10 Best Sofa-Sets to Buy Online That is Best for Every Living Room

10 Best Sofa-Sets to Buy Online That is Best for Every Living Room
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A good sofa set is the primary requirement of any living room. There are an array of choices available in the market based on the capacity, materials, design, colours, textures, so on and so forth. A comfortable sofa set helps one unwind, host guests, enjoy with the family and serves diverse functions. With the range of brands and sofa designs in the market, it becomes quite confusing to choose the best sofa set for a living room. Following are a few points that should be kept in mind while looking for sofa sets –

Personal preference Checklist

Having a checklist of your personal preferences is rather imperative, which will further help in deciding the best sofa set for the living room. There is a massive choice in the market for sofa sets. The choice can be made depending on its design and style, seating capacity (single-seater, double seater, or triple seater), upholstery, colour, lumbar support, etc. To not get confused with the variety of choices one gets in the market today, a preference checklist is an important step to consider.

Design and Style

The design and style of the sofas range from vintage to modern, traditional to contemporary, bulky to minimalistic. One should be mindful of the design and style of sofa sets with respect to the overall décor language of the room.

Number of seats

Sofas come in various combinations of seating capacity. Therefore one should be clear about the seating requirements to correspond with the number of seats in a sofa set.

Space planning, placement and dimensions

Determining the sofa set for your living room can help in space planning of the living room or vice versa. Placing a sofa can alter the look and space utilization of a living room, therefore it is important to consider all these points simultaneously while choosing the sofa set for your space. The dimensions of the sofa set would also be pivotal in space planning of your living space.

Frame, padding and upholstery

The frame of the sofa set is the main support system or one should say the skeleton of it. The material and the joinery determine the overall strength and load-bearing capacity of the sofa. Therefore, one must look into the materials (wood, plastic, metal, etc.), joinery and hardware used to make the frame of the sofa.

One should ensure that the sofa should have adequate padding according to your comfort. In addition, the density of the foam used should be cross-checked. One should also make note of the type and location of cushioning provided (if any) in the sofa per the desired comfort and support.

The Colour and material of the upholstery are very important as it is the actual façade of a sofa. Bear in mind that the colour, fabric and texture should complement the language of the other elements in the space and the overall décor. There are a host of materials that can be considered for a sofa set vis-à-vis leather, leatherette, velvet, microfiber, linen, so on and so forth. While the material choice is being made, the finish should also be kept in mind.


Budget is one of the factors that help in determining all the other factors. That is one reason that the budget should be allocated before taking up the hunt for the most suited sofa for your living room. Be sure to do a preliminary research or market survey before setting the final figures.

To help your hunt for sofa sets easier, the following are the 10 best sofa sets to buy online, that is best for every living room –

1. Adorn India Rio High Back Sal Wood 3-1-1 5 Seater Sofa Set (Blue)

This sofa set is a perfect choice if one is looking for simple and minimalistic furniture for their space. The sofa is a perfect pick for people looking for a subtle yet classic choice of a sofa set. Some of its features are as follows –

  • This blue mid-century sofa is upholstered with a premium quality Chenille fabric.
  • It has a strong frame made of good quality solid wood which has durable padding made of high-density foam.
  • The set comprises one three-seater seater sofa measuring 178 x 78 x 78 cm and two single-seaters measuring 76 x 78 x 78 cm each.
  • The set has a comfortable seating height of approximately 40.64 cm which aids inadequate comfort and relaxation.
  • The sofa has 3” fiber legs to provide suitable floor clearance.
  • In addition to the sofa, the set comprises four cushions made of superior quality materials.

2. Amazon Brand - Solimo Alen 5 Seater Fabric RHS L Shape Sofa Set (Grey)

This five-seater grey sofa set is a nice piece of contemporary furniture suitable for an array of living room settings. It speaks emanates elegance right as one sets eyes on it. Some of its features are as follows –

  • This five-seater sofa is a space saver with its L-profile.
  • This set is upholstered with high-quality fabric that is durable with long life.
  • It meets Indian Standards for performance and European Safety requirement standards.
  • The sofa set measures 77.5 x 141 x 78.7 cm.
  • This set is extremely light in weight and can be easily moved while shifting.
  • It offers adequate ground clearance for easy maintenance and cleaning.

3. Home Centre Emily 5 Seater Fabric Sectional Sofa Set (Brown)

This contemporary five (3+2) seater sofa set is a fine piece to consider for any living room. The neutral grey and contemporary style of the sofa set is bound to suit a variety of design tastes and décor palettes. Its features are as follows –

  • The frame of the sofa set is made of pinewood which offers great strength it.
  • It is upholstered with premium polyester fabric, which has high tensile strength and lends longer life to the set.
  • The seat of the sofa is generously filled employing foam with spring.
  • It has a smooth finish making it aesthetically pleasing.
  • The set comprises of one three-seater sofa measuring 184 x 92 x 88 cm and one double-seater measuring 133 x 92 x 88 cm.
  • The sofa provides excellent back support which has high elastic nylon webbing for good support and comfort.
  • Owing to the lightweight, the sofa set offers easy portability.
  • The set requires a carpenter to assemble the sofa set, which is provided by the seller.

4. SofaArchitect (3 Years Warranty) Chilly 6 Seater 3+2+1 Fabric Sofa Set (Grey)

This six-seater sofa set with its classic design is a mix of panache and elegance. The sofa set is going to be a comfortable and sophisticated add-on to the living room. Some features include –

  • The tufted backrest of this sofa compliments the modern and contemporary styles perfectly.
  • The frame of the sofa is made of good quality softwood making the sofa strong and durable.
  • The set comprises of one three-seater sofa measuring 185.42 x 83.82 x 78.74 cm, one double seater measuring 132 x 83.82 x 78.74 cm and a single-seater measuring 78.74 x 83.82 x 78.74 cm.
  • The padding is done using a high-density foam, which is upholstered with good quality chenille fabric, making it durable, smooth and comfortable.
  • A ground clearance of 5” is provided through wooden legs for ease of maintenance and overall cleanliness.
  • For utmost comfort, a seating height of approximately 40.64 is provided.

5. SofaArchitect Wood Moris 6 Seater 3+2+1 Fabric Sofa Set (Grey)

This is a piece of elegant sofa set that can add an air of sophistication to any living room. Additionally, the neutral tone can be paired with an array of accessories and finishes. Some features of this sofa set are –

  • The minimal tufting in the backrest adds both style and elegance to this piece of sofa.
  • Built on a high-quality wooden frame and upholstered with superior quality fabric, the sofa is designed for durability and longevity.
  • The set consists of a three-seater sofa measuring 191 x 86 x 86 cm, a two-seater sofa measuring 142 x 86 x 86 cm and a single-seater measuring 89 x 86 x 86 cm.
  • With a seating height of about 16-17 inches, the sofa set provides overall comfort and relaxation.
  • The 3” floor clearance is provided for required maintenance and cleaning purpose.
  • The padding is aptly provided by employing high-density foam.

6. Furny Bretanny Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa Set (Brown)

This three-seater sofa is a considerable choice for living rooms of all sizes. In addition to the living room, this set can even make for comfortable furniture in a lounge. This has a chic yet classic appeal to it. Some features of this three-seater sofa set are –

  • This sofa is designed with a larger depth for spacious and broader seating for utmost relaxation.
  • The single unit of this sofa set measures 208.28 x 91.44 x 96.52 cm.
  • It is made of high-quality material to last for a longer period.
  • For padding, high-density foam and deep fiber cushioning are used.
  • The sofa is upholstered with leatherette to provide a more rustic yet contemporary look and feel.

7. Wakefit Snoozer 3 Seater Sofa (Fabric, Malibu Green)

This sleek sofa in Malibu Green is a go-to if you are looking for lightweight furniture for your living room. The colour of the sofa will aid in making it the focal element in a space and at the same time create desired contrast. Every inch of the sofa oozes style and comfort. A few features of this stylish sofa are –

  • This mid-century styled sofa has a minimalistic appeal that will enhance the living room space.
  • This sofa set measures 205 x 79.2 x 78 cm.
  • The high legs and floor clearance adds to the style quotient of this interesting piece of sofa.
  • The sofa is designed with toss cushions that aid in better lumbar support in addition to adding a hint of finesse to the sofa.
  • The frame of the sofa is made of Neem wood sported with MDF and plywood, which is upholstered with a good quality polyester fabric.

8. Furny Brenson Fabric 5 Seater LHS L Shape Sofa Set (Dark Brown)

This L-shaped five-seater sofa can be a classic choice if one prefers the profiled sofas. Moreover, the dark colour of the sofa would create an interesting contrast with lighter tone walls. A few features are as follows –

  • The sofa set is made using solid wood and upholstered with quality textured fabric.
  • This sofa has a modern appeal to it and is sure to suit an array of décor settings.
  • The L-shaped sofa set measures 254 x 177.8 x 88.9 cm.
  • The set is inclusive of an upholstered ottoman.
  • It has sufficient ground clearance for day-to-day cleaning requirements.

9. Home Centre Polyester Montoya Serene Fabric Sofa-3 Seater, Beige

This beige three-seater sofa can be a go-to choice that offers both comfort and style. If you are someone who loves lighter tones or would like to create a contrast with darker walls of the living room, this is a piece to consider. Some features include –

  • The three-seater sofa measures 180 x 91 x 91 cm.
  • The sofa is crafted from premium quality wood and upholstered with textured leather.
  • The materials used in the sofa are durable and provide long life to the sofa.
  • The padding is done employing foam with spring to provide maximum comfort and relaxation to the user.
  • The support system has a zig-zag spring and end-to-end hold to ensure that the seat doesn’t sag while it is being used.
  • It provides enhanced lumbar support with the help of high-density foam cushioning in the backrest.

10. Durian Blaze PVC Two Seater Sofa for Living Room (Burgundy)

This two-seater sofa set with a rich burgundy upholstery is an elegant choice for a living room. The colour is a nice and subtle tone of red to add sophistication to the space. The features are as follows –

  • This contemporary sofa set is upholstered with high-performance leatherette in the matte finish over an adequately cushioned frame.
  • The two-seater sofa measures 142.5 x 97.5 x 92 cm.
  • The sleek curved arms add a style and seamless finish to the sofa set.
  • The paneled cushioned back provides good lumbar support for the lower back.
  • This sofa is built with anti-sag construction technology.


These are our picks for the 10 best sofa sets to buy online to suit every living room. The selection of the sofa depends to a great extent on the personal preferences of the user. However, certain factors should be kept in mind while making the final choice, as discussed in the article. If a personal choice were to be made, I would either go in for Wakefit Snoozer 3 Seater Sofa or Amazon Brand - Solimo Alen 5 Seater. These are minimalistic and classy pieces that will provide a sense of sophistication to any living room.

If there is a sofa set you think that should be added to the list, feel free to post your suggestions!

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