Add a Sparkle to your Bedroom with these 10 Decorative Lights

Add a Sparkle to your Bedroom with these 10 Decorative Lights
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A bedroom is a personal space that adapts to an array of moods and emotions. From dark and somber to bright and joyous, a bedroom can translate a huge range of emotions. The lighting in the bedroom is a contributory factor to a large extent. Introducing a nice decorative light in the bedroom can help in adding sparkle and life to it. The decorative lights are like soothing packets when you are feeling low or agitated; is a perfect way to resonate joy and celebration. With a variety of decorative lights available in the market, it becomes an arduous decision to make. To help you make a wise choice following are 10 picks for decorative lights that will add a hint of sparkle to your bedroom –

1. Wowcrafts Textured Rich Fabric Round Shade Wooden Base Decorative Night Bedside Table Lamp (Grey)

This piece would add an air of serenity to your bedroom along with imparting a sparkle to it. The elegant bedside lamp has the following features –

  • The lamp is composed of a wooden stand with a suspended textured fabric lampshade.
  • It casts a soft diffused light to the surroundings thus making it a classy piece of choice for decorative lighting.
  • It is lit by the help of a 15 Watt B22 bulb or equivalent.
  • It has a very convenient presence with the dimensions being 15 x 15 x 17.5 cm (L X W X H).
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

2. Voroly Home Decorative Wooden Night Table Lamp for Bedroom Solid Shade Bedside Desk Light (Golden)

Add a touch of sparkle with this creative and offbeat lighting fixture to your bedroom. This is a perfect choice for people looking for out of the box decorative lighting for their bedroom. The features of this product are –

  • The lightweight lamp is made of wood and a high-quality alloy body with a linen flaxen fabric shade.
  • The lamp has a long life owing to no fade and anti-corrosion properties of the materials.
  • The base has a non-slip mat design thus ensuring better stability.
  • The lamp is lit using an E27 bulb with a maximum output of 40 Watts.
  • It requires a space in the range of 8- 30 square meters.

3. Make in modern Wooden & Fabric Pyramid Table Lamp Without Bulb (Black & White, 40 Watt)

This inverted pyramidal lamp is sure to lift the dull spirits and add a sparkle to your bedroom. This decorative light is perfect to amp up the elegance factor of a bedroom. Some features of this decorative lighting fixture are –

  • The fixture has a pyramidal profile that has been handcrafted in wood.
  • The subtle shade is due to the off-white fabric.
  • The fixture has a comfortable dimension of 5” X 5” X 14”.
  • It is lit up utilizing an E27 holder bulb.
  • The decorative lighting will add sparkle by imparting a vintage vibe to your space.

4. Randhawa Global Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp (4-5 kgs)

Who doesn’t love a product that is therapeutic and at the same time adds an aesthetic value to space? This decorative light is a perfect amalgamation of the two and is a perfect pick when looking for decorative lights for the bedroom. Some features of this lamp are –

  • The decorative light is hand-carved from 250 million years old Original Himalayan Rock Salt.
  • The lamp weighs around 5 – 6 Kgs and is apt for a room with an area of up to 150 square feet.
  • The salt crystal presents the users with therapeutic benefits by providing health benefits along with keeping the air clean and naturally ionized.
  • This therapeutic decorative light is well suited for bedrooms, living rooms, dining spaces, hallways, meditation nooks, etc.
  • The beautiful amber hue adds to the aesthetics of any room along with aiding in uplifting the mood and spirits of the residents.
  • Since the stone is hygroscopic in nature, the lamp is bound to become a little wet when exposed to moisture.

5. ExclusiveLane 14 Inch Madhubani Handpainted Terracotta Decor Home Decorative Bedroom Living Room Bedside Table Lamps for Home Decoration (Black & Red, Without Bulb)

A hint of craft in spaces adds sparkle through its aesthetics. This lamp with traditional Madhubani handpainted decorative light is a great choice for the craft lovers out there. The serenity of the decorative light in the bedroom is a welcome factor. Some features of it are –

  • The base of the lamp is made of terracotta and painted with Madhubani motifs, with a complimentary fabric shade.
  • It measures 25.4 X 25.4 X 35.05 cm.
  • The lamp is lit using a bulb that is compatible with a B22 type holder.
  • The decorative lamp is contemporary with a traditional language.

6. fizzytech 20 LED 3 m Length Photo Clip Lights for Decoration (Yellow)

Photographs and decorative lights are a perfect combination to add sparkle to any space. These lights help to light up a nook and besides one can take a trip down the memory lane by clipping the photographs to it. Following are some features of this product –

  • The decorative string light is composed of ultra-bright warm white light embedded in photo clips.
  • The lights don’t overheat and are safe to touch even after hours of use.
  • The string lights work in two modes vis-à-vis twinkle and steady.
  • It is made of waterproof and bendable copper wire that makes it mouldable into any desired shape.
  • The lights are battery operated and are powered by 3 AA batteries.
  • The clips can be used to display 20 photographs, prints, artwork, etc. and can even help to organize them.

7. RONTENO PVC 3D Printing Moon Lamp with Wooden Stand, 1pc(White Color)

This decorative light resembles the moon. If the moon can’t add a sparkle to the space, then what will! This product is a must-have in a bedroom for all the space lovers out there. The features of this product are –

  • The lamp is 3D printed to resemble the moon. The curtain string lights are composed of six big and six small stars with eight modes of setting.
  • It glows with ambient light, the colour of the light can be changed from cool white to warm white and vice versa with a tap on the metal ring at the bottom.
  • The lamp measures 15 cm in diameter.
  • The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted and the preferred settings can be stored as it has the brightness memory function.
  • It is a good add-on to add a sparkle to one’s personal niches.

8. CDripping colors Bottle Cork Lights 2 meters 20 LEDs (Warm White) - Pack of 2

Empty glass bottles inserted with a bottle cork lights is an amazing and a DIY way to add sparkle to a space that can help in uplifting the mood of the room as well as the residents. Some features of this product are –

  • The string of lights (2 m in length) is attached to a bottle cork that can be inserted easily into any glass bottle to create a sparkle.
  • The LEDs are waterproof with an IP65 rating.
  • These LEDs offer an easy way to create decorative lights by recycling pretty glass bottles to create the perfect décor.
  • The set of curtains are made in polyester with a thread count of 199.
  • These have colour blocks of shades of orange that will help in imparting warmth of colours to your space.
  • The string is composed of 20 LED bulbs joined through a copper wire.
  • This is a low heat emission and eco-friendly way to create a decorative and bright nook in a bedroom.
  • It is powered by 3 LR44 batteries.

9. ExclusiveLane Sheesham Wooden Warli & Dhokra Art Living Room Home Decorative Bedroom Balcony Side Wall Lights & Wall Lamps for Home (Brown, Without Bulb)

This elegant product is sure to add a sparkle to a bedroom with its charm. The minimalistic design of the lamp is accentuated by Warli motifs and Dhokra figurines. For people who love craft and resonate with minimalism, this is a good choice of decorative lighting to go for. Some features of this lighting fixture are –

  • The decorative light is made of Sheesham wood with accents of warli motifs and Dhokra brass figurines.
  • The lamp is lit by means of a bulb compatible with a B22 type of holder.
  • The lamp measures 7.4” X 4.3” X 7.3” (L X W X H).
  • The earthy looking lamp would not only add sparkle to any space but will also add a twist to that space.

10. Earthenmetal 9 inches Mushroom Shaped Glass Table lamp for Bedside Living & Home Decoration Turkish lamp (Multicolour, Bulb not Included); Made in India

Colours add in a lot of drama and oomph factor to a space. This product with its bright colours will add a level of dynamism to the bedroom. The features of this decorative light for bedroom are –

  • This decorative light has an interesting mushroom shape, which made using hand cut pieces of high quality glass beads.
  • It measures 23 cm in height, thus merging with the existing décor almost instantly.
  • The lamp will add a splash of colours to the surroundings by casting beautiful patterns around it.
  • It is lit by a bulb that is compatible with a B22 type holder.


This was a list of 10 decorative lights that I think will add a sparkle and make a difference to your bedroom decor. The choice of decorative light can be determined based on the existing decor of the bedroom. A simple fairy light, if installed with a decorative appeal can completely change the vibe of the room. If you are not one to take risks, then there are a bunch of options to consider for decorative lights that will suit an array of decor ideas. The design and the light quality of the decorative light are huge factors to consider when looking for decorative lights for the bedroom. I am sure there would be many more decorative lights that could be added to the list. Please feel free to post your suggestions.

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