10 Home Decor Products under Rs. 2000 to Create a Welcoming Ambience

10 Home Decor Products under Rs. 2000 to Create a Welcoming Ambience
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Need a glow-up for your home? With our list of products, you will need to look no further. Complete each room and space with a warm and cozy ambiance that is sure to bring peace and comfort to your daily routine and make the spaces more functional. Each of the products will add beauty and grace to the interiors bringing in an optimistic outlook for a prosperous year ahead.

From your living area to the bedroom to odd corners, this list will cater to all your indoor design demands. This extensive list features products including floor carpets, cushion covers to add variety to your textures and fabrics, lamps and shades for brighter nooks and accentuated corners along with products to add to your bare walls and odd spaces. Don’t let the external environment dampen your spirits, instead reinvent your homes with our list of beautiful home decor products for a fresh perspective.

1. Fernish Decor Handwoven Jute Round Rug Carpet, Natural Fibres, Braided Reversible Carpet for Bedroom Living Room Dining Room (2.5x6 Feet)

This sustainable option is a must-have for the living spaces and homely environments. With its traditional use of the material and modern aesthetics, it is sure to give an instant cozy vibe and welcoming atmosphere to welcome in 2021.

  • This handwoven rug is made from natural jute and cotton for a premium look and feel.
  • It is available in multiple shapes and sizes. One can opt for a round or rectangular shape depending on what your home demands.
  • The jute is braided with expert precision making it a reversible product giving you additional flexibility in its usage.
  • Its maintenance is minimal and is easy to clean with a vacuum. Spot cleaning can be done in case of harsh stains.

2. AEROHAVEN Turkish Decorative Throw Satin Pillow/Cushion Covers (Multicolour, 24 x 24 inch) -Set of 5

One can add a splash of color and floral patterns to any plain sofa or sitting area with these finely made cushion covers. With style, they will also give the right amount of comfort required for get-togethers and never-ending chats with family and friends.

  • This product is sure to add a language of luxury to any indoor space especially when you’re looking for a revamp for the new year.
  • These pillow covers are made from fine satin with intricate patterns in HD print.
  • Not only on the outside, but the covers are made with special care so that they last you a while. These covers come with solid blue colored satin backing adding a high-quality finish to the final product.
  • To make sure the cushions look impeccable, the covers are fitted with hidden zippers on the inside.
  • Its dimensions are 24 x 24 inches and come in sets of 5 pieces each. These are also available in smaller sizes.
  • The covers can be washed clean in a cold machine wash with similar colors.

3. Siya Ram Furnishing Shag Collection Anti Slip Plush Runner (2 x 5) (Color-Grey, Ivory)

Treat your feet right and add soft breaks to your hard floor with these runner carpets suitable for any room, hallways, or corridors.

  • These carpets are soft and plush to walk on with their top fur finish.
  • They are hand-tufted and are made with an anti-slip back that ensures the carpet stays in place on hard floors.
  • The top material is micro-fiber while the backing is cotton.
  • This is a 2 x 5 ft runner but one can also get bigger sized alternatives.
  • It is quick to clean with a domestic broom or dust collector, making it low maintenance and highly durable.

4. Printshoppie Handcrafted Woven Beige-White Storage Basket Set of 3 | for Livingroom, Baby Laundry Basket for Blanket Toys Towels Nursery Hamper Bin with Handle. (Set of 3 Baskets) (White-Beige)

Give a rustic touch to the laundry area or bathrooms with these jute handcrafted baskets. The warm tones of natural jute are not only pleasing to the eye but also make for a perfect storage solution.

  • Hide your dirty laundry in these perfectly sized storage/laundry baskets and keep your living spaces clutter-free.
  • These are handcrafted from natural jute with a modern design and handle details for easy utility.
  • The natural jute material makes them sturdy, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.
  • These round baskets are sized at 12 x 12 inches and come in sets of three.
  • Put away your magazines, toys, towels, or any other storage items in these beautiful baskets and give your home decor a much-needed change. These baskets will also help you keep up with your resolution of keeping the spaces more organized this year.

5. 1 PC of Bamboo Type Hanging Light with Bulb Includes Amazing Quality Hanging Light (Brown, 14 INCH Width, 22 INCH Height)

One can never go wrong while choosing natural materials for home decor. The earthy tones will always find a way to bring in different interior elements together. This versatile bamboo lamp can find a place to highlight a dull corner or can also be displayed as the centerpiece of an entire space.

  • The antique decor is a definite way to add a charming and attractive look to the interiors.
  • These hanging lights made with bamboo render a classy look with an age-old grace.
  • The light bulb filament included in these lamps complements the shape and style of the lights giving a warm tone with abstract light and shadow effect.
  • The dimension of the product is 26 x 14 x 22 cm and weighs about 800 gm.

6. Swingzy Indian Cotton Rope Hanging Swing for Adults & Kids for Indoor, Outdoor, Home, Patio, Yard, Balcony, Garden (100 Kg Capacity, Off-White, Accessories Included)

A fun piece like this swing is all the rage for the new year. With the simple design, quality materials, and great functionality, this swing will be the most popular part of the house in no time.

  • Make any small nook an exciting space with this extremely desirable swing chair.
  • This swing chair can help you create your very own relaxing space which you can use this year to catch up on your reading, entertaining guests, grabbing some quiet time, or just add a different visual element to your room.
  • The hammock swing chair is quite spacious measuring 150x 70x 65 and can support up to 100 kgs of weight.
  • This is a sturdy product made with thick cotton ropes and comes with premium iron rods and hooks to make it extremely strong and tough.
  • The seat is made with comfort in mind and portrays a classic woven-net design. You can add to its comfort for longer use by placing a soft cushion.
  • Whether you want to upgrade an indoor or an outdoor corner or nook, this swing chair won’t disappoint you both in terms of look and budget.

7. Wudville Braine Engineered Wood Multi-Tier Wall Mounted Corner Shelf (Wenge - 6 Square Shelves)

Wooden elements tend to bring in a richer visual quality to space. This corner shelf is a classic product that promises to never go out of style.

  • Use those living room corners that have been ignored for so long by providing massive display space with this multi-tier free standing corner shelf.
  • This tall wall mounted shelf comes with 6 square shelves that cover your dull corners magnificently.
  • The high-quality particleboard construction makes it sturdy and adds a homely and cozy touch to the area.
  • This contemporary product is perfect for the 2021 aesthetics and can be assembled without any hassle with mounting requires very little work.
  • With its ingenious design, it fits perfectly in any corner and makes your spaces way more efficient and visually appealing.

8. Crafter Metal Floor Flower Stand, Black, 3 Pieces

Metallic tones with solid colors for home decor products are expected to be ruling 2021. These flower stands evoke a sense of luxury and the plants additionally give it a plush green contrast.

  • Create a fresh and peaceful environment to change the look and feel a bit by placing some elegant planters.
  • Adding a couple of plants can help change the environment and add texture to any mundane corner and make the space feel homely and familiar.
  • Adding greens inside the house is also known to bring in a sense of peace and calm about your daily routine, not forgetting the pleasure it brings to the eyes.
  • This simple and minimalistic plant holder is designed to draw all the attention to the plants while giving the right amount of support.
  • It is built from wrought iron material with a matte black finish planter that is inspired by the classic mid-century style.
  • It consists of three planters of varying heights that give it a more attractive and eye-catching look.

9. Craftter Textured Black Fabric Shade White Diamond Metal Base Decorative Night Bedside Small Table Lamp

Warm light and soft fabric textures are a definite way to calm down and relax after a rough day. This can be your sweet escape to hopeful times.

  • The small elements of the living room are often forgotten, this New Year reinforces your artistic side with these beautiful geometric lamps and add life to your home decor.
  • These lamps are made from handloom fabric shade with a metal base and have a textured black color. If you are looking for some other tones, one can find multiple color options for the lampshades.
  • The lamp can be used to illuminate almost any space in the living room or the bedroom. They are most suited for tabletops and side tables.
  • The total height of the lamp is 16 inches. The lampshade has a dimension of 10 inches (diameter) x 8 inches (height).

10. Art Street Boulevard Photo Frame Set of 11 Picture Frames for Wall Hanging (8x10-3 pcs, 6x8-8 pcs)-Black and White

With more time being spent indoors, one can find ways to reinvent their homes. Displaying your favorite memories will help in keeping you motivated and upbeat this year.

  • Display your favorite memories of the previous years on the empty walls with these minimal photo frames.
  • This set of premium high-quality Polymer/Synthetic Wood comes with plexiglass that will give your wall a stylish and appealing look.
  • With the high-quality materials, it is going to last you a while.
  • It comes as a complete set of 11 frames with 3 frames of a dimension 8x 10 inches and 8 frames measuring 6 x 8 inches.
  • You can select the orientation you like as the frames can be hung both horizontally and vertically with secure hanging hardware that is included in the set.


Make these attractive decor products a part of your home for a memorable new year. Our expert selection guides you to what will make it this year so you have the trendiest interior ideas that are here to stay. With a wide category, range, uses and material of the products, you can decorate your home to your heart's content without exceeding the budget as each listed product has an upper limit.

So, start afresh this new year with a new look. Add dreamy elements, soft lighting, and even more greens. Tweak your existing furniture setting with new additions to give a complete transformation.

Let us know what you think of our list of home decor products and keep us posted on the new and upcoming items that we have missed out on. We would love to hear from you!

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