10 Unique Decor Items That Will Beautify Any Bare Wall

10 Unique Decor Items That Will Beautify Any Bare Wall
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Walls are the major elements that contribute to setting the mood of a room. Even a tastefully done up single wall can help in enlivening a space. There are various items available in the market today that one can use in combination to adorn the wall, albeit visual balance is a must. The following article reflects upon our 10 picks for unique decor items that can help in beautifying any bare wall –

1. An Ornate Wall Mirror by Furnish Craft

A mirror not only reflects the images but also helps in lightening and brightening up the spaces. They are aesthetic elements that are utilitarian as well. Not only does a mirror add aesthetic value to the wall, but they also help to give a boost to the volume of the space. One can select a mirror based on the existing or planned decor of the room.

Mirrors like Furnish Craft Iron Gold Wall Mirror can be used as an ornamental element paired with a nice console table to adorn a bare welcome wall.

  • These can be used to brighten up hallways, dining space or bedrooms.
  • This mirror is a delicate yet robust pick with the frame made in Mild Steel.
  • It will complement an array of decor palettes.

2. Single or a Group of Rustic Floating Shelves by Vah Wood

Shelves are a welcome element to store and showcase one's prized or affable possessions. One can be creative with the wall shelves to give life to a bare wall. To create some drama on the plain wall one can use a single or a group of floating shelves by Vah Wood. These shelves are hung through ropes which also aid in adjusting the height of the shelves.

  • The shelf is made in wood with a comfortable depth of 15 cm, that can be used to display planters, souvenirs, books, so on and so forth.
  • This shelf is a unique idea to beautify a wall and impart a rustic charm to it too.
  • The best part is that these are versatile shelves that can be used efficiently in any space.

3. 3D Wall Stickers by Xtore® 12pcs 3D Metallic Finish Home Decor Butterfly Design

Wall stickers are an easy and effective way of decorating a plain and boring wall. These not only decorate the wall but also create a focal element in the space. There are several patterns and finishes available for 3D wall stickers. 3D wall stickers such as the Xtore® 12pcs 3D Metallic Finish Home Decor Butterfly with Sticking Pad can help in creating a drama or narrative on the wall.

  • The metallic golden finish imparts brightness to the plain wall owing to the bling and elegance of the pieces.
  • One is free to arrange the individual pieces in any format that they desire.
  • The Butterfly design 3D wall stickers can be used on any plain wall to enliven the space.
  • It can be a standalone feature or can be complemented with a furniture element or a lighting fixture.
  • These are not only pretty but are durable as well.

4. An Ensemble Of Frames by Painting Mantra Set Of 16 Individual Black And White Photo Frame

Framed paintings, pictures or photographs are a classic way to brighten up a dead wall or space. Place an ensemble of frames with your favourite moments, pictures or quotes on a bare wall to give it an aesthetic appeal. Not only does it brighten the wall but it also creates a focal element and source of engagement. To aid you in making a memory wall Painting Mantra’s set of 16 Individual Black and White Photo Frames with different sizes can be used.

  • These frames are made of high-quality synthetic wood and plexiglass, making it a durable option for your wall.
  • These can be oriented as per the needs of the users and the pattern of arrangement could be changed as per the requirement.
  • This is a classy yet easy approach to brighten that dull wall.

5. Wall Mount Tealight Candle Holder by Hosley Set of 2 Wall sconces

Wall mount tealight candle holders are yet another effective idea to beautify a bare wall. These can be arranged on the wall in an array of patterns to create interest. Tealight candle holders by Holsey is a unique item to decorate a bare wall.

  • This particular product is an amalgamation of finesse and charm cast in iron with glass holders.
  • Even if the candles are not lit, the candle holder will add a sculptural value to the wall.
  • The lit-up candle will increase the charm of the wall manifold, especially when the wall is dull or the room is dark.

6. Contemporary Floating Shelves by Encore Decor

Shelves serve a function and can also add to the aesthetic appeal of a bare wall. Contemporary geometric and intersecting shelves like Encore Decor Intersecting Shaped Floating Shelves are a considerable choice to beautify a bare wall.

  • It would not only heighten the appeal of the wall but will also make for storage or display space.
  • This floating shelf comes in a pair of two, thus giving them freedom of arrangement pattern to the user.
  • The black and white combination is sure to suit an array of wall colours.

7. Mirror Wall Stickers by Atulya Arts 3D Hexagon Design

Mirrors add to the volume of the space along with adding essence to the room. When considering a mirror to decorate a bare wall, one can even consider mirror wall stickers. These are easy to use and maintain, besides, the user has the freedom to arrange the elements in whatever pattern they like. A good option is wall mirror stickers by Atulya Arts.

  • These are made of acrylic that is scratch resistant and waterproof.
  • The pack of 28 pieces has hexagons and butterflies as their arrangement components.
  • This is a simply DIY option to make the bare wall become the focal point of your room.

8. Wall Size Painting by Kyara Arts Beautiful Buddha Face Wall Painting

Paintings add a dimension to the otherwise boring space or wall. To adorn a bare wall with a wall-size painting would not only brighten up the wall but will also impact the surrounding space. One such option is - Kyara arts Big Size Multiple Frames, Beautiful Buddha face Wall Painting.

  • It is a 50” x 30” multiple frames painting.
  • This decor item will not only brighten the wall but will project positivity.
  • The painting is an HD print on a textured surface for an enhanced experience of the imagery.
  • It is suitable for decorating the wall of the living room, dining room, bedrooms, office space, hotels, hallways, lobbies, etc.

9. Wall Decals Stickers by Decals Design Floral Vinyl Art

all decals like the mirror stickers are one of the fastest ways of beautifying your bare walls. There are a variety of prints available in the market to choose from. The choice of pattern and motifs can also help in determining the character of a room. The sticker by StickersKart Wall Stickers Floral Branch Sofa Living Room Background Antique Flowers Vinyl Art is a nice pick.

  • Floral decals like these can be used in any space.
  • This is a flexible pattern to suit a palette of decor moods and styles.
  • The matte finish will not only beautify the wall but also bring in freshness and positivity to space.

10. Framed Prints by Indianara 4 Piece Set of Framed Wall Hanging Abstract Art Decor

Today prints are available in abundance. From a famous painting to a motivational quote, from a psychedelic print to a spiritual image, anything can be printed and displayed in a jiffy. Framed prints by Indianara are a perfect choice.

  • These are abstract and full of colour.
  • These can be paired or composed as per the liking of the user.
  • The colour helps in bringing in vigour to space. These are sure to brighten and beautify a bare wall in a snap of your fingers.
  • These are lightweight, easy to handle and highly durable frames.
  • One can complement it with a piece of furniture or lighting fixtures.


These were 10 ideas for decor items to beautify a bare wall. However, remember that the key to beautifying a wall or space is balance. Try not to overload a bare wall with an assortment of items to decorate or beautify it. See what goes best with your existing decor or your planned decor and then take a leap ahead.

If you think that any interesting and unique item can be added to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

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