10 Gorgeous Products to Make your Center Table More Beautiful

10 Gorgeous Products to Make your Center Table More Beautiful

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Center tables are usually the focal point for space. It helps in setting the tone for the decor of your space too. It becomes important to decorate your center table judiciously and not burden it with a load full of articles. One can choose complementary products to create an ensemble for your table or can select a handful of standalone items to decorate your center table. The placement and the grouping of products are an important part of home decor. You can go in for safer bets or can get creative with your ensemble. To help you out in achieving a beautiful center table, the article enlists 10 gorgeous products that can make your center table more charming –

1. Fancy Platters- A Perfect idea to decorate your center table

Nice and fancy platters are an infallible idea to decorate your center table. The selection of a platter can range from simple and minimalistic to elaborate and decorative. The GiftingBestWishes Silver Plated Leaf Designer Snacks Platter is a minimalistic and sophisticated choice to adorn your center table. Some of the features of this platter are –

  • The platter is handmade and is finished with a silver plating.
  • It has a comfortable size of 12 x 5.5 cm, which makes it a perfect add on to a coffee table.
  • This piece adds elegance to your table with its finesse and antique look.
  • It is a versatile add on for a center table as it will complement most of the decor ideas and types of space.

2. Flower Vase- Minimalist yet elegant choice

A flower vase along with some beautiful flowers can add a charm to any space that it is added to. A minimalistic flower vase can add to the decorative essence too. LABZIO Wood Flower Vase is a minimalistic yet elegant choice for the center table. For all those who love to bring in the florals indoors, this is a great product choice. The features of this are –

  • The base is made of a wooden block that is lacquered to instill a perfect finish.
  • The three containers are hand-blown borosilicate test tubes with I” diameter.
  • The variation in height of the three tubes gives it an overall interesting appeal.
  • The vase can be used to display creepers, hydroponic plants, money plant, shrubs, etc. to give a refreshing appeal to your space.

3. Crystal and Bead Tree- Give aesthetics and positive vibes to your space

Crystal, beads and wire are perfect ingredients to create an elegant decorative piece. The trees made of these materials are not only exquisite and charming but also have various beliefs (with respect to feng shui) attached to them. The Emerald Hut Handmade Table Decor Fancy Gold and Orange Crystal Tree in golden beads and crystals are a go-to choice to add to your center table. The gorgeous tree would aesthetics and positive vibes to your space. Its highlighting features are –

  • The piece is crafted to be perfect for center table decor as a focal element.
  • The height of the product is 11” making it apt for center table decoration.
  • If you are a believer, keep the product in the east or west direction of your space to ward off evil and bring in luck.
  • The product is crafted using good quality materials.

4. Artistic Jars on a Tray- A perfect pick to beautify your center table

Jars and decorative trays are nice to display products. Considering that they double up as snacks, condiments or refreshment containers is a perk to have on the center table. ExclusiveLane Sheesham Wooden Jars Set with Tray and Spoon is a perfect pick to beautify your center table owing to its artistic appeal. Some features of this product are –

  • The product comprises of 4 decorative jars with lids, 4 spoons and a tray, all made of Sheesham wood with brass handles.
  • The jars and tray features inspirations from Warli art.
  • The handle of the tray is cast in brass, which is made of dhokra craft.
  • Each jar can accommodate a volume of up to 50 ml.
  • This is a beautiful product that will give an edge to your center table irrespective of the decor type.

5. Quirky Candle Holders- An ideal centerpiece for your center table decor

Candleholders make for ideal products for center table decor. A pretty and minimalistic candle holder such as the one from Kraftyhome can be used as a centerpiece or can be lit up to brighten up the mood of the space. It is an absolute stunner and an eye-catching product to add on to your center table. The features of this candle holder are –

  • The holders are perfectly sized for a center table.
  • One can even use the base of the holder to keep a glass with fresh flowers, to use it as a flower vase.
  • The holder has a rustic yet modern appeal to it.
  • The product is handcrafted using iron and has a golden finish to it.

6. Elegant Runners- Add life to a dull piece of furniture

Interesting and elegant runners can add life to a dull piece of furniture and the space around it. There is a huge range of runners available in the market. Simply drape the runner in the direction that compliments your furniture arrangement and bam! You are ready to rock the show. Osian Krafts Sea Green Gold Banarsi Brocade Silk Table Runner is an ideal pick for people looking to add a traditional flavour to their spaces. The colour and the brocade makes it a choice full of the richness of taste to add to the decor. The highlighting features of it are –

  • The runner is made of fine brocade with intricate zari work and measures 60” x 16”, thus making it ideal for elongated or rectangular tables.
  • It has an intricate border that adds to the overall beauty of the runner.
  • The runner has a proper lining which helps in avoiding scratches or any damage to the table.
  • The colour combination, sea green and gold, makes for an elegant piece of choice.

7. Decorative Bowl or Urli- Adds a natural and rustic feel to your center table decor

An urli or a decorative bowl is a perfect go-to product when looking to beautify your center table. Urlis are used to keep fresh flowers in water to add freshness to space. The wooden decorative bowl by Curiofact can be considered as a modern take on a traditional urli. It could be kept as is or can be used as a potpourri holder or serving bowl. The features of it are –

  • It adds a natural and rustic feel to your center table and space around.
  • The bowl is made of seasoned Sheesham wood which rests on brass legs.
  • The product is proudly handcrafted in India.
  • Tip – Do not wash it under running water or store liquids in it, clean it with the help of a damp cloth.

8. Eloquent Placemats- Gives a quick makeover to your center table decor

Placemats are smart decor products for your center table. There is an array of gorgeous placemats available in the market. One can choose placemats based on material, colour, motifs, etc. The Home Talk Set of 2 Braided Cotton placemats are an eloquent choice to decorate your center table. The motifs and colour add life to the table. Following are the features of it –

  • The placemats are made of braided cotton with the pattern screen printed over it.
  • The prints over the placemats are long-lasting and fade-proof.
  • The diameter of these placemats is 15”.
  • The placemats are durable, non-slip, lightweight and environment friendly.

9. Interesting Coasters- A must-have for your center table decor

Coasters are a must-have when it comes to the center table. They become an apt choice for the coasters when they add sculptural value in addition to the utilitarian aspect to the table like the Sheep coasters by CARTSHOPPER. Some features that make these coasters interesting are –

  • These are very creative and stackable 3D shaped coasters, which when assembled create the form of a sheep.
  • These have a natural wood finish with no paint, which makes it easy to clean.
  • This product is sure to cast a charm irrespective of the space or decor.
  • Each coaster differs in size to make the perfect form when assembled on the dock.
  • It is bound to be a hit with people of all age groups and especially those with an eye for creativity.

10. Fun Showpiece- A fun way to spruce up your center table

Showpieces are a fun way to create a point of interest while decorating your center table. LuvBells® European Creative Polyresin 4 Birds Sitting On Tree Branch Figurine/Showpiece is a perfect pick to be considered. It is a fun showpiece that would spruce up your table. Some features of this showpiece are –

  • The piece is handcrafted to ensure high quality and is painted with colours that are close to the natural look.
  • It will help in bringing some art straight to your table.
  • The showpiece measures 33x15x8.5 cm.
  • It could be a conversation starter for all those coffee sessions with family and friends.

This was a list of 10 products that are sure to beautify your center table. Just be cautious not to go overboard with the number of products you keep on your center table. Adorn your creative hats to create the ensemble that not only beautifies the table but also compliments the space around. If you feel that we can add on any option to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

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