10 Best Yet Efficient Modular Kitchen Hardware Accessories

10 Best Yet Efficient Modular Kitchen Hardware Accessories
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Modular kitchens are the new normal, not only because of their elegant appearance but also due to their high efficiency and ease of assembly. Imagining the interiors of a contemporary home without a modular kitchen is frankly very difficult. Their stylish design is definitely one of the major selling points, however, the durability of the hardware accessories in setting up a modular kitchen is equally important as it serves as the foundation for your storage spaces.

From modular trays to gas spring stays, from sleek pulls to concealed hinges, we will be listing in this list, the best and most efficient hardware accessories that give that flawless utility and clean look to modular kitchens. Complete your kitchen with these accessories that have been selected with your comfort in mind and make working in your kitchen a soothing and flexible experience.

1. Now & Ever Corner Soft Close Right Side Swing Tray

  • For your rectangular cabinets, this flying disk or swing tray is an optimum solution and a product you would love to flaunt.
  • It comes with a helpful soft closing system that will complete your modular kitchen.
  • This utilizes every inch of your cabinet space and brings out all its contents with a single pull.
  • The snake-like movement of the two carriage platforms from the corner gives access to the otherwise dead angular spaces making most of the L-type kitchen layouts.
  • The minimum required opening length and height are 450mm and 500mm respectively for its assembly.

2. FAST PH01 Chrome Modular Kitchen and Office Drawer Pull Profile Handle(12 INCH)

  • This lean drawer pull is an elegant addition to your kitchen. It gives a very fine edge and finish to the drawers highlighting the lines of the kitchen.
  • It is made completely from high-grade aluminum ensuring good quality. Further, the aluminum makes it corrosion and dust free and all-weather safe.
  • The handles are available in almost all modular sizes so that you can select the products as per your kitchen drawer specifications.
  • The products retain their original finish and should not be exposed to chemical cleaners for long-lasting use.

3. Now & Ever Modular Kitchen Pull Down Unit 600 mm

  • For the cabinets and storage spaces that are above your reach, this pull-down unit makes your life easier while efficiently using all the overhead storage space in your kitchen.
  • The complete ease in pulling down and lifting up of this unit makes it a desirable product and the soft closing system gives your cabinet a luxurious feel.
  • It can easily fit in a cabinet with dimensions 600 x 300 x 600mm.
  • It is made from stainless steel and comes with a convenient pull bar on the lower edge fixed with a rubber sleeve to ensure a firm hold.

4. Godrej Pair of Clip-on Cold Rolled Steel Soft Closing Concealed Hinges for Full Overlay Doors, 2 Holes (Zinc, 15-22 mm)

  • Modular kitchen accessories are a great option for all kinds of interior requirements and serve their purpose well.
  • This product is packed with a range of features to ensure the smooth operation of your kitchen cabinets.
  • It offers a soft close advantage to cabinet panels with just a clip-on feature to attach it to your shutters. Furthermore, these hinges are concealed on the outside to give a presentable look to the exterior.
  • It is plated with nickel to avoid corrosion in high moisture areas and the additional covers prevent it from accumulating dust.
  • It is well suited for cabinet doors with a width of 15-22 mm and maximum shutter size of 34” x 22”.

5. GIOR FITTINGS Steel Hydraulics Gas Spring Stay Strut Pneumatic Lift Support Cabinet Hinges (Silver, 50 N) - Pack of 2 pcs

  • For easy and smooth opening and closing of your kitchen cabinet doors, these hydraulic gas spring stays are highly recommended.
  • The product is composed of a shaft and a rotatable top made of high-quality steel that ensures durability.
  • The carefully selected materials and its design allows it to take up to 5-8 kgs of door weight.
  • It is easy to install, operate, and adjust and is suitable for lift up opening cabinet door panels.

6. Godrej Telescopic iron Channel 500 mm (20 Inches, Nickel Colour)

  • This is one of the most convenient and reliable channel solutions available in the market for drawer opening and closing system.
  • These drawer channels provide you with any loading capacity you might require.
  • The telescopic iron channel system works with ball bearing slides that run in precision profiles along lateral lines.
  • It is approximately 45mm x 12mm x 300mm.
  • The nickel color gives the product an amazing sheen and its size ensures that the channel doesn’t appear bulky inside the drawers.

7. Now & Ever Stainless Steel Universal Magic Corner Wire, Silver

  • Now & Ever with a highly efficient system offers these wire baskets for corner cabinets.
  • Giving you the maximum storage from the dreadful corner spaces. This wire basket is made from stainless steel material.
  • It has four attached baskets to help you store cutlery, bottles, and jars.
  • The dimensions of this product are 660 x 485 x 590 mm and it requires a minimum cabinet width of 900-1050 mm and a minimum opening of 450 mm. The minimum height required is 500mm.
  • The identically designed corners allow it to be used in both left as well as right corners of the kitchen.

8. Ebco Aurora Folding Dining Table Bracket Fitting (600 mm, 24 Inch, Anthracite ColourBlackish)

  • Add the ultimate customization to your modular kitchen with this folding bracket fitting for your dining table.
  • The fitting has a special releasing knob that helps in folding the table. Pulling the knob opens/folds the tabletop.
  • The angle is made from mild steel and has a thickness of about 3mm with a blackish finish.
  • It is available in four different widths- 600mm, 750mm, 900mm and 1200mm and has a carrying capacity of about 70kgs.
  • Its simple design makes it easily fixable on any vacant wall.

9. Now & Ever Stainless Steel Universal Show Hand with Soft Close and Anti Skid Matt (Silver)

  • This is a great choice to improve the storage efficiency of your kitchen cabinets that are located at the corners.
  • This magic corner comes with four storage baskets made from stainless steel.
  • The product has a soft close system that provides quick, easy and ergonomic use.
  • The trays are equipped with anti-skid matt to further assist in smooth operation. The trays can take up heavy objects without any trouble.
  • It fits a cabinet space of width 900-1050 mm and an opening of 18-20 inches. A height of 500 mm is required for this corner tray.

10. Klaxon Plastic Door Catcher Magnet Set (Off White, Pack of 10)

  • The small details in the modular kitchens are extremely important. For example, the fact that you lack a door catcher for your cabinets might reduce the durability of the shutters as well as the shelves from constant banging into each other.
  • These magnetic locks are extremely helpful in the quiet closing of the cabinets while at the same time protecting them from wear and tear.
  • They are made from plastic with dimensions 2.5 x 1.2 x 3.8 cm and are rust/corrosion-proof.
  • They come in a set of 10 door catchers that are functionally innovative and display the latest technology.


The above list gives a comprehensive idea of the best available hardware accessories perfect for the Indian Modular Kitchen. The replacement of the traditional kitchens with modular kitchens has also provided a boon for the hardware accessories and the market is flooded with products that are ready to guide you in your kitchen. With the increasing use of modular kitchens in the interiors and architectural industry, it is safe to say that the modular kitchens and their accessories are in for the long haul.

It is the right time to give your kitchen a productivity boost and stylize the spaces with our selection, with their primary objective of helping you out with the simplest assembly and installation. Increase your efficiency module by module and don’t forget to include these amazing products in your checklist.

Share with us the products that help you in your kitchen and do let us know about your experiences and your favorites in the suggestions box.

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