Dress Up Your Bare Wall With These 10 Stunning Wall Hangings

Dress Up Your Bare Wall With These 10 Stunning Wall Hangings
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Be it the living room, the bedroom, kids’ room, or any other, a quick way to transform your interior spaces is by focusing on the empty walls. It is often the case one spends most of the time selecting furniture pieces, wall finishes, and flooring textures but fail to recognize the potential of purposefully decorating vertical surfaces, the walls! This list presents multiple ways in which you can exploit your bare walls and use them to give your house a new and improved look.

This list of stunning wall hangings features a vast array of home decor items including handmade artifacts, racks and shelves, lighting fixtures, and much more! So, without wasting any more time, let's dive into all the goodies we have prepared for you.

1. PIKIFY Rope Hanging Wall Shelf/Rack, Bohemian-Nordic Style for Home Decor -[Made in India] (White Wood)

  • Add a touch of elegance and beauty with this exquisite wall shelf from PIKIFY.
  • This rack is made from premium-quality wooden board that has undergone anti-mildew treatment to give you the best results.
  • It can be hung on the wall with the natural cotton and silk rope that adds a cozy and rustic aesthetics to the space.
  • The stainless-steel hooks act as an anchor for the rope supporting the wooden shelf.
  • It can be used in the living room, bedroom, or the kitchen for displaying small collectibles, plants, or even books.
  • The total height of the product is 45 cm that can be adjusted by moving the knots. The dimensions of the wooden shelf are 45 x 15 x 1.2 cm. It is available in two other colors.

2. ExclusiveLane Fish Handmade and Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging in Terracotta - Balcony Decoration Hanging Decorative Items for Living Room Wall Décor Terracotta Decorative for Home

  • These handcrafted wall hangings will help you bring out the beauty of traditional regional arts and crafts and project it on your walls.
  • The decorative fishes are constructed from terracotta and are made in vibrant hues.
  • It is painted in acrylic paint of multiple colors making them appear attractive for a long time.
  • It can be hung very easily on any wall or even ceiling, one just needs to hammer in a screw and it can efficiently take the load of the wall hanging.
  • The dimensions of this handcrafted wall hanging are 4.6 x 0.7 x 13.6 inches with a total height of 18.5 inches.

3. Paper Plane Design Wood Door Hanging (45 cm x 16cm)

  • Make your empty wall a source of motivation and drive, in your everyday life with this paper plane wall and door hanging.
  • The sturdy wall hanging is made from wood and all of the raw products used in its making are of the best quality.
  • It is detailed with great precision making it appear impeccable and flawless in quality and finish.
  • With the rustic finish, it lays out valuable quotes and words to live by and can be hung on the wall with the help of a nail or screw.
  • It is an average-sized product measuring 60 x 0.1 x 90 cm.

4. Dime Store Amazing Shoppee Wall Shelves Shelf for Living Room Book Shelfs (3 Shelves) (Standard, Brown)

  • This set of wall shelves is a wonderful addition to the living area, giving a decent amount of space to display the collectibles and giving the empty walls a modern companion.
  • The multi-purpose wall shelves can be used as storage shelves, kitchen shelves, for keeping books and magazines, plants, and what not owing to its elongated design and ample space.
  • It is made up of MDF with a dark brown finish, a warm hue that is perfect for living spaces.
  • It consists of three shelves of varying lengths that can be assembled easily with the accessories provided along with the package.
  • The complete tapered height of the wall hanging is at 50 cm with length and breadth of 12 x 3 cm respectively.

5. Collectible India Set of 2 Metal Wall Sconces Tealight Candle Holders Wall Hanging Gift Candle Lamp Tea Light Holder | Candles Decorations Diwali Gifts Lights Home Decor

  • Lights can be another way of highlighting and decorating empty and bare walls.
  • These tealight candle holders are a great way to add soft interior light to living and dining areas.
  • Be it some festivity or just spending alone family time, tealight wall hangings add subtle sophistication to any event.
  • The ringlets are made from iron and can be used in multiple rooms to make them attractive.
  • These are sized at 5 x 4 inches and come in packs of two, weighing about 110 grams.

6. Hand Art Terracotta Wall Hanging (13 x 12.5 x 2cm, Gold)

  • This exclusively designed and crafted wall hanging will transform any space and take you back in time.
  • The wall hanging is made from terra cotta. The eco-friendly earthen product undergoes burning process in the furnace to harden it.
  • It is finally finished off with organic paint that is both good for the environment as well as for the sight.
  • The three distinct pieces are connected by a hanging rope that can be used to hang the item from the wall.
  • This burnt clay wall hanging weighs 450 gms and has a dimension of 13 x 12.5 x 2 cm.

7. SADHUBELA Iron Wall Mount Flower Basket(Antique Golden_18 cm x 2cm x 18cm)

  • What is better than a fresh and floral item for your plain walls? This antique flower basket will do just that for you!
  • The basket comes with a hanger, chain, and bells making it a complete wall hanging set for any occasion or space.
  • The basket and the hanger are constructed form iron while the chain and bells are made from brass. The golden polish adds an old charm to the wall hanging.
  • This Rajasthani handicraft can be used to place real or artificial flowers, tealight candles, or even diyas.
  • The basket is sized well with a diameter of 21cm and a height of 10 cm. The hanger measures at 18 x 2 x 18 cm and the chain has a height of 15 cm.

8. Karigaari Set of 4 Rajasthani Men Wall Hanging (Orange,Green & Blue)

  • Revive culture and art in your house by turning the empty walls into exhibition space for local handicrafts.
  • This set of four Rajasthani Men depicting traditional musical instruments is a definite way to attract everyone’s attention.
  • These wall hangings are made from wrought iron with vibrant hues of orange, blue, and green.
  • Each piece of the wall hanging is unique adding character to the complete set.
  • The wall hanging can be fixed to the wall with the help of screws and you are free to make your own pattern or configuration with it.
  • It can be cleaned with a wet cloth. The dimensions of the set are 10 x 3 x 12 inches.

9. TIED RIBBONS Wood Wall Shelf with Flower Vase and Artificial Flowers (11.99 cm x 0.99 cm x 37.01 cm, Set of 2)

  • Enliven any space with these uplifting wall hangings that are shelves provided with flower vases.
  • This unique combination is innovative and new consisting of faux peonies in multiple colors, two glass vase, and wall-mounted shelves.
  • The shelves are made from wood while the flowers are designed from high-quality silk cloth.
  • The advantage of having faux flowers is that you do not have to worry about them withering or the need to water them regularly. You just placed these artificial peonies and you are good to go.
  • The product weighs 400g and its dimensions are 12 x 1 x 37 cm.

10. VAH Wood Photo Display Picture Frame Collage Picture Display Organizer with Clips (Black) (65 cm x 47 cm x 1.2 cm)

  • What better way to highlight the walls than displaying your very own memories through pictures and polaroids.
  • This picture display organizer is a wonderful way of storing your precious memories and making a memory wall in your house.
  • Go down the memory lane with this wooden wall hanging that comes with clips to hold the pictures securely.
  • It has a black polished finish and a dimension of 65 x 47 x 1.2 cm.
  • This is a fun, meaningful, and personalized way of adding art to your interiors.


Wall hangings are a sure way to change the aesthetics and feel of any space with minimal effort and additions. This list highlights the different looks that one can go for depending on their interior decor and style. Each of the products in the list has its own style and can serve well for varying themes. The expert pick that has grasped us with its elegance and functionality is the PIKIFY Rope Hanging Wall Shelf/Rack with its simple yet impactful design. The room for flexibility with this wall hanging means it can be very well used in any type of interior theme and its quality and finishing add more points to the final output.

Make the most of our list of wall hangings to decorate your house and bid farewell to empty walls. We hope the list gave you some insights for your next purchase and details to look out for in order to get the best wall hanging for vertical surfaces.

We look forward to your thoughts, views, and queries on our selected products. Make sure to let us know of the items that did not make it to the list in the suggestions section. Stay connected for more!!

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