10 Products To Give Your Home A Traditional Rajasthani Feel

10 Products To Give Your Home A Traditional Rajasthani Feel
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Rajasthan is one state that attracts most of the people from India and abroad. The rich and colourful culture of the state is a magnet that most of us like to replicate at our homes. Be it through a collection of traditional puppet or mobiles, or locally handcrafted elements. The state is also home to numerous craft practice. Most tourists generally take some souveniers of these crafts back with them. But, are the souvenirs enough to achieve a traditional Rajasthani feel? I guess, not. So, to help you out in achieving a traditional Rajasthani look for your home are the following 10 products –

1. Jharokha

Jharokhas are a traditional feature of Rajasthani architecture. These days people put up Miniature jharokhas to beautify their spaces. Not only that, but Jharokhas also add a traditional Rajasthani flavour to space. Mina Solid Wood Hand Painted 16'' Wall Hanging Jharokha is a perfect accessory to add to your home if you like to dress your house up in traditional Rajasthani décor. One can display them in pairs to give a better aesthetic appeal. The features of this Jharokha are –

  • It is made in wood thereby making it a sturdy accessory.
  • The jharokha has a golden accent making for a perfect contrast with the base colour, this combination makes it a timeless piece.
  • The piece gives an instant Rajasthani look, thus making it ideal for spaces looking to adopt a traditional Rajasthani feel.

2. Pichwai Wall Tapestry

Pichwai is a traditional Rajasthani craft. The craft creates an ensemble through patchwork in cloth. This can then be used to decorate a wall or make a complimenting backdrop. The traditional pichwai work gives a traditional Rajasthani feel to space. One such example is Patchwork Design Indian Heavy Embroidery Wall Art Tapestry Cotton Wall Hanging by Hare Krishna. The features of this Tapestry are –

  • The patchwork is made with cotton, making it skin-friendly.
  • The product measures 40” x 60”.
  • The colour combination of the product will enhance the beauty of a space and give it a traditional Rajasthani feel too.

3. Corner Rack

Corner racks are an intelligent and space-efficient furniture element. They not only use the corners of the room efficiently but also enhance the beauty of the space. The miniature paintings of Rajasthan painted on the shelves of the rack makes it all the more interesting and desirable. Saarthi Rajasthani Handcrafted And Elephant Dhola Maru Design Handpainted Wooden Corner Rack is a perfect product to create a traditional Rajasthani feel in a corner of your home. The highlighting features of this rack are –

  • The rack measures 80 x 30 x 34 cm.
  • The rack is handcrafted in wood with three shelves.
  • The rack has beautiful traditional miniature paintings on the surface of the shelf.
  • This is a piece that would complement a wide array of spaces.

4. Traditional Rajasthani Bedsheets

Bed sheets with traditional Rajasthani prints are the easiest and fastest way to bring Rajasthani to feel to your home. RajasthaniKart® Comfort Rajasthani Jaipuri Traditional Sanganeri Print 144 TC Cotton Double Size Bedsheet is a nice option with traditional motifs and patterns. Some features of this product are –

  • The bedsheet is apt for a double bed.
  • It is made of superior cotton with a thread count of 144.
  • The bedsheet is accompanied by a pair of pillow covers.
  • This is an attractive printed bedsheet that will add a traditional feel to space.
  • The motifs of the bedsheet are done by a hybrid hand printing technique that originated in Sanganer about five centuries back.

5. Side Table Cum Stool

A side table is a very handy piece of furniture in any room, and when it comes embellished with Rajasthani craft, it all the more adds in an authentic feel. TheVintageDecor Wooden Elephant Table Cum Stool/Handcrafted with Artistic Painting is a sturdy and beautifully decorated piece. It serves as a side table as well as a stool. It is adorned with beautifully painted motifs in primary colours. This table with all its richness of colour and craft is a perfect fit to create a traditional Rajasthani feel. Some features of it are –

  • The stool is hand-carved in mango wood.
  • It is embellished with a traditional hand-painting bedsheet is apt for a double bed.
  • It is a symbol of Rajasthan that could fit in perfectly with the décor in any room of the house.

6. Colorful Lighting Fixture

Colour and light are an essential part of Rajasthan. The feel of a Rajasthan décor would be incomplete without incorporating a piece of multicoloured lighting fixture in the space. Derien Antique Mosaic Multicolr Flower Tumbler Shaped Table Lamp is a fine product to add to the décor list to achieve a traditional Rajasthani feel. The highlighting features of this lamp are –

  • The lamp is made in glass mosaic.
  • The antique golden stand gives the lamp a vintage look.
  • The lamp with its colourful light emissions would add charm and colourful appeal to the room.

7. Embroidered Pouf

A traditional mudda with a nicely embroidered cover is sure to add the traditional aesthete to your space. The pouf has traditional motifs embroidered with bright coloured threads. Florishkart Rang Barse Bamboo Rohi Rajasthani Single Handmade Patchwork Cotton Pouf is a colourful yet classy addition to your space. Just the placement of this pouf in a pair will bring in a Rajasthani feel to space. The features of this pouf are –

  • The pouf measures 25” x 25” x 40”.
  • The structure of the pouf is made of bamboo and the cover is made of cotton.
  • The cover is a mix of embroidery and print.
  • It imparts a traditional and ethnic look to space.
  • It is easy to move and store, also it requires very little space.

8. Decorative Hangings

A Rajasthani feel would be incomplete without the colourful hangings or mobiles. The decorative hangings are comprised of bright colours to stand out. One can compose a number of hangings to create a backdrop or a screen (for creativity, the sky is the limit!). Revive Creation Handcrafted Rajasthani Colored Bells Design Wall Hanging is one such decorative hanging that can help brighten the space and achieve a traditional Rajasthani feel to space. Some features of this hanging are –

  • The dimensions of the hanging are 20 x45 x 5 cm.
  • The various elements of the mobile are made of wood, clay and metal.
  • The primary colours give a vibrant look to the product and space.

9. Cushion Covers

Another very smart way of achieving the Rajasthani feel is by going in for either a traditional motif, print or pichwai work. Stylo Culture Patchwork Cushion Covers are decorative covers for your cushions or throw pillows. These covers are made on the lines of Pichwai work. They will suit a wide range of cushion fabric and would successfully establish the Rajasthani feel in the space you place them. Some features of these cushion covers are –

  • The cushion covers are meant for cushions of size 60x60 cm.
  • These covers can give a Rajasthani as well as Bohemian Boho look.
  • This set of 5 cushion covers follows the language of Pichwai craft.

10. Wall Hangings

Clourfully dressed musiians are a symbol that most of the people identify with Rajasthan. Wall Hangings are a simplistic yet effective of bringing in the traditional motifs into your home to adopt a traditional feel. One such great choice is Karigaari Rajasthani Men Wrought Iron Wall Hanging.

  • The set of four is made in wrought iron, which makes it a durable choice to be hung on a wall.
  • It measures 29.6 cm x 27.41 cm x 8.41 cm (for one piece).
  • The colurful traditional motifs with a contemporary twist is sure to add a nice flavour of Rajasthan in your home.
  • These can be used in an array of spaces.


Rajasthan is one of the most colourful states of our country and the most sought after too. Though it attracts most people to imitate the nitty-gritty of the state into their nooks and crannies to achieve the traditional feel, it is an informed choice of products that help in achieving the look. This was a list of 10 products that I think would be able to give your home a traditional Rajasthani character. Be rest assured that to achieve a look you need not make it a collage of collectibles from the state.

If you feel that we can add on any option to the list, please do post your suggestions!

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