10 Products That will add a Pop of Color to your Interior

10 Products That will add a Pop of Color to your Interior
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It is very well researched that colors can have a great impact on the human brain. Colors can be used to simulate different feelings and emotions when used correctly. It is therefore very important to carefully select the interior products for your home to get the environment one would want, ranging from calmness to bright and inviting interior spaces.

This list brings you the most popular and well-design products that have the potential to change the space to your liking without undergoing a massive renovation project. Get your rooms to feel more energetic and livelier with our selected products for that splash of color that they lack.

1. Decals Design 'Floral Branch Antique Flowers' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 50 cm x 70 cm, Multicolour)

Adding contrasting colors to white walls can really make them pop, a fun and floral-themed decal design will do that job for you.

  • This decal can span over an area of 110cm x 75cm giving good coverage to a blank wall.
  • It is primarily made from PVC Vinyl, with a matte finish. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and water-proof so it can decorate any wall within minutes be it in the children’s room or the living room.
  • It is available in a variety of more than 200 designs so it is impossible to not find one design that you would love.
  • With easy installation steps, anyone can stick this decal to a clean and oil-free surface.
  • Make your wall fabulous and beautiful without going into the entire process of home renovation with this quick fix

2. SAF Set of 3 Hexagon Kid's Room Decor Modern Art 6MM MDF UV Textured Home Decorative Gift Item 21 inch x 21 inch Abstract Painting SANFHX17

Adding small elements with vibrant colors and interesting shapes will help you accentuate your interiors and highlight certain spaces.

  • This hexagon décor with various kinds of imagery is a beautiful addition to any wall.
  • To give this all art another dimension, one can add a good set of lights and you can achieve a different ambiance in moments.
  • It comes as a set of three pieces and weighs about 500grams. The product measures 17 inches x 17 inches.
  • It has an MDF base with a synthetic covering.

3. BS AMOR Artificial Garland Money Plant Leaf Creeper Wall Hanging (Green, 6 Strings/ 6ft)

A touch of greens to your house can make for a more peaceful and calmer environment that will also simultaneously balance the emptiness and give the much-needed vibrance.

  • The splash of green through these artificial creepers will give your house a longer-lasting term as compared to natural plants that require much greater maintenance.
  • These artificial creepers are made from fine quality polyester fabric that is extremely easy to clean.
  • It is 6 ft long and you can drape it along your wall and instantly transform it with these realistic money plant creepers.

4. SB Interio Cotton 200TC Cushion Cover, Standard, Yellow , Set of 5

Vibrant cushion covers with bright colors is an appealing way to transform your living area into a space with a distinct character while at the same time giving the right amount of comfort.

  • This cushion case is made from satin and has a high-quality print with abstract patterns.
  • The square covers have a flap closure so there is no hassle of zipping the cushions inside.
  • These are perfect for living areas and give them an open and lively effect.
  • The light colours go well with almost any interior theme and add a fresh look to the sitting areas.
  • This is a set of 5 cushion covers and the product dimensions are 16X16 inches.

5. XERGY Plastic Table Light With Holder Base, Multicolour, 1 x Neon Light

Neon lighting with multiple colors can create a stimulating environment while at the same time transforming dull interior spaces.

  • This table light features an adorable and attractive design with a plastic holder base.
  • It has been built such that it is not heavy while at the same time it proves to be sturdy and durable.
  • Even after long hours of use it produces no heat and can work efficiently over time.
  • It is battery-powered and requires 3 AA batteries to switch on.
  • The product measures 27 x 18 x 4 cm and weighs about 300 grams.

6. Room Decor Hut Shape Wooden Wall Hanging Rack and Shelf (Multicolour) - Set of 5

These are some statement home decor items featuring tiny wooden huts of eye-catching colors.

  • These are designed to beautify the interiors and provide shelving space at the same time.
  • Having a modern and sleek look, they can be paired with almost all types of interior design themes.
  • These are built from engineered wood and can be used to store books, souvenirs, and small artifacts, etc.
  • These are sized at 8 x 23 x 23 cm and come in a set of five huts.

7. TIED RIBBONS Glass Tealight Holder, Set of 2

An excellent way to change the aesthetics of a room in an inexpensive way. These affordable tealight holders can also act as fillers for empty nooks.

  • This is a set of contrasting tealight holders made from high-quality iron and glass.
  • The package includes two tealight holders and two tealight candles.
  • They are sized at 6 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches and can add a colorful appeal to any room.

8. Status Contract Geometric Persian Persian Carpet Rug Runner (Multicolour, Polypropylene, 3 x 5 Feet )

Treat your feet right and add soft breaks to your hard floor with these carpets suitable for any room, play area, or office.

  • These vintage carpets feature geometric Persian designs that can immediately transform your floor space.
  • These are made from 100% polyester yarn with a backing material of anti-skid rubber gel form compound.
  • This is a 3 x 5 ft carpet but one can also get bigger sized alternatives.
  • It is quick to clean with a domestic broom or dust collector, making it low maintenance and highly durable.

9. Shiv Kripa Blue Pottery Classic Decorative Interior Exterior Crafted Tabletop Flooring Wall Ceramic 2 x 2 inch Tiles Pack of 20 Tiles (Blue, Yellow & Multi)

Give your old and boring interiors an upgrade your eyes would love with these multi-color ceramic tiles.

  • The tiles feature beautiful and intricate patterns with cool and warm hues.
  • These are made from ceramic and sized at 2X2 inches. These come in a set of 20 tiles.
  • These tiles can be fixed on the wall with cement, glue or aerolite on various materials.
  • These are crafted by local artisans from Jaipur and can be used in almost any interior space ranging from bedroom, living area or bathrooms.

10. Ikiriya Solid Wood Multicolor Kantha Cushioned Stool - Patchwork Handstitch Kantha; Teak Finish Legs

Looking for a traditional decorative piece that could double up as seating, you are in luck! This kantha cushioned stool is the product for you.

  • Its design is one-of-a-kind, the handstitched patchwork gives it’s a quirky aesthetics and makes any dull space interesting and fashionable.
  • Its legs are constructed from 100% sheesham wood that makes it termite resistant.
  • It requires easy assembly by fixing the legs to the seat base and you’re good to go.
  • The product can be used in multiple ways as a seat, footstool or a small table.
  • It has a weight of 2.5 kg and its dimensions are 40.6 x 40.6 x 40.6cm.


This list brings together items from wall stickers, wall art, shelving, textured fabrics and interesting lighting options. This is an easy and quick way for an instant makeover that won’t cost you too much. However, do remember too much of anything can ruin your entire interior setting. So, refrain from using clashing colors or textures and you are sorted.

Hope we were able to make the task of redoing your interiors simpler and achievable. Get started with you new look and let us know how exciting your journey has been in getting the final output that you envisioned. We look forward to your suggestions in the comments below.

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