Take your Home Decor to the Next Level with These 10 3D Wall Stickers

Take your Home Decor to the Next Level with These 10 3D Wall Stickers
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Modifying the home decor frequently is a grueling task. With the interesting range of 3D wall stickers available in the market, people can think of easily taking the home decor to the next level. 3D wall stickers don’t specifically mean that the stickers are jutting out of the surface, but those stickers with a visual depth in the graphics. The stickers give you the freedom to add a hint of your personality with the choice of the graphics to your space. What’s more, the good quality stickers can even be removed without a trace of any residue. However, one should be cautious of the colour palette and graphic language with respect to the decor of that space.

Following are our 10 picks for 3D wall stickers that will certainly level up your home decor game –

1. Xtore® Flair pro 12pcs 3D Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking Pad(Shimmer Golden)(Set of 12)

These pretty butterfly 3D wall stickers are the quickest way to transform your home decor. Embrace the butterfly 3D wall sticker to give your spaces a touch of elegance. The features of this adorable set of wall stickers are –

  • The butterflies are made of premium quality material with a metallic finish to ensure both durability and elegance.
  • Each piece has a double-sided adhesive tack for easy mounting of the stickers.
  • These can be used on an array of smooth surfaces vis-à-vis walls, doors, plastic, metal, refrigerator, etc.
  • The set comes with 12 pcs of butterflies over 3 sizes. This allows for flexibility with the arrangement of individual pieces according to the fancies of the users.
  • The pattern offers versatility for its usage in various spaces.

2. Warm light in a regal lighting fixture Decals Design Guitar Passion PVC Vinyl Wall Decal (70 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm, Multicolour)

For all the music lovers out there, this guitar inspired wall sticker is a perfect choice to give your home decor a boost. Some features of this wall sticker are –

  • The sticker is made of high-quality digital prints with induced depths to give a 3D effect.
  • It is made in good quality PVC sheet with a matte finish.
  • It provides a wall coverage of 65 cm X 150 cm.
  • This wall sticker is apt for an array of spaces – living room, bedroom, lounge, kids room, kitchen, etc.
  • The PVC used is both non-toxic and waterproof.

3. Decor Kafe Brick Lion 3D Art Wall Sticker ( PVC Vinyl; Multicolour; 81 X 55 cm )

For people who get a kick out of life like illusions, this wall sticker is a perfect pick. It gives a super realistic illusion of a lion coming in from the tear in the wall. The features of this artistic 3D wall art are –

  • The 3d wall sticker is made of a very thin film of superior quality matte finish self-adhesive vinyl film.
  • The sticker is digitally printed in high definition for better visualization.
  • It covers a wall area of 48” X 23”.
  • It is very easy to apply and leaves no gooey residue on the wall when removed.
  • The picture gives a 3D effect owing to the depth of illusions in it.

4. Wall1ders Atulya Arts Offering - 100 Pieces (3 cm Each) Square Mirrors Golden 3D Acrylic Sticker

A well-lit skyline on a contrasting dark wall will amp up the space and take the home decor to the next level. This wall sticker made of 3D acrylic gives the impression of a 3D structure merging with the canvas. The minimalistic and sophisticated design is a great choice for introducing 3D wall stickers in your home. It’s highlighting features are –

  • The wall sticker is made in imported cast acrylic with designs made using a computerized laser cutting method.
  • These self-adhesive stickers are environment friendly.
  • The set consists of 100 square pieces of side 3 cm each.
  • The number of pieces gives the freedom of exploration of form to the user.
  • It is well suited to be used on smooth surfaces.

5. 24x7 eMall PE Foam 3D Brick Wall Sticker, 70 x 77 cm, White

The realistic faux 3D brick pattern is a 3D wall sticker option that is a safe choice and will not only complement the existing decor but will take it to the next level. It provides an easy, DIY and hassle free method to decorate or redecorate a space. Some features are as follows –

  • The sticker is made of soft and light PE foam with cushion.
  • The 3D wall sticker is embossed with texture which creates a stunning visual impact.
  • It is easy to install and can even be cut into the desired shape easily.
  • These provide for waterproof, oilproof sound absorbent and anti-collision properties.
  • The advantage is, that post-installation, these can be painted in the desired colour to match with the existing or proposed colour scheme of the decor.
  • It is easy to maintain and can be used across an array of spaces.

6. Generic Vinyl Stone Wall Table Furniture Sticker, 48 Sq ft, Multicolour

Want a nice exposed stone slate look but don’t want to get into the hassle of it? Worry not, this wall sticker can easily fill the void of desire to have such a wall. Its 3D effects are phenomenal. The features of this 3D wall sticker are –

  • The sticker is made of self-adhesive vinyl with a high quality digitally printed pattern.
  • It can be cut to the desired size and shape.
  • The good quality PVC makes it oilproof, waterproof, stainproof and easy to clean.
  • The wall sticker can be easily installed and removed without leaving any residue.
  • It can be used to decorate an array of surfaces and locations.

7. Alrens Self Adhesive Wall Clock Wall Sticker of Large Size DIY Frameless with 3D Big Mirror Surface Effect (MQ-005-Black)

This product is an interesting amalgamation of a wall clock and wall sticker. This 3D wall sticker is bound to go with an array of decor pallets and is bound to take the home decor to the next level. The features of this super cool wall click cum 3D wall sticker are as follows –

  • The digits and the wall clock is made of high quality self-adhesive materials.
  • The wall clock gives it an ultimate effect and the distance between the digits is at the creative discretion of the users.
  • The wall clock is powered by a AA 1.5 V battery.
  • It is easy to install and remove as well.
  • The material is non-toxic and resistant to water and steam.
  • The clock has silent sweeping movements thus making it a welcome part of any decor or space.
  • It can be installed in a variety of spaces.

8. Wall1ders Atulya Arts 3D Acrylic Sun Flame Mirror Decorative Wall Stickers with Extra 10 Butterfly Sticker,(45cm X 45cm)(Gold) - Pack of 25

Rise and Shine sunshine! The sun inspired wall sticker with a mirror finish will not only brighten our decor but also add an air of elegance. One can use a single sun 3D wall sticker or can create a combination with a pair or multiple stickers. Some features of it are –

  • The wall sticker is made of high quality cast acrylic with an industrial quality strong adhesion.
  • The pattern is cut employing computerized laser cutting to maintain precision and uniformity.
  • The set gives the users the freedom to wear their creative hats to compose it as they like.
  • The sticker with the mirror finish has a nice golden tint to it.
  • These are easy to use and maintain.

9. Paper Plane Design Vinyl Wall Window Sticker, 90 x 60 cm, Coral

Enjoy the refreshing view of the ocean life with this faux window wall sticker. The 3D effect is of good quality that it transports the viewers to the depths of the ocean. Not only is it stimulating to look at, but would be a focal point of the decor pallet. The features of this 3D wall sticker are –

  • The wall sticker made with high quality vinyl provides a realistic experience to the viewers.
  • The faux window frames give the user the luxury of a view that might not be possible to have otherwise.
  • These can be easily installed and can be removed without a speck of residue.
  • This is a quick yet durable way of redecorating a space.

10. Univocean Green Leaves Stone Garden Wallpaper, 3D Wall Poster, Wall Sticker for Home, PVC Self Adhesive for Living Room, Hall, Garden Home Decoration Stickers (1000 x 45 cm)

Vegetation through the crevices of stones is a welcome and a heartwarming visual. This can easily be introduced in the interiors of the house by installing this product. The wall sticker imbibes in it the freshness and apparent depth of the subject thus helping in making a connection with it. The features of this 3D wall Sticker are as follows –

  • The wall sticker is made in a high-quality self-adhesive Eco PVC sheet.
  • Both it’s installation and removal are effortless and hassle-free processes.
  • It has an electrostatic design, which makes it reusable.
  • It imparts a classy look to the space it is installed in.


These were 10 amazing and realistic 3D wall stickers that I think would do wonders for your home decor. While choosing the graphics though, be careful of the decor as a whole. Afterall in the process, the resultant decor should stand out.

If you think that any other interesting 3D wall sticker products can be added to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

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