10 Most Durable and Stunning Carpets for a Cosy Living Room

10 Most Durable and Stunning Carpets for a Cosy Living Room
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The flooring of your living room is a major contributor to the ambiance of the space. Selecting a material, color, pattern, and size of the carpet is instrumental in how your living space will turn out. Don’t leave anything to chance because with this list we will guide you step by step in picking up the right carpet that matches your personality and the visualized space in your head. Getting a custom-made carpet might not be possible for everyone but by this process, we assure you that you will be getting a rug of your choice that you will fall in love with!

This list of 10 stunning carpets will surely entice you and convince you of the benefits of having a beautiful carpet in your house. Make your living room picture-perfect with cultural elements whether traditional or modern and make it drip with richness in taste and class with the appropriate carpet choice. Here goes the list:

1. SWEET HOMES Carpet, Humdmade Handwoven Tufted Made of 100% Soft Blended Wool Natural Color Collection, Size 4x6 feet, Color, Blue

  • Make an exclusive and elegant addition to your living room with this handwoven carpet by Sweet Homes.
  • It is constructed from 100% natural wool that gives it an uber soft surface where you can rest your feet.
  • This is handcrafted in Bhadohi, UP bringing in local knowledge and skills to give you the finest product.
  • With its unmatched style, rich colors, and beautiful patterns, it will add a timeless character to your home that is both of premium quality and offers amazing durability.
  • This is a rectangular hand-tufted carpet with the dimensions of 4 x 6 ft and weighs 8 kg.

2. Fernish Decor Braided Cotton Carpet Rug Multicolor for Bedroom 3x5 Feet Oval

  • This is a unique rug with a multicolor quirky visual. It will make a trendy piece for your living room or bedroom.
  • It has an unusual construction, made from braided cotton of various colors.
  • It is oval-shaped and looks absolutely ravishing as a centerpiece or when paced at the foot of a couch or bed.
  • It is simple to clean either by regular vacuuming or gentle shaking.
  • It is sized at 3 x 5 ft and is heavy enough to prevent slipping and sliding.
  • This hand-braided carpet is extremely affordable and works well in all kinds of seasons.

3. Carpet Mahal Kashmiri Traditional Silk Carpet Persian Design 180x275cm 6 Feet by 9 Feet Color-Multi

  • For a more traditional and timeless look, you can opt for this intricately designed Kashmiri carpet.
  • This gorgeous traditional Kashmiri carpet is made from silk and is of the finest quality.
  • With its soft silk fibers, it has binding on the edges and canvas backing for increased stability and longer life.
  • It has anti-slip quality and is safe for use by the elderly and children.
  • It is a rectangular carpet, 6 x 9 ft in size and weighs 13 kgs. It can be washed normally with detergent powder or soap.

4. Veer Home Furnishin Jute Braided Rug Natural Fibres, Braided Reversible Carpet for Bedroom Living Room Dining Room (Diameter 120 cm Round, Black White Cotton)

  • Another rug made from natural fibers, this is a good choice in case you or your family members are prone to allergies.
  • This is a braided carpet made from jute fibers. It uses the best materials in terms of quality.
  • Since it is made from jute, it is suitable to be placed both in indoor areas as well as outdoors.
  • It is a round carpet with a diameter of 120cm. Variants of other sizes are also available.
  • It is made double-sided for longer life and can be cleaned regularly with a vacuum.

5. SRHandloom Stylish & Superfine Carpet Collections for Your Bedroom and Living Room (1Pice Welcome Rug Free) (4 x 6)

  • Looking for additional comfort for your feet, get a hold of this modern carpet for your home.
  • This is a synthetic rug made from polyester fiber that has anti-bacterial properties, keeping your home healthy and safe.
  • With a heavy backing, it prevents slipping and adds durability to the product.
  • The polyester fibers are water repellent, making the cleaning job easy.
  • It can be cleaned with a vacuum or with slight shaking. The use of water and harsh chemicals is not advised.
  • This rectangular carpet is 4x 6 ft in dimension and available in multiple color options and sizes.

6. RMHANDLOOM Super Soft Modern 4D Shaggy Rug/RM_Carpet for Living Room,Bedroom & Hall Blue 3 x 5

  • Designed to go well with modern interiors, this RM Handloom carpet will transform any space you are bored with.
  • This is a super soft shaggy rug made of high-quality polyester material.
  • The design of the rug gives it the feel of real grass and is environment friendly.
  • It has a cool blue color along with the availability of many other solid colors in the same range.
  • The different pattern at the edges makes for a refined border and adds structure to the floor space.
  • This rectangular carpet is 3 x 5 ft in size. One can also select larger sized carpets from this range.

7. Crown Carpet Handmade Tuffted Thick Geometrical Design for Living Room Bedroom Size 5 x 8 feet (150X240 cm) Wollen Multi Colour

  • Add interesting geometry and colors to your living space and make it stand out with this range of tufted carpets from Crown Carpet.
  • This carpet is handwoven by skilled weavers with natural wool and wool blend to make it extra soft.
  • High-quality materials make it fade and stain-resistant.
  • With canvas backing and high pile, it is extremely durable and will last you a while without wear and tear.
  • This is a 5x8 feet rectangular carpet that weighs about 8 kgs.

8. Status Contract Polyester Yarn 3D Printed Vintage Persian Carpet with Anti Slip Backing for Bedroom/Living Area/Home (4X 5 ft, Multicolour)

  • With a feel of a vintage carpet, this is a great product for giving your living room a new life.
  • It is constructed from 100% polyester yarn with a durable and anti-skid backing of rubber gel foam compound.
  • It is suitable for all seasons but works extremely well in protecting feet from cold floors.
  • The materials used in the making of this carpet are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They are safe for use by children, the elderly, and pets.
  • This vintage rug has a dimension of 4x6 ft with a rectangular shape. Although it is enough to cover a large space, you can also select from even larger variants.

9. imsid Home Handwoven Jute Round Rug, Natural Fibres, Braided Reversible Carpet for Bedroom Living Room Dining Room (Square 5x3 feet)

  • This all-season rug is sure to add a rustic touch to your cozy living room.
  • Made from braided jute, it can be placed in your living room, bedroom, hallway, etc. It is even suitable for outdoor settings.
  • The natural exposed jute texture adds warmness to the interiors and the rectangular shape gives the space definition.
  • The durability of jute and the technique of construction of the carpet makes it withstand even harsh conditions without any trace of wear and tear.
  • This is a handwoven carpet made with extra care and is sized at 5x3 feet that requires very less maintenance.

10. Naz Carpet Handwoven Pure Woolen Persian Carpet with 1 Inch Thickness - Black & Turquoise (5 x 8 Feet)

  • This luxurious Persian carpet is the definition of style and class.
  • Made from superfine New Zealand wool fibers and expert craftsmanship, it is capable of making any room look beautiful and flawless.
  • The premium quality materials ensure that it lasts a long while without it becoming faded or dull.
  • The canvas backing sticks to the floor surface to prevent slipping, making it safe for use at home with children and the elderly alike.
  • The rectangular carpet is 5x8 feet featuring an entrancing floral pattern in black and turquoise colors.


The expert choice for this list of stunning carpets, that goes well for all kinds of home decor, ranks high in value for money, and displays quality design is the braided cotton carpet by furnish decor. This vibrant piece renders a warm and homely touch to any space. Make your living area more colorful and bright by this extravagant rug that is even easy to maintain. Add a touch of style to the plain floors and make your home spaces interesting, attractive, and graceful.

Before you put your finger on any one carpet keep in mind the below-mentioned details to get the best carpet for your home.



The wide range of carpet styles may leave one confused as to what is the best choice. Checking the durability of a carpet should be of utmost importance. Durability is dependent on the density of the carpet, its weight, and style. The thickness of the material and its resilience will decide whether it can be placed in high traffic areas such as hallways without falling apart in a short period of time.


It is also important to assess the aesthetics and colors of a carpet as they are the first things to attract your attention. Don’t get fooled by the first look, but take your time in experimenting with the carpet appearance and the vibrancy of its colors in both well-lit and shaded areas of your home to make a satisfying selection.


Padding serves as the foundation of a good carpet. The type of padding in a carpet is more or less responsible for its longevity. Thick padding made from rubber and foam is capable of providing adequate support to the carpet fibers.

Types of Carpet Piles


Although labor-intensive, the woven carpets are the finest quality carpets that are used for luxurious settings. They are made by traditional looming methods that display intricate patterns which makes them high-priced than regular carpets.


This is the most durable type of carpet. They are made from complete loops of yarn and can be placed in a space with high movement traffic. The surface is made completely from such loops and as a result, they do not leave any footprints or marks. They are also referred to as Berber pile or uncut pile.


These are among the most commonly available carpets. They offer a softer carpet surface compared to the loop pile due to the frayed fibers. The yarn sticks out from the surface giving them a smoother feel.


For use over many years, it is preferable you choose a timeless pattern that ages gracefully rather than a design that goes out of fashion after some time. One needs to carefully get the dimensions and the shape of the room noted in order to successfully decorate the space with the carpet. One can opt for square, circular, oblong, or rectangular carpets to cover the floor with elegance.


Carpets are essentially made from fibers. These fibers are therefore responsible for what the final output will look and feel like. Carpets use both natural and synthetic fibers for their making. The most commonly used fibers for carpets under the synthetic category are:

1. Nylon

2. Acrylic

3. Polyester

4. Olefin/Polypropylene

Woolen carpets are made from natural wool and since there are no additives or chemical used, they are a pure and allergy free option for the home. On the contrary, there are carpets that use both the synthetic and natural fibers to combine the best qualities of both the materials, giving a durable and soft surface to the carpets.

With our handpicked list of carpets, best in quality and designs, we hope you are able to find the perfect one for your living room. Add a touch of sophistication to your floors and let them speak the language of style.

Keep us on the loop on what your favorite carpets are. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Watch this space for more in-home makeovers!

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