10 Home Decor Products to Give Desi Look to your Interior

10 Home Decor Products to Give Desi Look to your Interior
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India is a land of different cultures, histories, and vibrant colors, so combining the Indian traditions with modern contemporary style is basically to achieve the perfect balance in our home. From different peacock patterns to elephant motifs, to brass decor pieces, to digital prints in cushions, or Madhubani paintings there are numerous options that can define your space and look spectacular.

Indian culture has reminiscence of poise and grace thus it glorifies your space and adds ethnic touch to it.

Let’s get started and shop our favorite desi finds!

1. eCraftIndia Ganesh Deepak with Bell Brass Wall Hanging (11 cm x 8 cm x 24 cm, Brown)

  • Adding Indian deities represent our beliefs and bring spirituality and a sense of peace in our home.
  • This Ganesh Deepak wall hanging makes the home more warm and welcoming.
  • The product is made of brass in an antique finish and gives the authentic Indian vibe.
  • The wall hanging features Lord Ganesh offering 3 lovely diyas with bells hanging around them making it so beautiful and enchanting.
  • The unique antique design, exquisite craftsmanship, great quality materials make this one gorgeous and precious addition to any modern Indian home.

2. DreamKraft Paper Mache Door Hanging (96 cm, Multicolour)

  • This stunning wall hanging is crafted with excellent craftsmanship and intricate detailing giving an authentic and majestic touch to your home.
  • The vibrant colors brighten up the living room and make the space more lively and welcoming.
  • The item is made of Paper Mache which is a beautiful traditional craft in India for many centuries.
  • The use of handmade wooden animal-shaped articles along with the artificial pearls makes this wall hanging a unique and distant decor item for traditional art lovers.
  • Therefore, this impressive wall hanging is a wonderful addition to your home and is worth buying!

3. Homesake® Antique Lantern Bird Cage Home Decor as Hanging Pendant Ceiling Decorative Vintage Chandelier For Living Room, Home, Bedroom , Hall Jhumar Lighting , Both Indoor Outdoor (Turquoise) - Pack of 2

  • This chic and unique birdcage lantern brightens up space and adds the wow factor in any room.
  • The lantern is crafted from iron and has a Matt turquoise coating that makes it a gorgeous piece to have for your Indian decor.
  • The candle pillar is placed inside that adorns your living room, dining room, or bedroom and makes them more warm and dynamic.
  • These vintage pendant lighting add more elegance to your home than a standard chandelier
  • This antique lantern will be an eye-catcher in your space, let the light glow around you.

4. Tamatina Madhubani Canvas Paintings - The Wedding Bells - Indian Paintings - Traditional Art Paintings - Paintings for Home Décor - Paintings for Bedroom - Paintings for Living Room - Religious Canvas Paintings - Madhubani Paintings for wall

  • The Madhubani paintings depict Indian art and culture in the most authentic way and bring a desi charm to your house.
  • The warm colors of the painting are the trademark of Indian heritage and design.
  • The painting is well-crafted with eco-friendly materials that look magnificent on the wall.
  • Furthermore, it has a high-quality ultrathin glass finish for a forever rich and colorful look.
  • This gorgeous breath-taking painting on the wall adds a strong desi vibe in the room.

5. Vintage Clock Large Double Side (Railway Style) Clock/with Brass Finish

  • With this beautiful vintage wall clock grab all the attention of the guests and is a must-have in your home.
  • The attractive design of the wall clocks adds the royal touch and grandeur to space.
  • The product is handmade with fine workmanship and is finished with high-quality metal that looks splendid in your living room.
  • This wall clock blends with both traditional and modern home decor and is a worthy buy!

6. Block Decor Bone China Wall Hanging Plates (7 inch, Multicolour)

  • The eye-catcher wall art is a beautiful, elegant way to add personal style to an Indian living room.
  • It features 5 bone china plates of 7 inches, furthermore, each plate is made of porcelain material that looks stunning and is a game-changer in your home decor.
  • The bone china plates are painted with German colors and can add up to the desi look in your room.
  • The product is easy to install with clip-on backside for hanging, and for cleaning use a dry cloth to maintain its charm for a longer time.
  • Therefore, this unique and gorgeous wall hanging blends perfectly with your home decor and would last for a lifetime with its durability and stability.

7. ExclusiveLane Warli Hand-Painted Living Room & Home Decorative Miniature Small Terracotta Pots Set (7.6 cm x 7.6 cm x 9.1 cm, Blue, Set of 3, Mini Pots)

  • It’s a 3 piece miniature pot set with different dimensions that look superb and appealing in any room.
  • The pots are handmade with intricate detailing by skilled craftsmen.
  • The blue and gold color combination with unique Warli design is stunning and a great pick for your house.
  • It can be used as a decor piece on shelves or on side tables and enhance the ethnic beauty in your home.

8. Mozaic Lamps Handcrafted Multicolour Mushroom Shaped Antique Home Decor Mosaic Table Lamp

  • Table lamps create an ambiance and enhance your overall decor.
  • This antique designer lamp is ideal to place at the corner on side tables and is a welcomed addition to space.
  • This hand-crafted mosaic lamp looks beautiful with or without light.
  • It is designed with high-quality material that strengthens its durability and moreover, it is easy to clean with a dry cloth.
  • The lamp features yellow light that lights up your interiors and makes the space more pleasant and appealing.

9. AEROHAVEN™ Set of 5 Decorative Hand Made Jute Throw/Pillow Cushion Covers - (16 X 16 INCHES)

  • In the Indian living room, adding ethnic fabrics and furnishings can spruce up your space and give your home a Desi feel.
  • The traditional motifs design matches all styles of furniture and creates a cozy atmosphere in the living space.
  • The size of the covers is 16x 16 inches and is made of quality materials. When these attractive pillows set up against a neutral tone, they stand out and become a show stopper in your living room.
  • Aerohaven brand offers high quality and super finished products to beautify your home.
  • These colorful vibrant throw pillows made of jute fabric easily freshen up the living room or bedroom and make the space feel new and amazing.

10. Fashion Bizz Wooden Rajasthani Art Work 6 Hook Hanging Key Holder - Brown

  • This wall hanging key holder depicts traditional Rajasthani art of our country.
  • It can be used in the living room or main entrance and adds a personal style to your decor.
  • The wooden wall hanger has 6 hooks for hanging keys and is provided with all the screws and hardware for easy installation.
  • This decorative key holder blends perfectly with Indian home decor and is affordable in price, therefore highly recommended.


With these amazing products, you can capture the essence of our traditions and culture, as they provide a classic touch to your decor and make it look graceful and elegant. Therefore, select products that reflect your personality and bring out the desi swag in your house.

If you think I left out one that is important or any other point, please free to post your valuable suggestions.

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