10 Amazing Bathroom Faucets to Upgrade your Bathing Experience

10 Amazing Bathroom Faucets to Upgrade your Bathing Experience
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Bathrooms are essentially the lifelines of homes. An efficient and beautiful bathroom with a squeaky clean appearance is sure to make everyone comfortable and happy. One of the major role-players in achieving this is the relatively understated bathroom faucets.

With this list, we aim to highlight the importance of faucets and how easily a good selection can help you reinvent your entire bathing area. With options available for types, sizes, finishes, and styles, an advanced faucet can also help you conserve water while giving you an unprecedented experience.

Getting on with this list we will further assist you in giving you all that you need to know before selecting a product that not only serves its function to the best of ability but also gives you the aesthetics you want.

1. 24x7 eMall Single Lever Basin Mixer 28 Cms Height Table Mounted with 2 Braided Connection Pipes 450 mm Without Pop-up (Black Diamond)

  • This designer high-quality faucet will make your bathroom look classy and will add a luxurious touch to your basin.
  • Its unique feature includes a convertible body, that you can adjust as per your needs.
  • The soft-touch bubbler will help you in saving water and will additionally create a streamlined vertical flow reducing splashing.
  • This bathroom faucet is made from the highest quality copper that is safe for your health and hygiene.
  • The faucet surface has undergone multiple cycles of grinding and polishing to ensure corrosion resistance and longevity in use.
  • The ceramic valves used can take up high water pressure without any leakage or bursting.

2. JPS(tm) Brass Touchless Hand-Free Sensor Automatic Tap for Bathroom with Foam Flow Water, Chrome

  • This is an automatic, touch-free sensor bathroom faucet that helps in preventing cross-infection, especially relevant in present times.
  • Its solid brass construction makes for a faucet that can last a while.
  • With a chrome finish, it adds the right amount of sparkle to the bathroom.
  • Its automatic sensor design can work with both AC as well as on battery operation.
  • It requires careful cleaning as the use of hard chemicals can hinder its functioning.

3. Disny 1 Pillar Cock/Swan Neck Hunk Wash Basin Tap (Chrome)

  • With its natural curves and organic looking profiles, this Disny Basin Tap will keep your bathroom looking stylish and give you an easy user experience.
  • The sleek and attractive design with an ingenious swan neck shape makes it extremely comfortable to use and helps you conserve water at the same time.
  • It is built from a brass body with a shining and new chrome finish.
  • It has a height of 4 inches and gives you an aerated water flow for maximum efficiency.
  • This one-of-a-kind bathroom faucet is an excellent choice and gives a good value for money. It is as easy on the pockets as it is on the eyes.

4. Aquieen Luxury Series Extended Body Hot & Cold Basin Mixer Basin Tap (Premium - Gold)

  • The Elite Series from Aquieen presents this alluring bathroom faucet for an elegant interior.
  • This basin mixer combines style with the latest technology existing in bathroom hardware accessories.
  • It is made up of certified virgin brass ingots to ensure flawless implementation and casting of copper as per design.
  • The captivating looks are made possible with robotic electroplating that is not a fleeting feature but one that is everlasting.
  • The complete height of the faucet is at 12 inches while the spout is at 8.5 inches.

5. Aquieen Luxury Series Hot & Cold Basin Mixer Basin Tap (Arc - Jet Black)

  • This jet-black bathroom faucet with the minimal design is sure to give any boring bathroom an exciting and magnificent transformation.
  • With its simple design and operation, it will fit flawlessly with any type of interior theme, be it a classic, modern or contemporary aesthetics.
  • With exemplary craftsmanship, it comes with robotic electroplating for everlasting luster.
  • Its ergonomic design spout ensures less spillage for optimum utility.
  • Not only the external appearance, but even the components are selected with care. The ceramic cartridge is provided for durability that increases the lifespan of the mixer.
  • Its aerator has a honeycomb design for perfect stream quality. It can be placed or removed with the help of only a coin.

6. ALTON Brass Single Lever Basin Mixer with 360 Rotation Nozzle/Hot & Cold Wash Basin Faucet (Counter Basin Mixer)

  • This classically designed bathroom faucet will add simplicity to your sink area.
  • It comes with smooth, drip-free operation with the help of a ceramic cartridge that can survive 5,00,000 times opening and closing action of the tap.
  • The sharp design and color selection adds an edge to the bathroom faucet making it stand out gracefully in your bathroom.
  • One can control the volume of water coming out of the faucet with a simple touch. Managing the temperature is also as easy as the swipe of the handle.
  • The use of brass for the handle makes it durable and easy to use. Even easier utility is managed by the 360-degree rotating nozzle.
  • The white paint and chrome finish is easy to clean, scratch-proof, and corrosion-resistant.

7. ALTON EDGE 14074 Waterfall Single Lever Kitchen Sink Mixer With 360 Swivel Spout (Chrome)

  • Add brightness to your bathroom with this mirror look arched bathroom faucet.
  • It is made from brass and the mirror look technology is achieved through chrome finish with 7-layer plating.
  • It is a healthy option for daily use in your bathing area as it contains less than 0.25% total lead content.
  • The modern design with smooth operating water adjustment and 360-degree swivel spout makes it one of the best contenders for bathroom faucets available today.
  • Its highlight is the waterfall outlet that perfectly mixes air and water at 30% and 70% respectively giving it the feel of a natural waterfall and thereby reducing splashes.

8. BUCKLE UP Elegant Bathroom Waterfall Glass Basin Tap Faucet Mixer, Standard, Transparent

  • This designer cascading bathroom faucet ensures you get a pristine experience of nature right inside your bathroom.
  • It outshines most kinds of mixers and taps with its exceptionally unique approach towards utility and design.
  • It combines copper for the body with a glass disk for a see-through effect.
  • The single cascade adds simplicity to its users and it can switch from cold to hot water easily.
  • The overall height of the faucet is at 150mm. The brightness and corrosion-resistant surface are ensured with an advanced plating process with acid-copper, nickel, and chromium.

9. JOHNSON T0766C Florence Brass Single Lever Wall Mounted Wash Basin Mixer Upper Trim With (T0067C) Concealed Body Complete Set 10 Year Warranty (Chrome Finish

  • Find pleasure in your daily routine by bringing in this ultra-modern beauty to your bath decor.
  • With its state-of-the-art design technology and ergonomic design, it gives you the comfort with a graceful appearance.
  • Made from brass with a chrome finish, it gives a lasting impression with a long life.
  • It comes with a single lever to manage the volume of water dispelled and its temperature.
  • It is a perfect solution for small areas and can be easily mounted on any vertical wall.

10. KOHLER Kumin Basin Mixer Lav Faucet with Safe-Seal Technology (Polished Chrome)

  • This bathroom faucet gives you a good option of a safe and healthy utility for family use.
  • It is constructed from Zinc and its innovative safe seal technology makes sure that no metal contamination of water takes place while at the same time ensures safety from scalding water.
  • With a chrome finish, it gives off a premium look and feel.
  • Its dimensions are 350 x 150 x 80 mm.
  • It surpasses many of its counterparts in quality and affordability. It is a faucet you can rely on for durability.


After going through a wide variety of products our top pick for this list is the JPS(TM) Brass Touchless Hand-Free Sensor Automatic Tap. It shows the highest levels of union between design, technology, and utility. One of the best bathroom fixture that will definitely give you an excellent user experience.

The aspects that serve the basis for any good selection that might be of help to you are detailed out below.


Before buying a new bathroom faucet for your house, it is advised one should have all the prior information at hand to make the best choice. So, the following factors will equip you with know-how and help to make your decision easier.


Each bathroom has its distinct character and it should be taken into account so that you have all the fixtures that go well together. The theme of these styles could be modern, classic, contemporary, luxury, minimal, or a mix of multiple themes. While the modern and contemporary styles display clean lines and bright surfaces with state-of-the-art technology, the styles on the classic spectrum may use more traditional spouts and handles. They are also well-known to enhance the antique looks while working with the latest in technology. In some cases, one might combine these two variants to achieve the desired in-between look making it appear timeless.


It is imperative to check beforehand the height of the spout you will need for your particular washbasin. If you are selecting a tall faucet make sure you don’t have cabinets above or there is enough space for the mixer to be installed. It is often the case where you forget the smaller details and focus mostly on the looks. The type of mount is another such factor one needs to consider, if you have enough space for a tabletop spout or would you need a wall-mounted one.


With the growing need for sustainability in all spheres of life, it becomes important to conserve resources like water. Aerations help in saving water by mixing it with certain percentages of air. It also prevents splashing for better usage. Today we have easy accessibility to sensor-driven touchless technology that can be used for bathrooms that more people are using to prevent cross-infections.


It is best to keep a pre-decided budget in mind to help you select the best type of fixture in your price range. It is to be noted that with more detail in design, luxurious looks, best quality of materials, durability, and latest technology, it would mean more investment from the customer. However, it is possible to forge all of these qualities with affordable prices from our selected list of bathroom faucets.



As the name suggests, wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the vertical wall adjoining the basin slab. They are good for smaller areas where the slab space is smaller or when you have an above-the-counter or tabletop vessel. They come in variants of single and double side handles to control water flow and temperature and will require a separate valve and drain for installation on the wall.


Single-Hole faucets are ideal for motion-activated water dispensing. They consist of a single unit with either one handle or sensors to manage the temperature and flow. These are relatively easier to install as compared to wall-mounted ones.


This is an affordable option for your sink. It is used where the sink comes with three holes, meaning the center hole accommodates the spout while the holes on either sides are used for the handles. This type of basin tap is the easiest to install and is preferred for smaller sinks.


These are again compatible with three holes, the centre hole for the unit, and the side holes for hot and cold handles. These are wider variations of the center set type with a width of 8 inches. They represent a range of luxurious basin taps and are generally on the pricier side.


Getting the finish of your bathroom faucet right is one of the most important factors in the process of selection as it not only decides the outer appearance but also how long will it continue to look the same. Therefore, the quality should be top-notch and durable. Also, it needs to match well with the rest of your bathroom fixtures. The most commonly used finishes one can find are the bright chrome and stainless-steel that give clean aesthetics. For more highlighting pieces one can opt for brass, bronze, nickel, or grey/black in brushed or satin finishes. These offer a uniqueness to the decor and are relatively easier to clean. Another durable finish that you can select is the Physical Vapor Deposition or the PVD that is abrasion-resistant and does not fade over time. Apart from these finishes, one can find combinations of multiple materials like glass, paint, gold-coating, etc. as per the demands of the design.

We hope that this list of bathroom faucets helps you in making the right choice. If you have any products we might have missed out on, let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more on home decor!

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