10 Minimalist Home Decor Items To Give Your Home A Modern Upgrade

10 Minimalist Home Decor Items To Give Your Home A Modern Upgrade

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The minimalist design is simple and clean, it doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous. Also, it never goes out of style when executed well. Choose the pieces that are built to last, and look fabulous. From lamps to colorful throw pillows, statement furniture to attractive wall art there is numerous options of minimalist designs for the up-gradation of your home.

These decor items make the space more welcoming and visually appealing. The result of the design should be warm, beautiful, stylish, and inviting.

Let’s get started and shop our favorite modern finds-

1. Amaze Shoppee Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf Rack for Living Room Decor (Black) - Set of 4

  • The shelving unit measures 47 Cm X 10 Cm X 65 Cm is crafted with MDF and has unique intersecting floating shelving design.
  • With this shelving unit, you can de-clutter the small items placed across the room and properly organize them.
  • The sleek and minimalistic design of the unit blends with your home decor and would last for a lifetime with its durability and stability.
  • This wall-mounted unit is provided with assembly instructions and hardware for easy installation.
  • This modern shelf rack is a great addition to space and looks classy.

2. Pathak Carpet Industries Brand Luxury Modern Rugs For Living Dining Room, 5Ft X 8Ft (5'X8') Shag Area, Grey

  • A large subtle single-colored rug is ideal for minimalist bedroom/ living room. It de-clutters the space and serves as a focal point to the room.
  • This gorgeous timeless grey colored rug has a plush look and blends with any decor.
  • The rug provides comfort and luxury in every step and is perfect for the living room.
  • The rug is handcrafted and handwoven that ensures durability and longevity.

3. Home sake® Diamond Cluster Hanging Pendant Ceiling Decorative Chandelier Roof Light Lamp for Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Hall, Indoor Outdoor Jhumar Lighting | Pack of 1 - Bulb Not Included

  • This stylish and unique pendant lighting adds the modern and industrial look to space.
  • The hanging cords can be adjusted according to the suitable length of the room; furthermore, the wire shades are interchangeable and customized according to the specific needs.
  • These hanging lamps adorn your living room, dining room, or bedroom and make them more warm and dynamic.
  • The designer light fixtures add more elegance to your home than a standard chandelier
  • This pendant light will be an eye-catcher in your space, let the light glow around you.

4. Venetian Design Globus Wall Mirror | Diameter - 30 Inches | Made in India

  • This statement wall mirror adds elegance and sophistication to a minimalist living room.
  • The ornate glass frame of the mirror is very stylish and unique and can be suited in your living room, bedroom, or powder room.
  • This attractive mirror enhances beauty and grandeur to space.
  • This decorative wall mirror is durable, sturdy, and easy to fit on the wall.
  • The mirror is hand-made by skilled artisans with a 30-inch diameter and uses extra clear glass in the product.

5. Craftter Copper Leaves in Round Frame Metal Wall Art, Decorative Wall Sculpture Handing Home Décor

  • With this beautiful art-piece grab all the attention of the guests to your decor.
  • The unique design of copper leaves is amazing and it enhances the beauty of your home.
  • The product is handmade with fine workmanship and is finished with high-quality metal that looks splendid in your living room.
  • This shinning wall-art blends with both traditional and modern home decor and is a worthy buy!

6. Craftter Extra Large Circles Metal Wall Hanging and Decorative Wall Art Sculptures

  • The eye-catcher wall art is a beautiful, elegant way to add personal style to a minimalist living room.
  • It features 12 circles with concentric textured rings, furthermore, each piece is finished with a metallic finish that looks stunning and is a game-changer in your home decor.
  • The textured plates are painted with multi-colors, it gives rustic woven detail and makes the space warm and dynamic.
  • The product is easy to install with holes on the backside for hanging, and for cleaning use a dry cloth to maintain its charm for a longer time.
  • Therefore, this unique and gorgeous wall-art blends perfectly with your home decor and would last for a lifetime with its durability and stability.

7. Home Centre Canova Serving Trolley

  • Bar carts make your life easier. Bar carts are totally in style and look great with any decor.
  • You can add beauty to such carts by adding a lamp to illuminate at night and even a small plant.
  • The trolley has a four-wheel castor for easy and smooth movement. Also, it has three strands for bottles and glasses safety.
  • The marble-topped design with metal rails makes it effortlessly beautiful.
  • This innovative and smart bar cart holds everything perfectly and is highly suggested for your modern home.

8. Wood Lab Premium Floor Lamp Natural Finish with Three-Level Decorative Shelf (Cotton White)

  • Floor lamps create the ambiance and enhance your overall decor.
  • This unique 3 shelf design lamp is ideal to place at the corner and is a welcomed addition to space.
  • The lamp is crafted with quality European plywood along with the washable white shade.
  • You can accessorize the lamp with little decorative pieces, books, or planter; therefore it adds eclectic appeal to space and upgrades your room.

9. MODERN HOMES Cotton Designer Decorative Throw Pillow Covers/Cushion Covers (Aqua, 16x16 inches) - Set of 6

  • In the minimalist living room, adding different textures makes things more interesting.
  • It matches all styles of furniture and creates a cozy atmosphere in the living space.
  • The size of the covers is 16x 16 inches and is made of quality materials. When these attractive pillows set up against a neutral tone, they stand out and become a show stopper in your living room.
  • The Modern home brand offers high quality and super finished products for your home.
  • The colorful, vibrant throw pillows easily freshen up the living room or bedroom and make the space feel new and amazing.

10. Home Decors Store, Set of 2 Modern Jute Planter, Beautiful storage baskets, Large- Height 30cm, Width 30cm, Medium- Ht 25 cm, Width 25cm

  • Adding greenery and florals in any room brings a breath of fresh air.
  • The inclusion of greenery in the minimalist living room makes the space more lively and welcoming.
  • This beautiful handmade jute basket is a great addition to your home and complements the modern style decor.
  • These super stylish bohemian baskets can be used for storage space for magazines other than plants.
  • These jute baskets look appealing and enhance natural vibe in the home making it well worth buying.

For a modern minimalist home invest in high quality, stylish decor items that have a simple classic approach to design, and look elegant and sophisticated. Let your home do, all the talking.

If you think I left out one that is important or any other point, please free to post your valuable suggestions.

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