5 Best Books for NATA 2021, We Highly Recommend

5 Best Books for NATA 2021, We Highly Recommend

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Updated on 2021-07-21

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Reference books are an excellent way to give students an insight into the exam and the kind of knowledge one is supposed to have. Having a preparatory guidebook can help one get accustomed to the exam pattern and develop an understanding of time management. Preparation is the key to success and the more one practices, the greater their chances of getting the score they want for the exam. These books are designed to season the students so that they are fully prepared and ready to ace the entrance tests.

This list is a compilation of the best preparatory books for NATA 2021, that includes an array of mock tests with solutions and other helpful explanations on complex concepts. These help books might probably be your best shot at NATA 2021, so give them an honest try and see the results unfold right in front of your eyes.

Continue reading for our top 5 picks for NATA 2021 preparation and get your desired scores!

1. B. Arch. NATA/JEE (Main) Offline Drawing Test Guide Paperback – 1 January 2021

  • This book offers NATA/JEE aspirants a thorough set of previous year's s solved papers along with papers of offline drawing tests.
  • This book is extremely valuable and helpful in clearing B.Arch. admission tests.
  • It is well comprised and contains detailed explanations for better understanding by the students.
  • It acts both as practice material as well as a way to truly test your learning through sample tests/ mock tests.
  • Practice tests help to build up speed, accuracy, and confidence to perform the best in the exams.
  • A sincere attempt at learning from this test guide can help ensure admission to the top institutes.

2. Study Guide for B.Arch 2021 Paperback – 7 November 2020

  • This book is a comprehensive self-study guide designed for architecture entrance examinations.
  • The study material is divided into four parts and covers all aspects of the architectural aptitude test.
  • There is a compilation of solved exam papers to better understand the exam pattern and become comfortable with the question routine It also gives an explanation for the solutions for improved understanding of the content.
  • One is also given five mock tests to check their understanding of the course and the question pattern.
  • This book is useful for all the architecture entrance exams including NATA and JEE.
  • It contains solved papers, Architectural Aptitude Tests, Analytical Reasoning and Mental Ability Tests, Drawings Aptitude Tests, etc.

3. Architecture Entrance Bank for NATA,JEE B.ARCH/B.PLAN,AAT(IIT)-2021/22 Combo with (Online Mock Test Series+3 eBooks(Online)+ Whatsapp and Telegram group+Solved Sketches 600+ and many more) Paperback – 25 November 2020

  • A guide with all you need for preparation for Architecture Entrance Exams.
  • This all-inclusive help book consists of one hard copy with three E-books and online mock test series.
  • It provides access to telegram and WhatsApp groups for doubt clarification, ensuring students get a thorough understanding of all solutions and explanations.
  • The three E-books cover different subjects with E-book 1 comprising of solved questions on spatial ability and cognitive skills, E-book 2 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and E-book 3 carrying previous years question papers, aptitude tests and research on various theory concepts, over 600 drawings for reference and understanding and relevant current affairs related notes.

4. NATA,JEE B.ARCH/B.PLAN ENTRANCE GUIDE-2021/2022(COMBO) With Online Mock Test Series+2 Additional Ebooks+Study Materials through Mobile App+500 Solved Sketches) Paperback – 7 October 2020

  • A deeply informative book to lend support for preparation in architectural entrance exams.
  • This guide set includes 1 hardcopy (paperback), three e-books, online mock test series, and online group access on mediums like WhatsApp and telegram for doubt clarifications and detailed explanations.
  • The study material of eBook 1 is designed with JEE+ NATA syllabus with MCQs and aptitude tests. eBook 2 covers Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry and eBook 3 prepares you for the real test with a compilation of previous years’ question papers and mock tests.
  • It is a helpful source for exam preparation especially made with the students in mind and the best possible way of imparting relevant information in a precise format.

5. NATA Mock Test Series 2022-23 Paperback – 1 January 2019

  • The book content is made for NATA preparation in mind, helping students save time while absorbing maximum information related to the test subjects.
  • The tests are a perfect way to give students real-time practice for the actual NATA entrance examination and build confidence.
  • These papers are made as per the latest pattern and syllabus of the previous years’ question paper and any redundant information is discarded.
  • The mock tests consist of three sections that include mathematics, aptitude test, and drawing tests.
  • The question papers come with solutions and explanations to understand the core syllabus easier and focused.

Some important tips to keep you on the right track for NATA preparation are as follows:

- Without the right study plan and focussed learning, you might be able to lose out on some valuable points. Therefore, look for a guide that is specifically made for the NATA examination to ensure you are not overloaded with irrelevant study material.

- Some books might seem to have a larger compilation of tests and question paper, but keep in mind to only opt for the latest and most updated test patterns and syllabus so you’re not bogged down with outdated information.

- Once you’re sorted with the right guides and reference books, ensure you have someone who can keep a check on your progress and help you when you’re stuck. In many cases, one can access WhatsApp groups as an additional resource provided with the help books for this purpose only.

A sincere and honest attempt with these preparatory books can increase your chances of getting into your favorite university and lead you to a career that you love. Practice does make all the difference, so go ahead and practice it out with a large number of mock tests, aptitude tests, and offline drawing tests and get yourself ready for NATA 2021.

Hope this list helps improve your skills and uplifts your morale to face the examination with the best effort. If you have any questions, suggestions, and comments, please let us know in the comments section below.

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