10 Stylish TV Stands Under Rs. 2000

10 Stylish TV Stands Under Rs. 2000
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If you’re on the lookout for a new TV stand for your living area that is both visually appealing and functional, you are at the right place! With an assortment of modern, minimal, and elegant stands, you will surely find your own perfect little entertainment unit from our favorite picks. The list brings you the very best and the most affordable pieces you can get your hands on.

From asymmetrical designs to natural wood grain finishes and spacious shelving, we have here a collection of TV stands/entertainment units that is worth every penny you will be investing. So, keep your eyes fixed for the show to follow!

1. DAS Engineered Wood TV Entertainment Unit with Set Top Box Stand and 3 Wall Shelves Display (Wenge , Ideal for up to 52")

  • This modern and minimal entertainment unit is a valuable addition to any living area or bedroom.
  • It is made from engineered wood with a dark wenge finish that compliments neutral interior tones.
  • Even with fewer members, it is able to take up a 7 kg of load to hold various items like books, magazines, gadgets, and decorative items as well.
  • It has seven asymmetrical shelves forming a continuous pattern on the wall with enough space in the center to accommodate a large wall-hung television set.
  • The product measures 135 x 22 x 12.5 cm and contains all the necessary hardware and instructions for construction.

2. Madhuran Royal 52Inch Tv Entertainment Unit Cum Books Shelf 49.4X8.66X11.8 Inches

  • This wall-mounted TV stand has an elegant look with sharp lines and a unique shelving design.
  • It is extremely versatile and can be used as a set-top box stand, bookshelf, display shelf for any room or even office space.
  • The package comes as a set of six wooden planks, 30 screws, 6 T-clamp, 6 stickers for screws along with an instruction manual for its assembly.
  • Due to flat surfaces, it is easy to clean with a moist cloth, however exposure to direct sunlight and harsh chemicals is to be avoided.
  • The dimensions of this TV stand are 125 x 22 x 30 cm and it weighs about 6.48 kgs.

3. Universal Handicraft tv Console Entertainment Wall Unit/Set top Box Stand/Wall Stand for tv Accessories (Used Tv 32 in Only) Big Size 75 x 23 x 23 Centimeters

  • This symmetrical TV stand is made from a High-grade pre-laminated particle wood board with natural grain finish for a durable and long-lasting utility.
  • This is a spacious and classy stand suitable for the living areas and bedrooms.
  • It can easily accommodate all your media collection, gadgets, books, and small home décor items.
  • Its contents include 3 wooden planks and all the necessary hardware for its assembly and installation.
  • It is a medium-size stand measuring 75 x 23 x 23 cm. and weighing 6 kgs.

4. Dime Store Wooden Wall Mounted TV Unit, TV Cabinet for Wall, TV Stand for Wall, TV Stand Unit Wall Shelf for Living Room, Set Top Box Stand (Large, White Shelves)

  • This is a massive wall transforming TV stand that is available for just under 2,000/-.
  • It consists of three separate pieces, one lower shelf with three compartments and two sets of open shelves for either side. It allows for varying sizes of TV sets to be hung in the center.
  • It is constructed with MDF wood with a natural wood grain finish and has an external glossy laminate of white and grey color combination.
  • Owing to its size and design, it is able to save a lot of space while providing a large amount of storage at the same time.
  • It is easy to assemble and measures 80 x 25 x 84 cm with a self-load of 8 kgs.

5. BLUEWUD BLUEWUD Stellar Plus Wall Set Top Box Stand/TV Entertainment Unit (Wenge)

  • If you’re looking for a simple and compact TV stand in a low-budget category, this is the product for you. Without compromising on looks it checks all of the above boxes.
  • It is made of grain high-grade particle board with a natural wood grain finish.
  • Due to its build and materials used this is lightweight and easy to assemble and handle with only two open shelves.
  • The dimensions of the product are 35 x 21 x 23.4 cm and weigh 2 kgs. The ideal TV size for this stand is up to 42 inches.

6. Anikaa Ricos Wooden TV Entertainment Unit/Wall Set Top Box Shelf Stand/TV Cabinet for Wall/Set Top Box Holder for Home/TV Stand Unit for Wall for Living Room (Wenge)

  • This contemporary style TV Stand can be used as a set-top box stand or display as well.
  • The designer shelf is made from premium particle board with a wood grain finish.
  • This shelf offers both open shelves for taller items and enclosed shelves for storing digital gadgets, books, small décor items, etc.
  • The product is sized at 128x 23 x 30 cm and weighs 9 kgs.
  • The product comes with all the necessary accessories for assembly and can be easily installed by the customer.

7. Anikaa Archie Wooden TV Entertainment Unit/Wall Set Top Box Shelf Stand/TV Cabinet for Wall/Set Top Box Holder for Home/TV Stand Unit for Wall for Living Room (Wenge Big)

  • This is a multi-purpose TV stand that consists of two elements. A single open shelf for the top and an elegant base shelf that can act as a TV Stand.
  • Both the shelves have a finely polished surface with the core material of engineered wood.
  • This is perfect for living areas or common spaces adding a premium look to the interior space.
  • The lower shelf is sized at 97 x 23 x 65 cm while the top shelf is 65 x 23 cm.
  • It requires easy assembly and can be wiped clean with a soft cotton cloth.

8. BLUEWUD Kunsua Engineered Wood TV Entertainment Unit/Wall Set Top Box Stand Shelf (Standard Wenge)

  • This is an attractive piece of furniture to match your impeccable style and taste.
  • This bluewud floating TV Stand comes in a matte wenge finish with the primary material of engineered wood making it lightweight yet sturdy.
  • The two components of the set include a bottom open shelf and a plain upper shelf. The design also features wire holes on both top and bottom shelves for convenience.
  • The product dimensions are 80 x 23 x 10 cm and weigh approximately 6.2 kgs. It is compatible with up to 32 inches TV sets.
  • The package contains all the assembly hardware and instructions for use.

9. Decoration Art Engineered Wood TV Entertainment Unit Set Top Box Holder/Shelf/Rack Black (Brown)

  • This floating shelf TV stand is made from high-quality MDF with a matte finish.
  • The wall shelf is a display of contemporary style with its minimal elements and comes with a back paneling in the same finish for elevated aesthetics.
  • It can be used as a set-top box stand, and even display items like music system, speakers, remote organizer, décor elements, etc.
  • It is a compact shelf measuring 60 x 24 x 23 cm and lightweight, weighing only 3 kgs.
  • This is easy to set up and can be fixed in any room without any trouble.

10. Kundi Engineered Wood Floating TV Stand Wall Mounted Media Console Entertainment Storage Shelf (Black)

  • With this affordable multi-functional shelf, say goodbye to messy living rooms as this helps you to keep everything in place and sorted at all times.
  • This product is constructed from engineered wood with a black finish.
  • It is designed as a set of open shelves with hollow compartments and comes with rounded corners offering protection around kids.
  • It is sized at 30 x 8 x 4.5 inches that is compatible with different sizes of tv sets. It has a cable hole to organize all the wires and cables.
  • It can be cleaned easily with a dry cloth and requires simple assembly.


Whether you want a large storage area or just minimal shelving for the set-top box and other gadgets, this list of TV consoles will definitely satiate your needs. The expert pick for this list is the DAS Engineered Wood TV Entertainment Unit with Set-Top Box Stand for its ingenious design and utility. Its modern looks are a welcome addition to the budget price range.

Say goodbye to your old and worn-out TV stands and bring in a fresh experience to your entertainment area along with the much-needed organisation and decluttering.

Hope this list helps to view your favourite TV shows and movies even more special. With this, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. Do let us know about your favourite picks!

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10 Stylish TV Stands Under Rs. 2000

10 Stylish TV Stands Under Rs. 2000

Explore the most stylish TV stands under Rs. 2000 and give your homes a beautiful and inexpensive makeover.