5 Best Budget Monitors for Architects and Designers 2023

5 Best Budget Monitors for Architects and Designers 2023
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Monitors are essential tools for every designer or architect. They allow us to see our designs at their finest and give us a clear view of the final outcome. The quality of the monitor plays a huge role in the final outcome of the project.

While selecting a monitor for professional work as an architect or a designer, one needs to consider many technical aspects from the quality of images, resolution, contrast, brightness, and performance while working for long hours amongst other factors related to appearance and design.

This might be a little daunting for people buying a new monitor for the first time or even one who is confused by the varieties available in the market that all look the same!

Even if there is a budget constraint, this list gives you the best options to do the job. Below we give you some more details and pointers that will help you in your next purchase:

Important Points to Consider Before Buying a Monitor for Architectural Work

Are you considering buying a monitor for your architectural work? There is an array of options available in the market today. The choice of the monitor depends on the type of work and personal requirements. For monitors that are apt for architectural work, the following are a few important points or factors one should consider –

Screen size

It is ideal to have large screen sizes for architectural work. One can prefer to opt for screen sizes of over 15 inches, preference should be given to monitor sizes between 27 to 32 inches. The benefit of a larger screen is enhanced productivity, by allowing space for multi-tasking.

Some monitors provide one with an option to opt for wider aspect ratios, such as ultrawide monitors with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and superwide monitors with an aspect ratio of 32:9. These help in keeping multiple applications open at the same time.

Curved or Plain Monitor?

Curved monitors when compared with plain monitors are very immersive and provide an enhanced experience to the users. For professionals working in the architecture or design domain, where multi-tasking is usually required, a curved monitor provides an edge. The downside of curved monitors is that they are heavy on the pocket as compared to the plain monitors.

In addition to providing an immersive experience, curved screens are comfortable for your eyes. It provides a wider field of vision, thus displaying everything all at once. While there are advantages to having a curved monitor screen, choosing the type of monitor would be determined by personal preferences, usage and the budget.


For a sharper display with enhanced clarity, one should opt for higher resolution monitors. The most common resolution for monitors is Full HD or 1080p i.e., 1920x1080 pixels, and for most architectural work this resolution is ideal. However, if there is a requirement for a clearer display, one can go in for resolutions such as – 2560x1440 pixels (2K) or 3840x2160 pixels (4K). A higher resolution can help in viewing details of the drawings or renders in more detail.

How about a 4k Monitor?

4K technology refers to the resolution of screens that are about four times the resolution of Full HD screens. 4K monitors are gradually becoming a norm with the screen resolution. There are two types of 4K Monitors –

  • 4K UHD: 3840x2160 pixels
  • DCI 4K: 4096x2160 pixels

While both types of 4K monitors give a sharp display as compared to its predecessor, DCI 4K is adopted by people who require more display accuracy. For a profession such as architecture, one needs a monitor that provides high colour accuracy. One should definitely opt for a 4K monitor screen with foresight for future trends and enhanced work experience.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Ergonomics and comfort are important factors to consider when looking for monitors, as most of the time, the architectural work is both effort and time-intensive. A monitor should be such that it provides an array of adjustments like the angle and height of the screen. The adjustments ensure that a person can adjust the monitor according to their personal requirements to provide an ergonomically comfortable experience. One can even look for features for visual comfort like anti-glare output, blue-light reduction, task-oriented viewing modes, etc.

Types of monitor ports

There are various types of input, output and connector ports that are integrated with the monitors. The types of monitor ports include-

  • VGA (Video Graphics Array) Port or D-Sub port:

These ports are usually available on older monitor models and very rarely found on newer models for compatibility reasons. This port doesn’t support audio.

  • DVI (Digital Video Interface) Port:

These are a little better when compared with VGA ports, as they can produce a 1080p display stably. This type of port also doesn’t support audio.

  • HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) Port:

HDMI ports have become commonplace when it comes to monitor ports. These can transmit both audio and video easily. These are even easier to set up and offer wider compatibility.

  • Display Port:

These are highly optimized for modern day monitors. It also supports both audio and video formats, in addition, offers superior display output.

Bonus Tip- One should opt for monitors that have HDMI and Display ports for maximum compatibility with other devices.

Continue reading to uncover our top picks for the best budget monitors for Architects and Designers:

1. LG 23.8 inch (60.45 cm) Borderless LED Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio in/Out Ports and in-Built Speakers - 24MP88HV (Silver/White)

LG 23.8-inch monitor features a borderless LED screen with a high-definition display and accurate color. The borderless design ensures an immersive experience with the included option of a possible wall mount. Additionally, it comes with rich bass inbuilt speakers for clean sound. This is an ideal option for architects and designers as it allows for fluid movement throughout the entire editing process and offers a highly accurate color no matter which angle you are looking from.


  • Full High definition with 1920 x 1080 display resolution with a 24-inch display.
  • IPS wide-angle display technology with 4 sides borderless screen.
  • 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen and 250 cd/sqm typical brightness
  • The refresh rate of 60 Hz with a response time of 5 ms along with flicker-free technology
  • Connectivity through 1 VGA Port, 2 HDMI Ports, 1 Audio-In Port, 1 Audio-Out Port, 1 Headphone Port, 2 Speakers (10 Watt each)
  • 178 degree horizontal 178-degree vertical viewing angles.
  • Accessories included: Monitor with stand, power cord, connectivity cables


  • Accurate color display with the HD IPS monitor screen irrespective of the viewing angle.
  • Life-like images with the borderless screen with a slim bezel on the sides reduce any possibility of distractions while working.
  • MAXX AUDIO ensures clean high-pitched and bass sounds with inbuilt speakers.
  • The monitor can be wall-mounted as well for better utility.

2. ViewSonic VA2432-MH (23.8 inch) IPS Panel, Full HD Display, SuperClear IPS Technology, 75 Hz Refresh Rate, 3 Side Borderless Design, Dual Integrated Speakers, HDMI | VGA Enabled

This 24-inch ViewSonic monitor has a stylish and sleek appearance that compliments its super clear IPS technology display. With its flexible connectivity, it can be used in different environments ranging from residential quarters to office spaces. It is an excellent monitor for working for long hours as is the case with most designers, made possible with 3 sides borderless screen and eye care technology to help reduce and minimize strain. With clean-cut edges, the monitor adds an elegant look to the workspace.


  • Full High definition with 1080p display resolution
  • Super clear IPS technology with 3 side borderless screens.
  • 75 Hz refresh rate for fluid visuals.
  • Connectivity through HDMI and VGA inputs
  • Dual integrated speakers


  • 178-degree viewing angle for comfortable viewing.
  • Eye care technology for minimum eye strain
  • Color rendering option eliminating screen tearing and reduced stuttering.
  • Environmentally friendly design with low energy consumption.
  • Integrated speakers ensure a crisp and clear sound.

3. BenQ BL2420PT (23.8 inch) IPS Designer Monitor for Photo Editing

BENQ BL2420PT is the perfect monitor for architects and designers with its ability to offer CAD/CAM mode, animation mode, video editing, graphic design, etc for finely detailed designs. Longer hours seem to pass by without any issues with its ergonomically designed screen and stand that is highly flexible.


  • 2K QHD (2560x1440) resolution
  • 8 bit, 100% sRGB, and REC 709 color space with IPS technology
  • 24-inch screen with a response time of 5ms.
  • Animation mode with 10 levels of display brightness
  • BenQ Low blue light technology to filter out harmful blue light.
  • Flicker-free for added comfort to the eye.


  • 100% of sRGB and Rec. 709 color spaces produce accurate resolution and minimizes color shift.
  • CAD/CAM mode brings out clarity in complicated object wireframes.
  • Animation mode is specially designed to make working easier in darker areas of the artwork.
  • Optimal color precision faithfully represents each color with absolute clarity.
  • Desktop partition allows for working on multiple screens simultaneously.
  • The monitor can be adjusted to a maximum of 140mm distance between the screen bottom and base for unique viewing tilt/height.
  • Auto pivot ensures that the image on the screen is at the right viewing position in case of the monitor being rotated.

4. Dell P Series 24-inch (60.96 cm) Screen Full HD (1080p) LED-Lit Monitor with IPS Panel - P2419H (Black)

This Dell P series monitor is unique with its ultra-thin and bezel design that constitutes a small footprint. With options to pivot, tilt, adjust it is a comfort-enhancing product useful for long work hours.


  • 24-inch LED-backlit LCD monitor
  • Full HD IPS panel with 1080p resolution at 60 Hz
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio and an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Input connectors: HDMI, VGA, Display Port
  • Anti-glare 3H hard screen coating
  • Cables included: Power cable, display port cable, USB 3.0 Upstream Cable.


  • A thin profile provides more room to work and greater flexibility.
  • The three-sided ultrathin bezel design gives an uninterrupted view across multiple screens.
  • The IPS technology allows for a wider viewing angle along with vibrant colors.
  • Clutter-free workspace with an efficient cable management design.
  • Prevents exposure to harmful blue light emissions to optimize eye comfort while working.
  • Highly adjustable monitor along with a variety of mounts and stands including VESA for increased flexibility.

5. Samsung 59.8 cm (23.5 inch) Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor - Full HD, VA Panel with VGA, HDMI, Audio Ports - LC24F390FHWXXL (Black)

The curved design inspired by common content consumption formats like newspapers and books, this Samsung monitor provides an unmatched immersive viewing experience and the ultra-slim profile makes a stylish statement and adds an elevated look to the environment. It is highly useful for professional architects and designers that require a comfortable and enjoyable working experience.


  • 24-inch curved monitor with a curvature of 1800R
  • Full HD curved VA panel with 1080p resolution at a refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Horizontal and Vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees.
  • Connectivity ports: HDMI, VGA, Headphone Port
  • Flicker-free technology


  • The curved monitor screen is its highlighting feature allowing for immersive and uninterrupted viewing.
  • Ultra-thin with only a thickness of 0.5 inches and a simple circular stand.
  • Clear and smooth images with less motion blur made possible by AMD-free sync technology.
  • One can work long hours without any eye strain and harmful blue light emission with eye saver mode.
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio renders vibrant and stunning colors with the help of Samsung’s crystal color technology.
  • Additional eco-saving plus reduces the use of energy by lowering screen brightness.


After a careful review of the performance and suitability of the monitors, our number one recommendation for this list goes to the BenQ BL2420PT (23.8 inches) IPS Designer Monitor for its amazing features and technical specifications at a budget price.

Hope this list not only helps you in getting the most compatible monitor that works for you but also tells you of the important tips to consider while making your next purchase. Do let us know your suggestions and comments in the section below.

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