in the dust tank with the help of a suction created by the motor. The dust tanks are removable and can be emptied when full. Some models even auto-dump the collected dust and dirt. These cleaners have high-quality filters to remove most of the airborne particles and an array of trash types. These can be controlled using remotes, dedicated mobile apps or voice assistants, based on their compatibility and features.

Costs attached with the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

The cost depends on the type of robotic vacuum cleaner and the features one is looking for. These robotic cleaners can cost a minimum of 14000 rupees. The high-priced robotic cleaners justify the cost based on the type of fitments, battery, quality, features, functions, etc.

Points to consider while choosing a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

When choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner, one needs to consider a few points, that are as follows –

  • Suction Power:

Consider the suction power of the motor that you are considering buying. The suction power of the motor can range from 600 to 3000 Pa. There are robotic cleaners that come with the option of adjustable suction levels based on the type of surface.

  • Mapping Technology:

With technologies like AI and ML in play, the navigation and mapping technology for robotic cleaners have come a long way. The various technologies that most of the models are equipped with are LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), LDS (Laser Direct Structuring), SMART NAVI, and Real-Time Terrain Recognition Technology (RTR2), etc. These technologies make the floor mapping faster and more accurate to device-planned cleaning routines and paths.

  • Controllability:

Check for the type of controllability that the robotic vacuum cleaner comes with. The various ways in which these can be controlled are - through an infrared remote, dedicated mobile app and voice assistants (Alexa and Google Assistant).

  • Type of Cleaning- (Dry or Wet):

Check for the type of cleaning the robotic vacuum cleaners are programmed and accessories for. Most models offer two types of cleaning vis-à-vis dry and wet. Where dry is predominantly sweeping or vacuuming or both; and wet is predominantly mopping.

  • Noise Level:

Check that the noise levels of the models that you select should be well within the bearable range. On average, the noise levels are between 70 to 80 dB for most cleaners. However, if you come across a model that has noise levels below 70 dB and satisfies your requirements, then go for that model!

  • Battery Life:

Look for models that have longer battery life and a provision for automatic charging. These cleaners come with a battery that could last for somewhere between 110 to 120 minutes on a single full charge.

Advantages of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners have the following set of advantages –

  • It saves a lot of time.
  • Can clean hard-to-reach spaces.
  • Plan the cleaning based on the map of the floor.
  • Most of them have filters that can help in preventing particulate matter from entering the respiratory tract.
  • These can be remotely controlled with the help of apps and voice assistants.
  • Compact in size when compared with conventional vacuum cleaners.
  • These offer automatic charging, which means that in cases when it is discharged or the battery is low, it automatically docks itself to the charging port.
  • These can work efficiently on an array of surfaces.

Are there any challenges for a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Along with the advantages, the robotic vacuum cleaner also poses some challenges, which are as follows –

  • One can face technical glitches and issues.
  • It is an electronic product and may overheat at times.
  • If the filters are not cleaned, the efficiency might be hampered.
  • If the wireless connection dips or falters then there would be connectivity issues.
  • These are a little expensive when compared with regular vacuum cleaners.

To help in your search further, the following is a list of 10 best-reviewed robotic vacuum cleaners –

1. Proscenic 850T Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Works with Alexa & Google Home, 3-in-1 Mopping, Self-Charging with 3000Pa Strong Suction on Carpets and Hard Floors, Boundary Strip for no-go line

This flat wifi-enabled robot vacuum cleaner with strong suction is something worth considering. Some features of it are as follows –

  • The robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled via voice assistants (Alexa and Google Home) and a dedicated mobile app.
  • One can schedule their cleaning and plan their cleaning modes with the help of the Proscenic app.
  • Its dustbin has a capacity of 500 ml and the electric water tank has a capacity of 300 ml with a 280 ml dust container.
  • It has 3 cleaning modes vis-à-vis vacuum, mop and vacuum + mop.
  • It is powered by a Lithium battery which can be recharged.
  • When the battery is low, it automatically goes to its charging dock and charges itself to be ready for the next round of cleaning.
  • It has a very strong suction power of 3000 Pa thereby enabling the vacuum cleaner to catch hold of dust, garbage and even hair.
  • It is built with IPANS 2.0 intelligent cleaning system, which can help in mapping the apartment plan and driving through the floor to provide high-quality cleaning.
  • It has a V boost carpet detection mode, wherein it recognizes a carpet and boosts the suction power to clean the carpet of dust.
  • It has a compact design which enables it to fit under the furniture and clean the hard-to-reach spaces efficiently.

2. Proscenic M8 PRO Robot Vacuum with Self-Emptying Dustbin Included, Laser Navigation

This self-emptying smart robot cleaner with a laser navigation system is a tech upgrade for your home for sure. Some features of it are as follows –

  • The vacuum cleaner is built with an LDS 4.0 Laser Navigation System which helps in mapping the plan and further aids in automatic planning of the best cleaning route.
  • It has sensors to help it in maintaining a safe distance from the wall to avoid collision with the surface or scraping of the surface.
  • It has a strong suction power of 3000 Pa for efficient cleaning.
  • It has a carpet boost mode to help in effectively cleaning the hair, dust or grime.
  • It can be controlled via the voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home in addition to a dedicated mobile app.
  • It has a dust box with a capacity of 280 ml and a water tank with a capacity of 300 ml.
  • The automatic vacuum station has a capacity of 4.3 L (which can roughly collect dust or debris for up to 60 days).
  • The robotic cleaner can work for 150 minutes straight, post which it automatically goes to its charging dock to recharge itself.
  • The speed of the water can be programmed or adjusted depending on the surface area and surface type.

3. ECOVACS DEEBOT 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with OZMO Mopping, Smart Navi 3.0 (LDS Navigation), 2300 Pa Strong Suction, Smart App Enabled, Google Assistant & Alexa (OZMO 950)

This efficient robotic vacuum cleaner is technologically driven to provide an efficient cleaning experience. Following are some specifications of this robotic cleaner –

  • It has a strong suction power of 2300 Pa and a battery capacity of 5200 mAh with long battery life.
  • It is built with SMART NAVI 3.0 laser mapping and navigation technology for efficient cleaning of the entire floor space.
  • The robot can clean for straight 200 minutes with a large coverage area of 2000 sq. ft.
  • It is enabled with OZMO technology that provides hand-like mopping technology.
  • It is equipped with a carpet detection sensor for efficient cleaning.
  • It can even vacuum and mop simultaneously thereby saving time.
  • It can be controlled through voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home in addition to a dedicated mobile app.
  • One can control, monitor and schedule the cleaning with the help of the ECOVAS smart app.
  • Can store multiple maps to provide efficient cleaning in different spaces or apartments.
  • It runs on a Brushless motor with an efficiency of 20000 rpm thereby giving an efficient cleaning experience, even on hard-to-clean surfaces.
  • The flow of water can be customized from the four levels as per the requirements.

4. ILIFE V5s Pro, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Water Mopping, Slim, Automatic Self-Charging, Schedule, Cliff Detection, Brushless Motor

This powerful vacuum cleaner can perform both wet and dry cleaning, thus helping in cleaning all types of dirt. Its specifications are as follows –

  • This robotic cleaner provides 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping.
  • The cleaner is equipped with a powerful suction structure to ensure efficient cleaning of dust, hair, etc.
  • Its wiping function ensures that the toughest stains are removed with the help of its microfiber attachment.
  • It can work for 110 minutes in a single charge, post which it automatically attaches to the dock for recharging.
  • Helps in cleaning the hard-to-reach areas.
  • It has sensors for staircase detection, distance detection and fall protection.
  • With the help of the dedicated app, one can schedule cleaning during the week.
  • The vacuum cleaner automatically recharges itself when required.

5. Eureka Forbes Robo iVac with Powerful Suction 2 in 1 (Dry Suction+Mopping) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping Intelligent Laser Navigation+Remote Control,(Tiles, Carpets and Wooden Floors)(Black)

This efficient robotic cleaner by Eureka Forbes not only helps in cleaning your floor but also aids in saving power consumption. It has the following features –

  • This robotic cleaner is equipped with a two-stage cleaning vis-à-vis dry vacuuming and mopping to ensure complete cleaning.
  • One can set schedules, modes, etc. through a remote and control the cleaner remotely too.
  • It has a powerful suction of 600 Pa which ensures thorough cleaning of the surface.
  • This cleaner has an Intelligent suction adjustment which allows the robot to automatically adjust the suction power according to the flooring type.
  • It has a thermal cut-off mechanism that powers off the device in case of any hazard for the safety of the users.
  • It has a total working capacity of 90 minutes, post which it needs to be recharged for the next round of cleaning.

6. Milagrow iMap 10 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, 5200 mAh Battery, 3000Pa Suction, with Electronic Water Tank, 6Hr Wet Mopping, Stores 4 Maps, LDS Lidar Independent Navigation (White)

This robotic cleaner is built with superior quality components to ensure the best performance. Some features of this smart LED strip are as follows –

  • This cleaner is made with LDS Lidar, SLAM and Real-Time Terrain Recognition Technology (RTR2), which aids in creating real-time maps of the floor area to be cleaned.
  • It is equipped with 18 types of sensors to help in efficient route planning, displaying the cleansed and remaining areas, etc.
  • It works with a silent brushless suction motor that offers 4 suction levels ranging from 800 to 3000 PA to provide dust-free and efficient cleaning.
  • It has complete self-diagnosis and troubleshooting display functions.
  • It is built to perform both dry and wet cleaning.
  • Provides efficient cleaning in hard-to-reach spaces and even when the illumination is low or insufficient.
  • It can be controlled or operated with the help of a dedicated smartphone app and voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.
  • It works on a triple filtration system i.e. it comes with a primary filter, sponge filter and HEPA 12 filter to provide cleaning at all levels of particulate matter size.
  • This vacuum cleaner incorporates sensors such as anti-drop, double off-road wheel ground, optical and obstacle.
  • It can even climb a doorsill of a height of 2 cm.

7. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P, 2100 Pa Strong Suction Robotic Floor Cleaner with 2 in 1 Mopping and Vacuum, Intelligent floor mapping (LDS Navigation), App Control (WiFi Connectivity, Google Assistant)

This vacuum cleaner works with a brushless motor that can help efficiently clean the space quickly. Some features of this smart bulb are as follows –

  • This robotic cleaner has a powerful suction of 2100 Pa.
  • It has a total run time of 130 minutes.
  • It can be controlled via a dedicated mobile app (Mi Home/ Xiaomi Home), through which the user can create cleaning schedules, restrict cleaning areas, and opt for selective area cleaning.
  • It provides 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping functions across three modes vis-à-vis Sweeping & Mopping Mode, Sweeping Only mode and Mopping Only mode.
  • Owing to the new LDS laser navigation system with the SLAM algorithm, the robotic cleaner can map the floor in real-time, perform faster, provide high accuracy and provides a longer scanning range.
  • It docks itself to the recharging unit when discharged or cleaning is complete.
  • It is equipped with 12 high-precision sensors for a better cleaning experience.
  • It has an anti-collision and anti-drop sensor which helps in better navigation and lets the cleaner cross an obstacle up to 2 cm high.
  • It can save up to 10 maps.
  • In addition to the app, it can even be controlled with the voice assistant by Google.

8. eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30 Hybrid, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum, Mop and Sweep with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, 2000Pa Suction, Wi-Fi, Boundary Strips (G30 Hybrid)

This ultra-thin robotic vacuum cleaner can easily clean under the furniture and help in cleaning the unseen dust. Some features of this cleaner are as follows –

  • This cleaner is equipped with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 which allows for enhanced navigation.
  • It comes with both vacuuming and mopping capabilities.
  • This has an ultra-strong suction of 2000 Pa to clean any kind of dust or debris.
  • This cleaner can be controlled with the help of a dedicated smartphone app, that aids in reviewing cleaning history, setting cleaning schedules, switching cleaning modes, etc.
  • The robot docks to the charging port automatically in case the battery is low.
  • It is equipped with 9 anti-collision and infrared sensors to avoid any kind of collision with any surface or obstacle.
  • It can be operated with the help of Voice assistants – Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • It is equipped with Drop Proof technology to avoid any falls from staircases or ledges.

9. Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with Intelligent Laser Navigation, 2200Pa Strong Suction, 200ml Smart Water Tank, 3200mAH Long Lasting Battery, Works with MiHome App (Black)

This robotic cleaner can save multiple maps (up to 5 floors) and provide high-quality cleaning. Some features of it are as follows –

  • The cleaner has a powerful suction of up to 2200 Pa. The suction strength can be controlled over levels based on the type of surface to be cleaned.
  • The cleaner can be controlled with the help of the Xiaomi Mi Home app.
  • It works with the help of a Nidec brushless motor with high performance to provide efficient cleaning of the space.
  • The air blower rotates at a speed of 15000 rpm thereby enhancing the cleaning experience.
  • It can clean an area of up to 2150 sqft in one go and work for about 120 minutes straight.
  • Its dust box has a capacity of 300 ml and the water tank has a capacity of 200 ml.
  • It can sweep, vacuum and mop an area simultaneously.
  • It is equipped with LiDAR navigation for better floor coverage and accuracy.
  • It is equipped with 12 different sensors such as anti-collision, anti-drop, wall sensors for smart navigation, and so on.

10. ILIFE V80 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Smart 2-in-1 Dry & Wet, Automatic Self-Charging, Anti Stuck Side Brush, Schedule, Cliff Detection with Electronically controlled Water Tank

This robotic cleaner has a lot of features, some of which are as follows –

  • It can map the room space thereby aiding in preparing cleaning plans.
  • It has sensors such as anti-fall, anti collide, etc. to save the cleaner from any mishaps.
  • One can create cleaning schedules and operate the robotic cleaner remotely with the help of a remote.
  • It can be operated via the buttons on the cleaner.
  • In case of a low battery, the cleaner automatically docks itself to the charging port.
  • It works on a BLDC motor with powerful suction to clean all sorts of dirt and grime across an array of surface types.
  • It is equipped with intelligent navigation technology which helps the robot to calculate the suction and mode for the situation at hand.
  • It is well equipped to provide both dry and wet cleaning.


These are the 10 best-reviewed robotic vacuum cleaners to achieve a spotless home effortlessly. These are very slim and can aid in cleaning hard-to-reach areas and spaces under the furniture. The robotic cleaner can perform tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. These can be used on an array of surface types based on the model one chooses for their home. Most robotic cleaners can be controlled remotely via mobile apps or voice assistants. The plus is these cleaning robots are programmed in a way that they can automatically take themselves to the charging dock in case of low battery or discharge. While you choose the model, make sure to thoroughly go through the insights about robotic vacuum cleaners.

If there are any robotic vacuum cleaners that you feel can be added to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

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