10 Gorgeous Products To Brighten Up Any Plain White Wall

10 Gorgeous Products To Brighten Up Any Plain White Wall
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A white wall at first can be daunting and what most people would regard as boring. However, it can also be a blank slate and a way for you to exercise your creativity and create your very own art project. Not only will it be unique but it is also bound to give one a feeling of pride in the personalized set-up.

It might appear that taking up a personal project would require slaving hours and spending all your savings but with our 10 gorgeous and sustainable quick-fixes you have no reason to worry. Get your working gloves on because once you go through our selected products, you will not be able to stop yourself from giving your dull white wall a major transformation!

1. Wall stickers and murals- Decals Design 'Flowers Branch' Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 60 cm x 90 cm),Multicolor

  • Adding contrasting colors to white walls can really make them pop, fun and floral themed decal design will do that job for you.
  • This decal can span over an area of 155cm x 115cm giving good coverage to a blank wall.
  • It is primarily made from PVC Vinyl, with a matte finish. It is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and water-proof so it can decorate any wall within minutes be it in the children’s room or the living room.
  • It is available in a variety of more than 200 designs so it is impossible to not find one design that you would love.
  • With easy installation steps, anyone can stick this decal to a clean and oil-free surface.
  • Make your wall fabulous and beautiful without going into the entire process of home renovation with this quick-fix!

2. Wall shelf- Onlineshoppee Hexagon Designer Storage Shelf, Set of 6 (Orange and Brown)

  • If you’re bored with the generic shelves, try out this designer item from the range of wooden handicrafts products.
  • It tries to fuse traditional arts and crafts with trendy designs to cater to a larger market.
  • This set of hexagonal shelves is a definite way to make your white wall the envy of every house. It gives you the looks with enough storage for multiple purposes.
  • The exciting colors are a part of the package. With the core materials being MDF, the shelves are strong and durable.
  • It comes in a set of 6 varying compartments and requires no assembly.
  • The matte paint finish looks expensive and elegant.

3. Vibrant Wall Clock- Amazon Brand - Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock - Classic Roulette (Silent Movement, Black Frame)

  • Adding small elements with vibrant colors will help you accentuate the white walls and highlight the important items like a wall clock, adding aesthetics to functionality.
  • This wall clock has a classic design with a contemporary look at the same time.
  • With the silent swipe movement, this is an extremely quiet clock as the second’s hand makes absolutely no sound and disturbance.
  • It has good legibility owing to large lettering on the clock and contrasting colors for better visibility allowing one to read time from a large distance.
  • The clock is built from a plastic material with a glass frame.
  • The clock has a diameter of 12 inches and a width of 2.4cm making a well-sized addition to your bland wall.

4. Wall Mirror- Furnish Craft Steel Glass Wall Mirror (Gold_24 Inch)

  • The best way to fill up a blank wall and add spaciousness to a room is by placing mirrors.
  • This beautiful and decorative mirror is a product with many functions. You can use it to highlight your wall, use it as a looking glass, or enhance your interior space without changing anything in your room.
  • This large mirror is 24 x 24 inches, with a royal golden edge finish. The color can be customized as per your requirements.
  • This item is water-proof and easy to clean with a wet cloth. its installation process is simple and quick.
  • The leaf design of the mirror gives it a designer look and the use of just this product can lift your boring wall to a whole new level.

5. Framed wall posters- Paper Plane Design Inspirational Wall Poster (45 cm x 30 cm x 2 cm) (Pack of 10)

  • Adding colorful or monochromatic framed prints never goes out of style.
  • It is a no-brainer and guarantees to make your wall look as if it has popped right out of a magazine.
  • This is a set of 10 A3 sized HD prints that will last you a while and are non-toxic.
  • Further, they are non-tearable and water-proof to prevent any future damage.
  • Not only will these posters decorate your wall but the motivational quotes will keep your spirits up all day.
  • They can be easily fixed to the vertical surface of your choice. Just keep in mind that the surface is clean and free of any traces of dust or oil and you’re good to go.

6. Wall Décor- Xtore® 12pcs 3D Metallic Finish Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking Pad(Shimmer Golden)(Set of 12)

  • Give your walls a royal touch with these metallic finish butterflies that blend in with the surroundings immaculately.
  • The detailed laser cut design is a great décor option for a plain white wall as it acts as a blank canvas for these beautiful butterfly stickers.
  • It has a carefully thought out design and size to give your wall the accurate amount of decoration without it being too much on the eyes.
  • The 12 pieces come in three different sizes that can be placed in a free-flowing pattern to give it a more natural look.
  • With is high quality and elaborate design, it is a highly functional product.
  • With 24 double-sided glue dots, the butterflies can be pasted on the walls within minutes.
  • The exciting design is loved by everyone and can be used for formal as well as informal/bedroom setting.

7. Artificial Creepers- BS AMOR Artificial Garland Money Creeper | Wall Hanging | Speacial Ocassion Decoration | Home Decor Party | Office | Festival Theme Decorative | Length 6 Feet Pack of

  • Adding a touch of greens to your house can make a more peaceful and calmer environment that will also simultaneously balance the emptiness from your white walls.
  • The splash of green through these artificial creepers will give your house a longer-lasting term as compared to natural plants that require much greater maintenance.
  • These artificial creepers are made from fine quality polyester fabric that extremely easy to clean.
  • It is 6 ft long and you can drape it along your wall and instantly transform it with these realistic money plant creepers.

8. Photo Frames- Art Street Boulevard Polymer Photo Frame (3pc: 8x10 inches, 8pc: 6x8, Set of 11, Black and White)

  • If you are intending to go all out on your white wall transformation mission, investing in some exquisite photo frames is the way to go.
  • This set of premium high-quality Polymer/Synthetic Wood comes with plexiglass that will give your wall a stylish and appealing look.
  • With the high-quality materials, it is going to last you a while.
  • It comes as a complete set of 11 frames with 3 frames of a dimension 8x 10 inches and 8 frames measuring 6 x 8 inches.
  • You can select the orientation you like as the frames can be hung both horizontally and vertically with secure hanging hardware that is included in the set.

9. Decorative Wall Hanging- Revive Creation Handcrafted Rajasthani Colored Bells Design Wall Hanging Decorative Showpiece - 45 cm (Wood)

  • If you are looking to add some unique elements and colors to a wall, this chime cum wall hanging is the product for you.
  • This chime not only gives a sweet and peaceful harmony to your house but it also has a very pretty and traditional design.
  • It is made from eco-friendly materials like wood and clay.
  • It comes in multicolor to amp up any space in your house.
  • It is about 30 x 30 x 45 cm and weighs 250 grams.
  • Add a touch of flexibility and pleasant chimes to any vacant wall and give it a completely new look with this wooden wind chime.

10. Wall candle holder- Homesake® 4-Votive Victorian Black Iron Wall Sconce Candle Holder, Yellow Candle Wall Art

  • These decorative candle holders are a good way to accentuate your walls through subtle lighting and rustic design.
  • Made from metal with a red glass votive it is a minimalistic product with just the right amount of color.
  • It comes with a tealight candle that will easily last you three hours and give that soft mesmerizing light on a special day or when you want to feel festive.
  • It has a very intricate design with bold geometry and curves. With its quick mounting, you can easily fix it anywhere on any wall you would like to upgrade.
  • The product weighs 570 grams and has dimensions of 38 x 8x 50 cm. This candle holder is designed for safety and sturdiness and can hold three light candles at the same time.


Although many people undermine the beauty and versatility of a white wall, we hope that with our diverse list you will be able to notch them up to your expectations. Make the white wall background to the elegance of the different materials and finishes whether it be metal, mirror, or even light, and don’t shy away from splashing bright colors to your heart's content.

After all, an inspirational wall that is designed by you will always be on display in front of your friends and family and you can show it off all you want. Hope you enjoyed our list and it got you inspired for your very own DIY project.

We will see you with another list another time. Till then keep us posted on what other products would make a white wall pop up. Pour it out in the comments section!

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