10 Top-Selling Fancy Wall Lights For Living Room

10 Top-Selling Fancy Wall Lights For Living Room
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A comfy Living room is incomplete with the presence of fancy lights. The mere presence of a fancy wall light can help in bringing a change in the overall mood of the space. The wall lamps can help in creating a focus along with giving it a classy vibe. The types of wall lights chosen can help in changing the mood of the space rather instantly. Be it an industrial wall lamp, a classical wall lamp, a vintage wall lamp or a quirky wall light, the type and intensity of light from the wall lights for a living room can drastically impact the mood of the living room. Though the fancy wall lights can contribute to set the mood and décor of the living room to a great extent, choosing the right one can be a colossal task. The choice of fancy wall lights for living rooms can translate the choice and taste of the residents in addition to adding an interesting flavour and mood to that space.

Following are our two cents to help you in selecting the perfect wall light for the living room –

  1. First and foremost, try to gauge if there is a need for wall lights. This would also help in determining the purpose of the wall lights for the living room is an important part of selecting the wall light fixture. The purpose that the wall lights serve can be focal lights, wall highlighters, ambient lighting, mood lighting, so on and so forth.
  2. The design of the wall light should comply with and accentuate the design language of the space. The material, style, color, finish and light quality are the primary determinants for the same. Be sensitive to the type and style of the light fixtures for the planned or existing decor of the space. The various types of wall lights are –
  • Focus lights
  • Wall highlighters
  • Accent lighting
  • Wall-mounted swing-arm light

The next layer is the style of the lighting fixture. The various lighting styles are –

  • Contemporary
  • Rustic
  • Industrial
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  1. Depending on the purpose of the wall lights, the requirement of illumination from the wall lights can be determined. A critical point to observe is that the bulb for the wall light should not be directly exposed to the eyes. This is imperative as an exposed bulb does not create an ambiance desired by the wall lighting fixtures.
  2. The number of wall lights required can be determined by the amount of illumination and the type of lighting fixture.
  3. With the number factored in, comes the distance between the fixtures. The purpose and quality of light required in the space would determine the spacing of the fixtures.
  4. The height of the installation of wall lights is a factor that would contribute to the overall ambiance to a large extent. One should make sure that the wall lights are installed at the eye level (ranging from 5’ to 6’) to avoid direct eye contact with the bright bulb.
  5. One can play with the number, heights and types of wall lamps to achieve the desired effect for the desired mood of the living room.
  6. The type of bulb holder is also a determining factor while choosing a lighting fixture. Typically, the bulb holder should be such that it is compatible with both incandescent and LED bulbs. The type of bulb chosen is completely at the discretion of the users.

After assessing the above pointer, listed below are our 10 picks for fancy wall lights for a living room –

1. Somil Sconce Wall Lamp with Wooden Fitting and Glass Shade (Set of Two,Squire, White, All Fixture), Compatible with 5 to 80 Watt LED and Other E27 Holder Bulb

This is a simplistic yet amazing choice for adding fancy wall lights to your living room. Its elegance is sure to add a flavour of sophistication to your living room. Club up the wall lights with art pieces to create a nice ambience. Some features of this product are –

  • It is crafted from a premium quality wood and tinted glass shade.
  • It offers an energy-efficient system of ambient lighting with a long life.
  • It is a lightweight fixture with the warmth and features of a usual incandescent light.
  • It has a screw-type E27 bulb holder to hold a bulb in the range of 5 – 60 Watts.
  • It is low on maintenance and easy to clean.

2. Arus Brown Color Hand Loom Fabric Round Shade Wooden Wall Mount Wall Lamp Wall Sconce Decorative Night Wall Light

Give an elegant look to your living room by introducing this lamp in the space. Though it is a modern design but has the charm of yesteryears. The features of this fixture are –

  • The L-shaped wooden base along with a floral pattern shade makes this wall lamp graceful.
  • The shade is made using handloom plastic with an acrylic sheet. The acrylic sheet protects the plastic from the heat and gives a nice ambient light at the same time.
  • The lighting fixture has a modern classic design that will complement an array of decor palettes.

3. CITRA LED IP65 Waterproof Wall Lamp, 6W 220-240 V Sconce Warm White 3000K Aluminum Indoor Outdoor Wall Up Down Light - Warm White

This fixture is a simplistic yet modern piece of lighting fixture to add to your living space. It will enhance the contemporary factor in the interiors. It can also be used to enhance the passageways, balconies, etc. Its highlighting features are –

  • It is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium alloy which is made rustproof by treating the surface with frosted lacquer paint treatment.
  • The finish of the product does not easily oxidize or fade.
  • It is lit with 6 intelligent LED beads with a life of 50,000 h.
  • The fixture measures 170 x 50 x 80 mm.
  • The sealed lampshade diffuses and softens the light thus giving a beautiful lighting effect.
  • It is easy to clean and resistant to extreme weather along with performing well on the waterproofing front.

4. Smartway ® - 6W Rectangle Wall Led Lamp (Warm White)

This sleek and minimalistic wall light is an amazing add on to a living room to resonate with the minimalistic language of the space. It will add elegance with ambient lighting to your living room. It can be clubbed with furniture or art pieces to accentuate a corner or niche. Some features of this fixture are –

  • The fixture is lit up using high-quality warm white LED lights.
  • It provides a perfect ambient light without glare.
  • It has a high acrylic finish that provides better light transmittance and beautiful warm white light.
  • The body of the fixture is made of solid aluminium providing a long and durable life span.

5. LIGHT ANGLE Wooden Decorative Surface Mounted Classic Fabric Wall Lamps for Home Decoration (Beige)

This wall lighting fixture is one that will go with all kinds of decors rustic or contemporary, classic or modern. Its simplistic yet elegant look will satiate the eyes of the users. It is an absolute stunner with the following features –

  • The base of the lamp is made of high-quality wood with a fabric lampshade.
  • The holders are perfectly sized for a center table.
  • The product will impart a rich and royal look to a space it is added to.
  • It is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with normal water or with a mild detergent.

6. Shapes Unlimited Vintage Moroccan Wall Lamp

For the people who love patterns, this is an interesting wall lighting fixture. The traceries will cast projections of patterns around the lamp when it is lit, which enhances the space and creates an interest in the space. This lamp will go with rustic and vintage settings. The features of it are –

  • The lamp is inspired by traditional Moroccan design.
  • It is cast in metal and comes with an E14 bulb holder.
  • The black lamp with golden accents will create a nice ambiance in the space it is installed in.

7. M2 Look New Designer Decorative Wall Lamp Light with Unique Stylish Steel Fitting Sq Off White Poly Cotton Shade for Bedroom and Drawing Room

This lampshade has a classic style of pyramidal shades in the form of wall mount fixtures. This scintillating fixture is a perfect add on to your living room, to accentuate style and elegance. The features of this wall lamp are –

  • The subtle and classic lampshade is a classy choice to adorn the walls of a living room.
  • The base is made of high-quality steel embellished with a poly cotton fabric lampshade.
  • The materials make the lamp durable and versatile.

8. BrightLyts Wall Lights for Drawing Room (Medium, Black)

If you are looking to quirk up your living room or a corner of it, this is the wall lamp for it. The lamp has a quirk factor and charm of the antiquities. The features of this fixture are –

  • The fixture is handcrafted from metal and finished in matt black colour.
  • It is lit up by a bulb type E26/E27 (preferred wattage 5 Watts LED).
  • It is perfect to quirk up the spaces with a hint of industrial elements.
  • Put it in a corner to spruce it up, or club it up with a piece of art or greens, it will be a visual treat for the users.

9. Generic LytZon LED Wall Sconce Light Up and Down Indoor Wall Lamp (Silver Black, 5W)

This is a perfect choice of wall light when one wants to highlight a wall of the living room or factor in colours in the space. Some features that make this fixture an interesting pick are –

  • The fixture has a triangular profile and may be used as a wall highlighter.
  • It is made of aluminium with a silver and black coloured finish.
  • It is devoid of any UV or IR radiations.
  • It has an extremely long life of over 50,000 hours.
  • It is durable and easy to maintain.

10. LIGHT ANGLE Handmade Fabric Wall Lamp Shade for Bedroom (Beige)

If one is looking for a failproof product to change the mood of the living room then this is a timeless product to go for. It will not only enhance the decor but would also provide for a nice and classic ambiance to that space. Some features of this showpiece are –

  • The fixture is made of a metallic frame along with a fabric lampshade in beige.
  • It has a long life and offers easy maintenance.
  • This lamp is lit through a B22 bulb holder.
  • This fixture will instantly uplift the mood of the space it is installed in.


This was a list of 10 fancy wall lights for a living room that can help in changing the mood of the space. When it comes to fancy wall lights, it is a difficult choice on the designer and/or user’s end. With that in mind, our two cents on wall light selection and the 10 picks of the products would help in making the selection process a little less perplexing. A basic point to keep in mind is that the chosen wall lights should complement and accentuate the living room decor to achieve the required mood.

If we can add any other option to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

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