10 Vibrant Desk Accessories That Will Actually Freshen Up Your Workplace

10 Vibrant Desk Accessories That Will Actually Freshen Up Your Workplace
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The ambience and accessories of your workspace and desk contribute to quite an extent to your productivity. Longer working hours and monotonous desk accessories can make your work hours look mundane and sullen. Just a few changes in your desk accessories can make your workplace fresh and you charged up! The following article discusses 10 vibrant desk accessories that can freshen up your workspace and give a boost to your work efficiency –:

1. Quirky Pen Holder

A quirky pen holder in place of a mundane and run of the mill type of a pen holder will add a dash of interest at your desk. This will not only help in quirking up space but will also spread feel-good vibes. A minimalistic yet quirky pen holder by Nexplora Industries is a perfect accessory to start with.

  • The traditional and eye-catching design of the pen holder will add beauty and vibrance to your desk.
  • It is a hand crafted product.
  • The best part is the compact design that would make for a space-saving accompaniment to your work paraphernalia.

2. Keyboard Organizer Cum Desk Storage

A smart keyboard organizer cum desk storage by Vapok® doubles up as a computer shelf.

  • It not only organizes and helps keep the mess in check but also helps in bringing the computer screen to a better eye level.
  • It is made in ABS plastic thus making it durable and easy to clean.
  • It's over the keyboard design makes it a space saver desk accessory.
  • The organizer is a multifunctional storage shelf, which will save you the trouble of going gaga over finding the smallest of things.

You can keep everything in the pockets made for storing items. This is a very interesting accessory to add on to for those for organized freaks!

3. Collapsible Bookends

A pile of books can look messy and intimidatingly unorganized. The mess is not a very good deterrent for productive work. As a solution to organize the books on your work desk RH Lifestyle metal decorative bookends is an ideal pick.

  • This desk accessory made in heavy-duty steel is vibrant as it can be with its idiosyncratic prints.
  • The bookends are collapsible and portable with three vertical compartments.

It is designed to be strong and durable.

4. Magazine/Book Rack

This chic magazine stand or book rack by Bluewud Isvia is a perfect desk accessory to organize magazines or books on your desk.

  • It is made of engineered wood.
  • The minimalistic design will add vibrance and cater to the functionality effectively.
  • This is perfect for organizing an array of books, documents, newspapers, papers, etc.
  • It will not only add an x-factor to your work desk but will also help in boosting work efficiency.

5. Interesting and Peculiar Mugs

Interesting and peculiar mugs are a good way to amp up your work desk instantly. Feeling dull and overworked? A cup of coffee in a whimsical mug is bound to amp up your spirits. The coffee mug by Chumbak under their office shenanigans series is a considerable option to go for.

  • It will add vibrance to your table with work desk quirk illustrations and what more, you can gulp down a cuppa in it to recharge yourself.
  • This is a great mug to add to your collection.
  • A mug with durable print.

6. Mouse Pad with Motivational Quotes

Mousepads with a nice illustration or motivational quotes are a quick way to add vibrance to your workspace. It is like having the vibrance plug right on your fingertips. Whenever you feel low or don’t feel like working, a vibrant mouse pad like the one by TECHBITE will fuel you up with motivation and a drive to work.

  • This is an anti-slip mouse pad mat with a nice motivational quote.
  • The printed mouse pad is created for long life and with a high degree of colour accuracy.
  • The pad has a nice inspirational quote printed on it.

7. Aroma Diffuser- Air Purifier and Freshener for Aromatherapy by Breathe Fresh

A nice aroma can activate your senses and help in increasing efficiency. The lamp of the diffuser can help to create a twinkle in the otherwise boring work desk. Breathe Fresh Anti-Bacterial Pureefy Essential Oil Blend (with Electric Diffuser) is an air freshener for aromatherapy.

  • The blend of 5 essential oils is set to get your work juices to get going.
  • Apart from aromatherapy, the diffuser is also a welcome accessory on a work desk. When not in use as a diffuser it is a good decorative piece for the workspace.

8. Plant Stand with a Motivational Quote

Greenery in any form, when incorporated in a workspace, creates a vibrance as well as soothing effect. Plants are known to improve air quality, reduce stress and enhance productivity in a workspace. For all the plant lovers out there, Plant Holder Stand with Test Tube Vase by RK Cart and Sharpex Test Tube Planter are a nice choice of accessory to add to your work desk. Both the options are minimalistic yet capable of making a statement.

  • The stand is made with high-quality materials and the size is optimum for an average work desk.
  • The glass test tube can be used to keep fresh flowers, hydroponic plants, terrariums, succulents, twigs of money plants or other good luck indoor plants.
  • The simple product adds a touch of modern décor to the workspace in addition to the calming green of the plants.

9. Desk Shelf Cum Organizer

An organized desk offers the best motivation to work efficiently and productively. Mygift 4 Compartment Wood Storage Shelf Office Desktop Bookshelf Rack is a smart choice to add to your desk accessories.

  • It is made in MDF laminate.
  • This can be used to organize knick-knacks or books, papers etc.
  • It is an efficient mini shelf that organizes your desk to keep the mess at bay.
  • The shelf is optimum sized to be incorporated on your work desk easily.
  • The shelf can be assembled in five styles according to the requirements.

10. A Unique Lamp

Light is a source of vibrance and energy. A unique lighting fixture as a desk accessory can bring life to your work desk. The Saturn lamp by Quace is an interesting choice for your work desk.

  • The lamp is made with 3D printing technology and the surface effects make it look like a miniaturSaturnrn.
  • The lamp can be easily charged with power bank or laptop with the help of a USB cable.
  • It operates with a simple tap on the charging point.

For all the space lovers out there this is a perfect desk accessory to embrace. It will bring the dreamy planets to your space along with its vibrance.


These were 10 ideas for vibrant desk accessories to help you freshen up your workspace. Go ahead and place these products in permutation and combinations based on your soothing points. If you think that any other interesting and vibrant desk accessory can be added to the list, please feel free to post your suggestions!

If this post inspired you, share it with others so that they can be inspired too!!

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