10 Amazing Lighting Ideas to Elevate Your Home This Diwali

10 Amazing Lighting Ideas to Elevate Your Home This Diwali

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Lighting is an important element of Diwali, for it is the festival of lights. People like to decorate their homes in different manners every Diwali. They like to follow some themes, new products, etc. to elevate their homes by adopting lighting ideas. The products and themes vary from elegant to quirky depending on the choice of the users. If you are someone who is exploring ideas to light up your home this Diwali, following is a list of 10 amazing lighting ideas to elevate your home for added festivities –

1. ExclusiveLane Balcony Hanging & Living Room Decorative Terracotta Table Lantern Lamps for Home Decoration (9 Inch, Black & Cream, with Bulb)

To keep in line with the Diwali fervour, this product from Exclusive lane is going to add a gleam to your festivities. These lanterns can be hung or arranged on a surface to elevate your home decor this Diwali. The specifications of this lantern are –

  • This lantern is made of terracotta and is hand-painted in black and cream color.
  • The lamp can work with a bulb (0 – 20 watts).
  • It can be hung or kept on a surface.
  • The punctures in the lamp will cast interesting patterns in the surroundings once the lantern is lit.
  • It has a very traditional and earthy vibe to it, thus making you Diwali decor all the more rooted yet interesting.

2. Ess Emm Modern Triangle 5W LED Wall Sconce Light Fixture Indoor Hallway Up Down Wall Lamp Spot Light Aluminum Decorative Lighting for Theater Studio Restaurant Hotel (Hardwired)-Pack of 1

Colours and lights when combined make for an amazing decor. This multicoloured wall sconce is a perfect pick when it comes to a festival like Diwali. The wall sconce can be arranged in a way that they create an accent lighting in the space they are installed in. The specifications of these lights are –

  • The fixture has a triangular profile and can be used to highlight the walls with its multicoloured lights.
  • It is made of aluminium with a silver and black coloured finish.
  • It has a long life of over 50,000 hours.
  • It is durable and easy to maintain.
  • It will add a factor of charm and delight to the Diwali celebrations.

3. DesiDiya® Warm White Diya/Diwali Light Curtain, String Lights with 12 Hanging Diyas, 8 Flashing Modes, Decoration Lighting, Festive Home Decor

Curtain string lights are a great way to elevate your home decor for Diwali. More so, when the string lights have symbolic Diyas attached to it. Some features of these string lights are –

  • It works on 8 lighting modes controlled by a single button, giving the freedom to choose the most desired setting and its effect.
  • The lights have a total of 12 diyas in 2 sizes lit by 138 LEDs.
  • These are more suited for use indoors.
  • Give a boost to your festive decor through these string lights.

4. CITRA 300 LED Net Mesh Fairy String Light Still Effect Lighting 10x10 Foot for Diwali Decorationm Backdrop Garden Tree Waterproof - Warm White- 6W Rectangle Wall Led Lamp (Warm White)

Mesh fairy lights are a great way to elevate your home this Diwali. These lights automatically resonate with festivities and celebrations. Some features of this fixture are –

  • It is waterproof with safety voltage operations, therefore can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • It measures 10’ X 10’ and is lit by 300 bright and low energy consuming LEDs.
  • The lights have a long life span and are eco-friendly too.
  • These lights are sure to add to the festive decor and enhance the overall look of the house.

5. Pop the party Paper Metal Lantern (14 inch, White)

Paper lanterns are one of the easiest, quickest and practical lighting ideas to elevate your home this Diwali. These give you the freedom to decorate your place across an array of permutations and combinations. The features of it are as follows –

  • The lanterns are made of premium quality Rice paper supported on a wireframe.
  • The colour of these lanterns is white thus adding to the gleam of the festival.
  • It is easy to install these lanterns and even easier to store them.
  • These are a great way to take your home decor to next level this Diwali.

6. Brahmani Marketing GENKO ® Outdoor Laser Projector LED Lamp EU Plug Fairy Star with Decoration Light (Multicolour)

Imagine your house covered by specks of light in a matter of moments. Interesting, right? To be able to decorate your home in a matter of moments this Diwali, this laser projector is a perfect pick. Not only it is hassle-free but also it will add an edge to your Diwali decor. The features of it are –

  • The laser projector can cover up to 3000 square feet of area.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It is the fastest solution for decorating your space through lighting.
  • It works on low voltage, is waterproof and can work in low temperatures (-35°C to -40°C) too.
  • A clever and effective way to light up your home this Diwali!

7. GIG Handicrafts Iron Wall Sconce Tealight Hanging Candle Holder (18 x 13 x 8 cm) - Set of 3

Wall hung Tealight candle holders are a great way to accentuate your spaces for Diwali. It will give your spaces a subtle accent with a hint of sophistication. The features of this wall lamp are –

  • The delicate wall hung tealight candle holder is made of metal with a black finish.
  • These are minimalistic yet efficient ways to decorate your home.
  • It will cast a vintage look to your Diwali decorations.

8. SATYAM KRAFT Plastic LED Tea Light Candle Diya for Diwali Decoration(White, Box of 24)

If you someone who wants to light up your home traditionally but without worrying about using a matchstick. These tea light candles can easily be used to brighten up any space. The features of these lights are –

  • These are ready to use battery-operated tealight candles.
  • These can be easily used in alcoves, niches, votive holders, etc. to create accent lighting.
  • These have a long life, are efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • The amber coloured tealight candle has a flickering effect, making it all the more closer to a traditional lamp.
  • Create a warm and bright ambiance without a mess.

9. Techno E-Tail Blossom Flower Fairy String Lights, 20 LED Christmas Lights for Diwali Home Decoration (Warm White)

Fairy lights add to the beauty of any space. This fairy light embedded in flowers is a perfect pick to elevate the brightness of your home. Some features are –

  • This string light has a warm white accent with high brightness.
  • It is lit by 20 LEDs.
  • It is waterproof, therefore can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It can be clubbed with other decor elements or can be used singularly.
  • The string light measures 11’ and is an extremely fanciful product to add to your festive decorations.

10. TIED RIBBONS Golden Tealight Candle Holder for Diwali Home Decoration (Set of 2)

This handcrafted tealight candle holder is a beautiful choice of lighting to elevate your home decor. It will give the space a glow and cast an elegant look. Some features of it are –

  • The tealight candle holders are made of iron with a golden finish.
  • The overall design and the pattern of punctures give it a classy look.
  • The patterns cast nice shadows on the nearby surfaces hen a tealight is lit inside it.
  • The overall look of the candle holder will accentuate the festivities of your home.

This was a list of 10 amazing lighting ideas to elevate your home this Diwali. If we can add any other option to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

Have a happy and bright Diwali!

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