10 Products To Create An Accent Wall That Catch The Eyes

10 Products To Create An Accent Wall That Catch The Eyes
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Walls play an important role to create the ambiance of space and accent walls are the ace players in that game. An accent wall can instantly create a focal point in the room, create drama, narrate a story or give the room its zest. A well done up accent wall can make a statement of the resident’s taste. One need not spend a fortune to create an accent wall, it can be done by installing simple products judiciously. The following article looks into 10 products to create an eye-catching accent wall –

1. Collectible India Metal Decorative Flowers Wall Hanging Modern 3D Arts Sculpture Diwali Gifts Home Decor (Size 54 x 23 Inches)

Wall sculptures are a nice way to create accent walls. The attention-grabbing wall sculpture is sure to seek all the focus toward the wall thus driving the decor of the room in entirety. Highlighting features of this piece are –

  • It is completely handcrafted with the use of traditional skills in wrought iron.
  • The contemporary floral design adds a touch of modernity to the room.
  • The piece will add a flavor of elegance to your wall and room with its royal finish.
  • The blooming flower concept will match with most of the decor palettes.

2. Planters Blume Prism Indoor and Outdoor Wall Hanging Planter -Pack of 12

Plants in unique planters are bound to grab attention from the residents or guests. Plants add a subtle accent to the wall they are mounted on. These are nice geometric planters that can be arranged in a pattern of the user’s liking. Apart from creating an accent wall, the planters will help in creating a calming effect in the room. The features of this product are –

  • The pack of 12 planters is made of high-quality plastic.
  • These can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • The UV inhibitors in the planter allow for long-lasting and fade-free performance.
  • These planters have a geometrical form that will suit every decor and brighten up any space.

3. Real Art | Block Decor | Wall Hanging Plate 7" | 5 Pcs | Fine Bone China | Gift Packing

Wall hanging plates are yet another nifty way to create an eye-catching accent wall. The artistic value and material of the plates become a focal point in a room. This method of decorating the wall has been in practice for ages. This is a safe go-to to create an accent wall, also one has the choice of arrangement and number of plates to display. Some features that make this product worth buying are –

  • The plates are 7” in size making it a comfortable size for hanging and viewing.
  • The design is printed on the plate and is 100% scratch proof.
  • The colours used to print the design are high-quality German colours.

4. Design StickersKart Wall Stickers Tree with Birds and Cages (Brown)

In the past few years, wall stickers or decals have gained quite a prominence. These are easy to install and one can choose from the various designs available. The stickers can be used to narrate a story or create drama on the wall. When planned with furniture and lighting these can help in setting the tone of the room. Some features these wall stickers are –

  • The stickers are made in PVC sheet.
  • This sticker has a monochromatic theme to it.
  • The wall covering area is 140 x 110 cm.
  • The pattern comes with the flexibility to be used in an array of spaces.

5. Kundi Intersecting Floating Shelves 4 Cube Square Wall Mounted Shelves Wood Home Furniture Accent Decorative Wall Shelf, Black (47 cm X 10 cm X 65 cm, Black)

Cleverly installing floating shelves can help in creating an eye-catching wall rather instantly. This specific shelving unit when clubbed with curios or planters can help in imparting a nice accent to the wall. Along with providing an aesthetic appeal to the wall the shelves also double up as storage. The colour choice of the shelf makes it suitable for most contemporary settings. Some features that make this product worth buying are –

  • The shelf s constructed with a thick and solid MDF board that has the adequate strength to support a huge range of weight.
  • The smooth black finish makes it look luxurious and exquisite.
  • The clean and intersecting geometry makes it suitable for contemporary decor.
  • This product has the potential to make a drab wall into a chic and stylish one.

6. Maple Craft Wood Brass Wall Art (Gold & Brown_8 X 8 Inch)

This is a very subtle contemporary art piece that can help in creating a nice accent wall. This is a very simple and minimalistic way of making a statement and an accent wall at the same time. This product has an earthy combination that will definitely make the heads turn. Some features that make this product worth buying are –

  • The base of the art is made in wood and the leaves in brass.
  • It is a very nice way of adding a touch of elegance to your walls and therefore the spaces.
  • This is a handcrafted product.
  • The user can arrange multiple pieces in the same or varied sizes according to their preference to create the required look.

7. Homesake Classic Fancy Moroccan, Hanging Pendant Ceiling Decorative Chandelier Light Lamp for Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Hall, Indoor Outdoor Jhumar Lighting | Pack of 1

The play of light and shadow can create interesting patterns through lighting fixtures. A lighting fixture with an interesting pattern can create a striking accent wall. Not only do the patterns create an interesting wall it also imparts warmth to the room and space. This Moroccan lamp can be used in a pair to create a simple yet amazing wall. Some features of this product are –

  • The interesting lamp has an E-27 bulb holder.
  • It features a 40” fully adjustable cord, allowing it to achieve a customizable length according to space.
  • The lamp is of comfortable size and is well suited to achieve a nice ambience to space.

8. Wall1ders - Acrylic 3D Mirror Butterfly Wall Stickers for Living Room, Bedroom, Kids Room(Silver, 45x45cm) - Pack of 25

3D mirror wall stickers are a great way to create elegant accent walls. One simply needs to select the pattern set that they like for their wall/space and stick the pieces on the wall. The product gives a nice aesthetic and artistic appeal to a wall, besides the composition becomes a focal element in the space. This particular wall mirror sticker set is an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated choice for an accent wall. Some highlighting features of this product are –

  • This is an easy DIY kit with 2 mm cast acrylic pieces.
  • The pieces are shatterproof, reusable and easy to clean.
  • Industrial grade adhesion is provided by using strong adhesive tape.
  • Ideal for creating accent walls for any space.

9. Home Centre Photomontage Textured Floral Accent Wooden Wall Art – Brown

A minimalistic art piece can amp up a wall instantly and can even create an intriguing focal point. This is a subtle piece of art that will add elegance and sophistication to a wall. This simple yet impactful art piece is surely going to create an eye-catching accent wall. This is one of those simple product choices that will suit a wide range of decor palettes. Some highlighting features are –

  • The base is made of wood and the leaf work is done in metal.
  • The frame size is 80 X 60 cm making it an optimum size for comfortable viewing.
  • Can be used in a range of spaces.
  • The metalwork is both robust and delicate to look at.
  • It can be paired with a console table or furniture item to create an exciting accent wall.

10. Inephos Multiple Frames Beautiful Buddha Wall Painting for Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Hotels, Drawing Room (150cm X 76cm)

A nice painting can enliven a space in a snap of a finger by creating a nice accent wall. The choice of the painting depends on the residents. The painting could be a good single frame or multiple frames like this one. The colours and the style of a painting can determine the mood of a space. A good painting will definitely attract all the attention towards it and onto the wall indirectly. Some features of this painting are –

  • This is a full HD digital print of the painting.
  • It has a base of 5 mm hard sunboard and glossy lamination on top to provide smooth and scratch proof surface.
  • It is well suited for an array of spaces.
  • The total size of the installation is 150 x 76 cm.


Walls are the skin of the structure and the accent walls of the highlighting feature. It is not always required to spend heap loads of money to create a striking and interesting accent wall. One can look for products in the market which can help in creating an exquisite accent wall. This was my list of 10 products to create the same. I am sure there would be many more. If you feel that we can add on any option to the list, please do post your suggestions!

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