10 Adorable Wall Arts You can Buy For Under Rs 1000

10 Adorable Wall Arts You can Buy For Under Rs 1000
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Adding wall art is a way to decorate your blank walls and bring style to your home interiors. Depending upon your choice and personal taste they are endless options to beautify your bare walls even with a limited budget.

We have found tons of wall art ideas that can add the wow factor to your plain walls and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. From wall hangings to modern wall art, to DIY stickers, gorgeous wallpapers, and stencils, they are numerous options to decorate each wall of your house and bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

So, here are 10 Adorable wall arts that you’re sure to adore. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Indianara 3 Pc Set of Floral Paintings Without Glass 5.2 X 12.5, 9.5 X 12.5, 5.2 X 12.5 Inch

  • This wall art painting of colorful flowers brings liveliness and dynamic energy into the room.
  • By this wall art, add a personal touch to your accent wall design and make it look artistic and creative.
  • All the paintings can be hung vertically to the wall with hanging hooks installed on the back of the frame.
  • The frames are made of premium quality with matt finish and are affordable in price, thereby making it well-worth buying.
  • Overall, this wall art makes your plain wall look more attractive and brightens your sophisticated interiors.

2. Art Street Frame Motivational Posters / Photo Frames Simple Life Theme Set of 9 Pieces with Art Prints

  • The 9 unit photo frames are of 8x10- 2unit, 6x10 -1 units, 6x8 - 2 units, 4x6 - 4 Units.
  • It comes with a black paper border and can be hanged both horizontally and vertically.
  • The black and white art theme adds visual interest to the living room.
  • The photo frames are designed of high-quality synthetic wood with secure hanging hardware and assembly instructions for easy installation.
  • With this gorgeous wall art item, showcase your life with style while giving your wall a unique look.

3. Indianara Framed Wall Hanging Welcome Home Decor Art Prints Without Glass (Synthetic Wood, 8.7 X 8.7 Inch, Multicolor) 3-Piece

  • The bright and colorful paintings bring liveliness to space.
  • These wall paintings adorn your living room, dining room, or entrance and make them more warm and dynamic.
  • It features 3 wall art to grace the presence of your guests in your home.
  • The paintings are handcrafted, light-weight, and durable.
  • This wall art blends perfectly with the modern Indian home and is highly recommended.

4. Kayra Decor Premium Quality Reusable 16" x 24" Wall Art Stencil (Pack of 1) Painting for Home Decor

  • A blend of style and elegance this wall stencil is eye-catching and so hard to avoid.
  • This beautiful wall art can be done on the floor or furniture as well.
  • It is easy in application, first clean the surface and make sure your wall is dry and place the stencil on the surface secure using tape.
  • Furthermore, roll the roller on the palette to dab the color and keep on rolling until the process is completed.
  • This modern contemporary wall stencil is a great addition to space and looks chic & classy.

5. SAF Modern Art 4 Panel Ink Painting (Synthetic, 24 inch x 40 inch, Set of 4)

  • When it comes to choosing wall art for the bedroom or living room you want to select something that is gorgeous and blends with your interiors
  • It features a beautiful abstract painting that looks stunning and is a game-changer in your home décor.
  • This wall painting is made of premium quality that adds grace to your interiors
  • Dress up your walls with the art theme of your choice. The collection of paintings on the blank wall adds style and elegance to the wall.

6. Kartik Round Wall Paintings for Tree Painting Living Room with Wooden Frame and Without Glass - Set of 3

  • Wall art is great for quick and dramatic room makeovers.
  • This wall painting is eye-catching and brings life and airy texture to your room.
  • It is made of high-definition digital artwork that speaks for its quality.
  • Each panel has hanging clips on the backside for easy mounting on the wall.
  • These lovely tree paintings add charm to your home décor.

7. SAF Set of 3 Love Flower Design UV Coated 6MM MDF Home Decorative Gift Item Painting 12 inch X 27 inch SANFC12218

  • Dress up your wall with variations on a single theme like this one on life and florals.
  • It measures 12 inches x 27 inches has an ultra-thin gloss finish for a rich colorful look.
  • The product can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth to maintain its charm for a longer time.
  • The perfect lighting on this lovely painting will change the overall décor of your house.
  • This wall art will add a personal style statement to your home.

8. Art Street Red Floral Dancing Lady Framed Canvas Painting Set of 2 Wall Art Print-13x17 inch

  • Turn your plain wall into an accent wall with this amazing wall art that brings beauty and class to the room.
  • The frame size is 13x 17 inches made of synthetic wood frame that is durable.
  • The painting is made on a high-quality canvas that is water-proof, moist-proof resistant.
  • The painting brightens up your wall and adds grace to your interiors.
  • A beautiful wall art item for your living room, bedroom, or kid’s room.

9. Studio Curate Large Size Wall Sticker for Living Room, Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen Decor | African Tribal Women| PVC Vinyl | Pack of 1 (79cm x 51cm)

  • This tribal women wall art sticker is quite popular nowadays and brings an artistic touch to your space.
  • It features 6 African tribal women that can be placed separately or together according to your preference.
  • It is made of self-adhesive vinyl that can be removed easily and reused without damaging the wall.
  • Furthermore, the item is waterproof, moist-proof, and scratch-resistant, thereby making it durable and long-lasting.
  • The product is DIY with all the assembly instructions for easy installation.

10. ARTAMORI ® Modern Art 3 Piece Hexagon MDF Painting

  • Bring an exquisite style to your home with this charming art painting
  • It is made of high-quality 6mm MDF wood with UV coated poster that strengthens its durability and longevity.
  • This colorful gorgeous painting on a neutral wall coordinates perfectly with another décor.
  • Therefore, this lovely wall art is all you need on your living wall to have a striking impression on your guests.


With these wonderful wall art ideas breathe life into your bare walls and bring elegance to them. So, select the wall-art that shows your creativity, style, and fits your budget.

If you think I left out one that is important or any other point, please free to post your valuable suggestions.

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