10 Cool Floor Lamps For Living Room to Add a Soft Glow to Your Space

10 Cool Floor Lamps For Living Room to Add a Soft Glow to Your Space
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Floor lamps or standing lamps are a tasteful and quick range of products to add the oomph factor to a living room. Floor lamps are available across various materials, styles, lighting qualities, etc. The floor lamp can change the vibe of a living room in a split second. One can couple up a classical standing lamp with a luxurious easy chair to create a nice and cosy personal corner or reading nook. Or the standing lamp can be strategically placed in the room to achieve the required ambiance. The advantage with the floor lamps is that in addition to enhancing the aesthetic value of the space it can easily be stored away. Floor lamps have been around for ages, but have come a long way with the variations in designs, materials and styles. The floor lamps have also undergone upgradation in their features like touch control, USB ports, inbuilt dimmers, etc. The users can decide the utility and features of the floor lamp before narrowing down to the final one. The mere presence of a floor lamp in a living room can change the complete dynamics of the room.

A few aspects to keep in mind while choosing the floor lamp for your living room –

Purpose – One needs to be clear of the purpose for which they are looking for a floor lamp for the living room. Is it for improving the ambient lighting or to serve as a task or reading light? Being clear about the purpose makes it easier to clear the first step of the process.

Size and Proportionate to the space – The size of the lamp should always be proportionate with the size of the room. Don’t go for gigantic floor lamps for smaller rooms or rooms with an enormous amount of furniture. One needs to beautify the space while ensuring that people don’t keep tripping by tangling their legs with the stand of the lamp.

Height and the line of sight – The height of the standing lamps should be such that the lower edge of the lampshade is at the eye level of the user when sitting on a sofa or lounge chair. The important point while considering the line of sight is that the lamp should not be obstructing the artwork, seating area or other decorative items. Be cautious of the height while making the choice. The distance of the floor lamp from the seating would also determine the height and type of the floor lamp.

Adjustable features – The lamps with features such as height, angle and intensity of light can also help in narrowing down the options.

Style – One can choose from the various styles of standing lamps:

  • Console floor lamps or downlighters – These are the traditional floor lamps that come to our minds when floor lamps are mentioned. It can be simply described as a long vertical stand with a traditional downlighting shade. The stands are generally the more decorative part of the lamp. These are used for ambient lighting and also for task lighting.
  • Uplifting floor lamps or uplighters – These are similar to the console lamps but with an inverted shade which helps in up-lighting and providing ambient lighting by directing it towards the ceiling. These are not advisable for task lighting. They do not create glare and help in creating a nice ambiance when placed along the wall or in a corner.
  • Multi-arm floor lamp – These floor lamps are primarily the ones with branches of uplighters and downlighters. These can be used for both task as well as ambient lighting. The branches can most of the time be adjusted to focus in different directions.
  • Arc floor lamps – These standing lamps have a light head at the end of a long curving arm. These are best suited for general lighting in large areas or for overhead lighting in living rooms. Generally, these are placed behind a couch, lounge chair or table.
  • Floor lamps with table or shelves – Floor lamps with a table or shelf are an option when considering space-saving or space-efficient designs. The lamp shades for such floor lamps are meant for general, ambient or task lighting. The shelves give an added advantage of keeping the handy stuff close.

Following are enlisted 10 cool and vibrant floor lamps for living rooms that can enhance the appeal of the space by introducing a soft glow in the space –

1. Craftter Wooden Fabric Textured Floor Lamp (Off-White) Delightful Shade Floor Lamps for Living Guest Waiting Reception and Bedroom Decorative Floor Lighting

  • The shade of this cylindrical floor lamp is made out of handmade fabric with an acrylic sheet supported on a wooden frame.
  • With a total height of 90 cm and a diameter of 19 cm, this standing lamp has a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • It has a minimalistic and modern appeal to it.
  • It provides cosy lighting thus creating a soft and warm ambiance in the space it is installed in.
  • It can be easily cleaned with the help of a dry cloth or feather duster.
  • This floor lamp for the living room is sure to complement the exiting or fresh décor.

2. Devansh Black Cotton Designer AF91 /Fashionable Wrought Iron Floor Lamp for Home Decor (Black, Medium)

  • The contemporary lamp ha a minimalistic charm that will add elegance to your living room.
  • This standing lamp measures 12” X 12” X 61.75” (L X B X H).
  • It is lit up with the help of a bulb compatible with B 22 holder.
  • The lamp has a base made of iron in black colour and the shade made of stiffened cotton.

3. WoodLab Premium Floor Lamp Natural Finish with Three Level Decorative Shelf (Cotton White)

  • This is an interesting floor lamp for a living room. The lamp comes with a stand to help in organizing the stuff.
  • It is crafted from premium European plywood with the shade made out of premium fabric.
  • This floor lamp is perfect to be placed in corners or lounge chairs.
  • Bring elegance to your living room with this creative standing lamp.

4. Devansh Off-White Cotton Hard Back Leaf Floor Lamp

  • This floor lamp has an ethereal charm with an off white cotton shade.
  • The lamp has a metallic base in black colour.
  • The dimensions are 12” X 12” X 59.75” (L X B X H).
  • It is lit by a bulb compatible with a B 22 holder.

5. Ikea LERSTA Floor/Reading lamp, Aluminium

  • This is a good choice for floor lamps for living rooms as it provides direct and focused light.
  • It has an adjustable arm to facilitate better focus.
  • The base plate and tube are made of aluminium with a quote of clear lacquer.
  • The standing lamp has a steel shade which is easy to maintain.
  • The lamp has a total height of 52”.

6. KraftInn Bamboo Floor Lamp (Brown, 28-inch)

  • This rustic cylindrical lamp is made of treated bamboo nets (according to CBTC guidelines) and bonsum wood.
  • The standing lamp is a perfect add on for a contemporary or rustic décor.
  • The patterns of the bamboo weave create accent lighting.
  • It has a floor switch and can be lit up by a bulb compatible with a B22 holder.
  • It creates a soft glow that helps to create a cosy and warm environment in the space It is added too.
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around.

7. Simona Decorative Antique Tripod Floor Lamp

  • This is a statement floor lamp with vintage and industrial appeal.
  • The lamp is supported on a tripod made of solid wood treated to be moisture proof.
  • The shade is made of brass with a charm of the classical world.
  • It will accentuate the décor of a living room or a niche with its soft glow.

8. Ikea Not Floor Uplighter Lamp, Black 69-Inch (without Bulb)

  • This modern standing floor lamp with a height of 69” is an uplighter as well.
  • The shade is cast out of Polypropylene and the base is made of ABS plastic with the tube made of powder-coated steel.
  • With an opal light bulb, the lamp gives a soft diffused light, enhancing the ambience of the space.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The lamp with a contemporary as well as minimalistic language is sure to suit an array of décor settings.

9. Citra Reading Floor Lamp Nordic Creative Wood Floor lamp Simple Modern Living Room Study Vertical Table lamp Floor Lamp

  • This standing lamp has a classic design with a flexible swing arm, which helps in getting the perfect lighting angle especially while reading.
  • The standing lamp features a metallic lampshade, adding to the overall look of the fixture and the space around it.
  • The floor lamp is lit up through an E26/27 LED or incandescent bulb.
  • The floor lamp offers easy operations and maintenance.
  • This lamp is a perfect accessory to create a reading nook or cosy corner.

10. BEVERLY STUDIO Galina Wooden Floor LAMP

  • This floor lamp with a height of 56” carries a classical and elegant appeal.
  • The shade is made of beige coloured fabric supported on an ornamental wooden stand.
  • It is lit by a bulb compatible with a B22 holder.
  • The highlighting feature of this floor lamp is that it is designed keeping in mind the concepts of Vastu to introduce a feeling of peace and a positive vibe in the space.
  • The high quality fabric helps in diffusing the light to give a soft glow to the surroundings.
  • This fixture is a perfect option when one is looking for a floor lamp for the living room.


The choice of a floor lamp for the living room depends largely on the personal decor preferences of the residents. A complimenting standing lamp would sure add the elegance and factor of coziness in the space. However, if one fancies the presence of a floor lamp in their living room, one should be careful of the space available to install the floor lamps. With our pick of 10 cool floor lamps for the living room, one can select the best-suited fixture for their space and preferences to cozy up their spaces.

If you feel that more floor lamp options can be added to the list, please do post your suggestions!

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