10 Sparkling Kitchen Wall Stickers That will Make you Fall in Love with Cooking

10 Sparkling Kitchen Wall Stickers That will Make you Fall in Love with Cooking
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Kitchen, the soul of every home needs to be carefully attended to and given the treatment it deserves. Make your outdated kitchen a priority and bring in some life and change to your kitchen walls with the help of our list of DIY wall stickers that will promise you the sparkling look you have set your heart on.

Get some quirky and inspirational quotes, mouth-watering images of various foods, or just some gorgeous patterns to put up on your kitchen walls and see the magic happen. This list of wall stickers will get you excited about your kitchen once again and inspire you to make equally delicious, healthy, and exciting dishes. These vibrant wall stickers will also help add some newness to your boring spaces giving the kitchen a new vigor and yourself the right motivation for cooking at home. This can also help in building healthy eating habits and since we are what we eat why to keep consuming junk when you can always have a home-cooked meal. So, decorate your kitchen with these beautiful wall stickers and start your journey towards a healthy eating routine as an added bonus!

1. Jaamso Royals Vinyl Kitchen Self-Adhesive Oil Proof Wall Sticker/Decal (60 X 90 cm, Multicolor)

  • Decorate your kitchen walls with these trendy and bright, kitchen themed wall stickers that will help you in personalizing your kitchen.
  • This multicolor sticker features a stylish crockery design and brings art right inside your kitchen.
  • These stickers are made from PVC vinyl material that is non-toxic and removable.
  • The self-adhesive stickers are easy to apply and one just needs to peel and stick it on any surface that requires change.
  • Further, they are made extremely durable by being oilproof, moisture, and pressure-resistant and can be pasted on multiple surface textures like wall, tiles, windows, plastic, glass, wood, etc.
  • The dimension of this 1 piece sticker is 90 x 60 x 0.1cm.

2. Decals Design StickersKart Wall Stickers Stylish Kitchen Art (Brown)

  • Make fun additions and quirky graphics that attract both adults and children with these stylish kitchen art decals.
  • These decals have a matte finish so that they merge seamlessly with the kitchen walls.
  • The design is made in a brown shade and the sticker is of PVC Vinyl material.
  • The stickers are waterproof, so one does not have to worry about ruining the sticker while deep cleaning the walls.
  • This is a non-toxic and an eco-friendly product making it suitable for families with children and pets.
  • The size of the decal sticker measure at 105 x 40 cm, giving a good coverage on the wall.

3. Wallstick 'The Kitchen' Wall Sticker (Vinyl, 49 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm)

  • If you are looking for a chic and minimal addition to your wall, this sticker will do the job for you.
  • The wallstick wall sticker promises a polished aesthetic for the kitchen walls.
  • It has a matte finish and the imported dyes used for the graphics add an international touch to it.
  • It is made from vinyl and offers durability and the best color quality.
  • The sticker is easy to apply and can be removed without any damage to the walls.
  • The dimensions of the product are 49 x 4 x 4cm. It is easy to clean and the upkeep is minimal.

4. WallDesign Vinyl Mosaic Wall Door Furniture Sticker, 76 x 50 cm, Multicolour

  • Add beautiful and intricate motifs and patterns to your bare kitchen walls with the Wall Design Stickers.
  • The elegant looking tiled design of the stickers goes perfectly with the kitchen wall tiles or plain walls.
  • The glossy finish of the decal will surely add the required sparkle to your cooking spaces and make your time in the kitchen more joyful.
  • This wall sticker is made from PVC making it waterproof and oil spill-proof and hence easier to clean. It also protects your kitchen walls from oil and grease.
  • This is a quick and low budget home décor that can cover an area of up to 2.5 ft wide and 1.6 ft high.
  • It needs to be only pasted on the wall and you will be having an almost new wall in front of your eyes within seconds.

5. Paper Plane Design Self Adhesive Wall Tile Peel and Stick for Kitchen, Wall Sticker

  • This unique sticker concept will make your life simple and sophisticated at the same time.
  • The decorative sticker strip is an innovative way to add flair to any wall, floor, or plain surface.
  • The square tiles add structure to the space and can be used to highlight a wall with the lively colors.
  • One can use it as a strip sticker or can add multiple lines to cover the entire wall. The flexibility of personalizing the design makes it highly appealing.
  • It is a self-adhesive vinyl sticker that is dirt and oil proof. It can be applied to the wall by just peeling and sticking.
  • The sticker size is 10 x 500 cm and is available in multiple patterns and color options.

6. Asmi Collections Herbs and Spices Wall Stickers for Kitchen

  • This sticker will definitely give a new life to your kitchen walls with its aptly themed graphics of herbs and spices.
  • It is made from good-quality vinyl material and is self-adhesive.
  • The sticker has a high-quality image along with durable materials, making it retain its design and colors even after a long time.
  • It is a removable sticker, that can be easily taken off the wall without any marks on the wall surface.
  • It can even be reapplied if the adhesive has some good sticking power left.
  • The sticker is eco-friendly and has a dimension of 90 x 60 cm.

7. Wallstick 'Eat Healthy Be Happy' Wall Sticker (Vinyl, 49 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm)

  • This ‘Eat healthy Be Happy’ sticker is the motto to lead your life by. Keep this reminder in your kitchen for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The optimistic imagery of fruits and greens is a sure-shot to motivation in keeping a balanced diet.
  • This vinyl sticker has a matte finish and is easy to stick and remove.
  • All one needs to apply this is a clean surface free of oil, grease, dirt, and moisture to make sure the adhesive sticks well to the wall.
  • The dimensions of this sticker are 40 x 4 x 4cm.

8. Decals Design 'Kitchen Seasoned with Love' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 70 cm x 50 cm, Black)

  • Fill up an empty kitchen wall with this loving and heart-warming sticker for your home.
  • Enhance your kitchen ambiance and make your walls talk with these beautifully worded quotes.
  • This DIY sticker is quick and easy to stick with the provided instructions.
  • It has a matte finish and is crafted from PVC Vinyl material that is eco-friendly.
  • It offers a covering area of 75 x 80 cm.

9. Wallstick 'Cup Cakes' Wall Sticker (Vinyl, 49 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm)

  • If you’re bored with the generic quotes and graphics, try this delicious and mouth-watering decal for your kitchen.
  • Who doesn’t like ice-cream, cakes, and candies? Go ahead and put it on your walls and have a visual party every day!
  • With the dimensions of 49 x 4 x 4 cm, it is able to cover a good part of the wall.
  • The pack contains one vinyl sticker with a matte finish and one can select from a wide range of designs and patterns.
  • It is easy to maintain and an affordable home décor option for transforming kitchen spaces.

10. Decor Kafe Decal Stylemeals And Memories Wall Sticker Small Size- 15*12 Inch Color - Black

  • Decorate your walls with this quick and easily applicable wall sticker from décor kafe.
  • They provide an instant way of giving finishing touches to a new kitchen or a new lease of life to a dull and old one.
  • With high-quality vinyl and backing with peel and stick technology, these last you a long time without damaging your original kitchen walls.
  • They are ready to use products and can be reused if required.
  • The sticker can help accentuate a particular wall or add some exciting elements to a blank wall.
  • The application only requires peeling and sticking. The dimensions of the sticker are 15 x 12 inches and it comes in black color.


Transforming your kitchen walls is not as tough and time-consuming as it seems with the help of these wall stickers. Just peel and stick, and you have a completely new kitchen façade. The sticker that appeals to us the most in this list with its detailed design, use of quality materials, and reusability is WallDesign Vinyl Mosaic Wall Door Furniture Sticker. After going through a diverse range of products we bring to you our expert pick to help you redecorate your kitchen with minimum interventions and maximum impact.

Make your kitchen walls talk in a language of beauty and art with our list of kitchen wall stickers and fall in love with cooking all over again! Hope this list helps you in your next kitchen makeover project. Till then keep posting about the products that motivate you in the kitchen or anything we might have missed out on in the comments section below.

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