Top 10 Exciting TV Units for the Ultimate Entertainment Corner

Top 10 Exciting Modern TV Units For The Ultimate Entertainment Corner

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Updated on 2020-08-24

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A place that unites everyone in the house from young to old, to friends and family hanging out, the entertainment corner of every house is incomplete without a TV Unit. It defines how space will feel and look like, so having a fabulous complete wall unit or a floating stand is a necessity to enrich your interiors and your experience. Further, these units are helpful in storing away the media essentials, hiding all the unnecessary clutter, and leaving you with only clean and stylish looks.

With different designs, styles, materials, and textures each selected TV Unit is a terrific item to add to your living area or the entertainment den. This list is the go-to list if you’re in need of a new and exciting corner to take the much-needed break. Once you’re done with installing these units all you’ll be left with is compliments for an amazing taste. Get your popcorn ready and immerse yourself in this fun list for your dream home-makeover!

1. BLUEWUD Novah TV Entertainment Unit Stand (Standard, Wenge & White)

  • Adding functionality and design to your living room, this TV unit is a contemporary product for every house.
  • The stylish dual-tone renders an edge to the whole unit.
  • With a natural wood grain finish, it is made from high-grade particleboard.
  • It comes not only with the space for your TV and set-top box but also incorporates shelves and a drawer in contrasting colors.
  • This spacious TV entertainment unit takes care of all the media storage needs and is a DIY project that requires some installation.
  • It is available in two sizes, the standard one can accommodate a 32 inches TV while the larger one is suitable for 55 inches TV.

2. DeckUp Auch-L Engineered Wood Wall TV Unit (Dark Wenge, Melamine Laminate)

  • With its compact design, this Deck up TV Wall Unit is a good fit for small living areas or for people who prefer minimal designs.
  • It is made from premium quality engineered wood that has an elegant dark wenge matte finish.
  • The melamine laminate finish makes it scratch and water resistant giving it desired durability.
  • It has three compartments with a top single shelf that can fit anything from media box, speakers, books, remote controls, gaming consoles etc.
  • The floating shelf is 110 cm long, 25cm wide and 24cm high.

3. @home by Nilkamal Monark Wall Unit (Cappucino)

  • This sleek yet grand piece of furniture is the envy of every home.
  • Make a bold gesture and highlight your entertainment corner with this Nilkamal Monark Wall Unit.
  • It is known for its unique division of space that will, sure enough, be able to hold all of your TV and media accessories, books, and what not!
  • It is made from 15mm thick particleboard that requires some assembly and weighs about 75 kg. The product measures at 165cm (length), 45cm (width) and 181 cm (height).
  • The contemporary cabinet cum TV Unit will help you organize your living area better with the provision of 3 drawers and three closed shelves. Apart from this storage, it comes with multiple open shelves in varying lengths, depths, and heights.
  • The central cut-out allows you to place your TV whether wall-mounted or to be kept on the shelf below.

4. Wudville Coober TV Entertainment Unit Table/Set Top Box Stand (Standard - Wenge)

  • If you are looking for a small addition to your entertainment area, this TV Entertainment Unit Table/ Set-Top Box Stand is the product to go for.
  • The floating design with open shelves at the sides give it an airy and light aesthetics.
  • The central shelf is larger than the side shelves and can be used to keep the ancillary items required for the TV.
  • It is carefully crafted from premium high-grade particle board with a natural wood grain finish that will add warmth to the family room.
  • It weighs 5kg and measures 65 x 23 x 23 cm.
  • It is easy to install and can be swiped clean with a wet cloth.

5. BLUEWUD Primax TV Entertainment Wall Unit/Set Top Box Stand (Standard/Ideal for up to 42")

  • Make your home interiors a statement in style with this Bluewud Primax TV Unit.
  • The contrast colors of this furniture piece add an exclusive and edgy ambiance to your home décor. The two contrasting colors used are warm white and wenge.
  • It consists of flat shelves and deep-set compartments for ample storage and display.
  • It has a natural wood grain finish for a rich look and is made from prelaminated engineering wood.
  • It weighs 12.4kg and its dimensions are: 129 x 30 x 80cm and is compatible with TV’s up to a size of 42 inches. For bigger TV sizes, large variants in the same range are available.

6. Anikaa Rizos TV Entertainment Unit/Wall Set Top Box Stand Shelf (Wenge Standard)

  • This is an unconventional product with an asymmetrical design. Its linearity makes it a clean and attractive companion to any TV.
  • This design is compatible and can be located in your living area, bedroom, or elsewhere.
  • With a wood grain laminate finish, the structure is made from high-grade pre lam particleboard.
  • It requires some installation and comes with all the required hardware fittings for assembly.
  • It has a length of 65 cm, breadth of 23cm, and a height of 15.4cm.
  • The components included are a single top shelf, with a bottom shelf with one open compartment.
  • The open design details and asymmetrical configurations reduce bulkiness from the TV Unit.

7. Klaxon Diamond Wooden TV Stand (Matte Finish, Black)

  • This TV unit is an apt example of modernity imbibed into a piece of furniture.
  • The black matte finish further adds to its contemporary looks.
  • With a strong built made possible by the use of engineered wood pieces, it also offers large storage space.
  • This TV Unit is designed with three large hollow compartments where all your media and supporting items can be stored. The top shelf is where you can place your TV securely.
  • The dimensions of the entire structure are 1251 x 400 x 488 mm.

8. DeckUp Uniti TV Unit (Pinewood, Matte Finish)

  • Fill up an empty space with this rustic looking TV unit and transform it to your very own entertainment corner.
  • This beautiful and high-quality unit is made from engineered wood displaying the classic pinewood laminate.
  • The symmetrical design is extremely functional with four deep open shelves and four closed shelves allowing you to keep the clutter hidden.
  • With basic DIY assembly, you can assemble your TV Unit without much hassle.
  • The length of the Unit is 71 inches, a width of 16 inches, and a height of 21 inches. It is also available in three other colors in case one would like to opt for a different external finish.

9. Heera Moti Corporation Flexible Multi-Purpose Shelf Entertainment Unit, Tv Stand,Tv Unit,Console Table(Finish -White pre- Laminated Matt)

  • If you’re bored with the generic shelves, try out this quirky item for a new and fresh aesthetics.
  • The contemporary design of the unit makes it highly appealing and a product to include in your list of favorites.
  • This lego inspired shelf is made from a pre-laminated board to ensure strength and durability.
  • It can be placed in any room and you can rest assured that it will instantly lift up the ambiance of its surroundings.
  • Its dimensions are: 147 x 30 x 52 cm and require very little maintenance.
  • This low board TV unit is an attractive addition to the home décor and we highly recommend it.

10. @home by Nilkamal Emma Wall Unit (Cappuccino)

  • If you want a unit that is simple, functional and has a design that ages gracefully, this Nilkamal Emma Wall unit should be the choice.
  • With immense storage capacity, timeless looks, and premium quality materials, it will last you a while without going out of style.
  • It is primarily made from particle board with a soft cappuccino finish.
  • It is a sturdy product weighing a good 85 kgs and measuring 183 x 44 x 183 cm
  • It requires assembly in order to serve at its best potential for a long while.
  • It comes with three drawers and a wide range of open shelves to store and organize your items for all your entertainment needs.

We hope this list gave you a plethora of options for an exciting transformation for your entertainment corner. The top pick for this list is BLUEWUD Novah TV Entertainment Unit Stand. It is a highly systematic unit with a pleasing dual-tone, good storage capacity, and unique design. Although the remaining products also offer their unique and useful characteristics and seem very promising.

So, start today and be the creator of your interior spaces. Do look forward to a new collection of products with a brand-new theme next time. Let us know what products you would like to add to this list. Till then happy watching!


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