10 Stunning Ceiling Lights for Living Room That Will Actually Brighten Up Your Interiors

10 Stunning Ceiling Lights for Living Room That Will Actually Brighten Up Your Interiors
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Every form of light adds an additional quality to the interior space. One does not have much control over the natural lighting but you can surely experiment with the various types and forms of artificial ones. The ceiling lights play the most important role in this aspect. Therefore, today we bring to you a selective list of the best ceiling lights to brighten up any indoor space.

With products that are simple and minimalistic, to ceiling and pendant lights that can be showpieces within themselves, this list will give you items that are gorgeous yet functional elements that one simply cannot do without. So, without further delay let’s get into this dazzling world of ceiling lights!

1. Philips 4W CeilingSecure Downlighter (Cool White, Round)

  • This unique and revolutionary product by Philips will add the right amount of ambient lighting to your home.
  • It is a panel light that fits in the recesses of the ceiling aligning perfectly with the surface.
  • It gives a consistent bright light of 80 lumens per watt without any dark spots providing comfort to eyes.
  • It is made from synthetic material with a white finish and a silver rim.
  • It has a cool white color temperature and requires some assembly.
  • It comes with easy maintenance and replacement that only requires removal of the light panel while the downlight shell remains in place. One can find alternative color options for this product.

2. Groeien® (Pack of 2) AC 110V Metal Square Cube Ceiling Light(Black, 60W)-(Bulb not Included)

  • These industrial look ceiling lights render a raw and rustic aesthetics to the living room or the dining area.
  • Crafted from metal and string, they are not only heavy-duty but quite a trendy item to procure.
  • The string height of the fixture can be adjusted as per the need of the decor.
  • These pendant lights can take CFL/LED or Incandescent Bulbs giving a soft and warm floating glow. The cord material is aluminum, increasing its utility.
  • They are available in packs of 2 and the total dimensions are 14 x 14 x 20 inches.

3. Bouquet of Flowers' earthenmetal Spherical Glass Mosaic Ceiling lamp for Rooftop Living & Home Decoration Turkish lamp (Multicolour, Bulb not Included); Made in India

  • Looking to make the indoor space a splash of color, this ceiling light will help you achieve that flawlessly.
  • This spherical Turkish ceiling lamp is made from hand-cut pieces of glass beads to give it the most exclusive and rich look.
  • The beautifully designed motifs and bright colors come alive once the light is switched on.
  • It is compatible with a normal yellow/LED/CFL bulb and needs very little maintenance.
  • This handmade piece of art has a diameter of ten inches and weighs about 1.2 kg.
  • The package comes with a metallic plate to fix it safely to the ceiling. The glass light can be cleaned easily with a slightly moist cloth to regain the vibrancy of its colors.

4. Citra Ac220V-240V E26/E27 Single Head Vintage Black Metal Triangle Shape Hanging Light Pendant Ceiling Light Lamp

  • These vintage lights are designed with contemporary aesthetics for a rustic look that is quite a trending visual currently.
  • These are constructed in a triangular shape to fit in bulbs and are made from black metal.
  • The delicate-looking hanging string comes in a length of 1m, the height can be adjusted depending on the space and look one is going for.
  • It requires 560 W LED or Incandescent bulbs to work at its best.
  • The diameter of the lamp is 9.5 inches and the product weighs 99 g.

5. Mufasa 6 Watt Led Surface Panel, Slim Round Style Flush Mount Ceiling Lamp (Warm White) (Wooden Finish) (Pack of 4)

  • Make your home glow with perfect luminance with the Mufasa panel lights that are built for performance and efficiency.
  • The plug and play panel lights are easy to install and use.
  • These are rated at 6 Watts and can be powered by a 220 V AC Power supply.
  • These ceiling lights are designed such that they can be used in multiple places like living rooms, hallways, kitchen stairwell, kitchen bathroom, etc. without looking odd.
  • They are made of Aluminum material with an attractive wooden rim.
  • This is a good choice if you’re looking for a high quality and a low voltage product.

6. BrightLyts Premium Copper Oxidise Aluminium Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lights Lamp_ (Medium Size) (Design)

  • Add some antique splendor to your homes with the pendant lights from brightlyts.
  • These are built from Aluminum with a protective oxidized color coating.
  • This hanging light is attached with a string that can be adjusted as per the required lighting effect.
  • These lights look good and enhance the visuals of any space be it the living areas, reading nook, dining area or the bedroom. They fit in perfectly in guest or kids’ bedroom as well.
  • These trendy lights are available in multiple colors, one can choose a particular color or get a mix of multiple colors for a unique and quirky look.

7. CITRA 5 Light Crystal Arc Modern LED Chandelier Ring for Dining Living Room Office Hanging Suspension Lamp (M3671/5) - Warm White

  • If you are looking for a magnificent and grand ceiling light that will be the defining element of the space, this Modern ceiling light is the product to go for.
  • This 56 x 58 cm chandelier comes with 5 lights and covers a large area that goes very well with living rooms and lounges.
  • The ultra-modern and flat design of the light also serves as a good source of ambient lighting distributing it equally over a huge span.
  • The ceiling light is made from high-quality aluminum with an acrylic white finish achieved by double powder coating and polish.
  • The premium materials ensure durability and make it heat resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-face and anti-scratch.

8. Galaxy 12W Ceiling Pop Down Indoor Light LED 3D Effect Lighting, Blue & White, Round

  • These lights are a good way to provide ample lighting without any extravagant designs.
  • These are slim panel lights that come in packs of two and add a 3-d lighting effect with a combination of blue and white colors.
  • These elegant lights are long-lasting and are a good choice for spaces that require extensive use as they are energy saving.
  • One can switch from blue to a white color or both by the flip of a switch.
  • The light panel size is 5 inches while the cut-out is 4 inches in diameter.
  • Make a responsible action towards the environment with this low power consumption light that is highly durable and comes with a year replacement warranty.

9. Homesake® Antique Matt Black Crystal Hanging, Pendant Light Lantern Ceiling Light | Nordic E27 Vintage Jhumar lighting for Home Wall Hanging Decorative for Living Room, Bedroom Decor - Home Decor Items (Pack of 1)

  • This sensational and alluring ceiling light from homesake promises to transform your living room into a luxurious space instantly.
  • The simple bell-shaped silhouette is enough to form beautiful light patterns in the surrounding spaces.
  • It is handcrafted from crystal beads and droplets with a metal base adding the right amount of structure to the light.
  • The pendant fixture comes with an adjustable chord of length 40 inches easily customizable.
  • The mesh iron shade holding the crystals has an antique black finish fitted with an E-27 bulb holder.
  • It requires some assembly and comes with a bulb. It weighs 640 g and measures 16 x 16 x 20 cm.

10. Homesake® Wire Mesh, Hanging Pendant Light Ceiling Decorative Chandelier Light Lamp for Living Room, Home, Bedroom, Jhumar Lighting for Home Decor Items (Black) - Pack of 1

  • This intricately designed cluster pendant light will illuminate any space and will give amazing striking effects on the walls and ceiling for dramatic aesthetics.
  • The pendant light is suspended from a round plate through a black finished rod.
  • It is made from three graduated steel wire mesh and comes with a fitted E-27 Edison vintage bulb holder.
  • The cord is adjustable up to a height of 40 inches.
  • This is a handcrafted product made by local artisans in India giving it an exclusive and premium look and feel.
  • The pendant light is available in 2 other shapes.


The final say on the ceiling light depends completely on your personal preference and aesthetics style. With that being said, our list features products that will help you move a step closer to the interior lighting you have in mind. This list is a one-stop-shop for the best in lighting fixtures for ceilings and the top pick, we have selected is the Philips 4W CeilingSecure Downlighter. We highly recommend it as a perfect lighting solution, that provides good lighting for all kinds of working requirements and its long-lasting components.

For more information on ceiling lights, we have provided below a detailed set of information to help educate you and make you select the right products for your home.

Important factors to consider before buying a ceiling light


The foremost factor that guides the process of selecting a ceiling light is the style and type of light it emits. One can pick from styles such as classical, modern, colonial with simple and practical designs or you can opt for more lavish and handcrafted traditional and local styles that express the arts and crafts of the region you would want to display in your home.


Setting the mood through lighting is an excellent way to personalize and segregate spaces. For example, dim lighting in the dining area can help dinners be more cozy or vibrant pendant lights can help create a festive ambiance during parties. Similarly, a grand chandelier in the living room can make the entire space appear more luxurious and expensive.


Deciding where exactly the lighting fixture will be placed and what space it will be able to illuminate can change the interiors game completely. You can highlight certain areas with spotlights or pendant lights; or create ambient lighting in hallways and stairwells through recessed or flushed lights. One is also able to create unique patterns on the walls and ceilings through translucent or mesh shades of hanging lights.


Before you pick a ceiling light, do consider the types of bulbs compatible with the fixture. Remember, LED and Fluorescent bulbs are most common in ceiling lights. They are energy-efficient and will last you a while. However, Fluorescent bulbs are not as good at rendering colors as LEDs are and therefore, you will find that LEDs are more expensive.

Types of Ceiling Lights


These are mostly used for ambient lighting and therefore can be found in multiple numbers in hallways, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. These are also a good way to provide lighting without creating any projections on the ceiling as they fit right into the recesses created in the false ceiling. These are the most suitable option for low height areas.


Pendant lights are a form of hanging lights. These can be both ornamental/decorative or functional. These are mostly suited for spaces that have another source of lighting and need some additional lighting for designated spaces to highlight. They have an interesting character of hanging low and can create interest in specific areas due to the visual change they create.


A chandelier is generally the grandest way of providing lighting to any indoor space and hence is recommended for living and dining areas. With excessive attention comes responsibility! A chandelier should be very carefully selected not only because they are expensive but also due to the fact that they will play the biggest role in transforming the look of the house. Since they fill up large open areas easily, chandeliers are a good choice for more public spaces of the house but can be equally appealing inside large bedrooms.


If you’re looking to add an urban look to the interiors, track lighting will help you achieve it. These are basically spotlights fixed on a ceiling track. The track also helps in moving the lights and direction of the spots for customized lighting of the space.


These ceiling-mounted lights are more function than aesthetics. In fact, they are almost invisible and form a part of the ceiling when switched off. These are one of the most used ceiling lights as they provide optimal lighting while being inconspicuous at the same time. Smaller flush lights are suitable for small spaces such as hallways and stairwells, for bigger rooms one can go for the larger sized flush lights.

Color, Maintenance & Efficiency

The color of the light not only has a visual value but depending on the climate it can help save small amounts of energy. A warm light in colder climates can be an alternative way of keeping the interior space warmer. While a cool white light in hotter climates can help bring in some peace and coolness to the eyes.

Keeping the lights clean and in working condition is of utmost importance. The ease with which you can replace the bulb will help you save a lot of effort and time in the long run, so choose a fixture that requires minimal maintenance and assembly. Efficiency is another important aspect of selecting a light. Opting for a more energy-efficient option should be the ideal decision. It plays a major role in cutting costs and energy consumption.

We hope you were able to take back some critical points for your next lighting purchase and wish that it helps you get the best product for your house. We would love to hear your thoughts on our list of products and any new suggestions for the list are welcome. Do post in the comments below.

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