Top 10 Modular Kitchen Baskets That Will Actually Organize Your Kitchen

Top 10 Modular Kitchen Baskets That Will Actually Organize Your Kitchen
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The modular kitchen is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and utilize maximum space in the kitchen. There are various types of modular kitchen accessories available in the market like baskets, pull-out shelves, magic corners, pantry units, and many more. These units made of stainless steel provide extra storage space in the kitchen and can be fitted inside the cabinets. Furthermore, they are available in various sizes and can be customized according to your specifications. These modular kitchen accessories are a great storage solution and make your kitchen look stylish and elegant.

So, we have researched and summarized the top 10 modular kitchen baskets for your daily needs to keep your things in an orderly manner. Let's check them out!!

1. LEAVES Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Set of 6 (17X20X4, 17X20X6, and 17X20X8 Inches)

  • This is one in all that covers the maximum no of baskets required in the kitchen to organize all your crockery.
  • The dimensions of the baskets are:-
  1. Plate basket- 6x17x20 inch
  2. Thali basket- 8x17x20 inch
  3. Cutlery basket- 4x17x20 inch
  4. Cup and saucer basket- 4x17x20 inch
  5. Grain basket- 6x17x20 inch
  6. Plain basket- 8x17x20 inch
  • It is crafted with supreme quality steel, thereby making it stable and durable.
  • The use of chrome finish gives it a smart and modern look to the kitchen.
  • The baskets store and organize all your plates, cups, and cutlery safely and securely, furthermore it effortlessly fits in your drawer and looks elegant.
  • These baskets are corrosion resistant and are in great demand in the market.

2. Now & Ever Modular Kitchen Pull Down Unit 600 mm

  • This pull-down unit requires a cabinet size of 600 width X 300 depth X 600 Height in mm and is provided with a soft closing system for your convenience.
  • The unique weight adjustable design can fit all the bottles and large jars, thereby keeping your kitchen neat and clean.
  • Moreover, this unit is highly durable, easy to clean, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Cons- No proper instructions are provided for installation.

3. MARSUN Kitchen Dish Rack for Cabinet Width 60CM

  • It is made of premium quality steel with 600 mm size making it sturdy and highly durable.
  • This unit is known as the glass tray plate tray (GTPT) can be divided into three parts-
  1. The plate tray is for placing almost 40-70 plates in an orderly manner.
  2. The glass tray is for stacking bowls and glasses to avoid cracking.
  3. The drain tray is to collect all the excess water of the dishes.
  • It is thoughtfully designed with a detachable drip tray to drain all the excess water of the dishes and your kitchen looks cleaned up.
  • The dish rack is placed above the sink is convenient to use, easy to clean, and can be assembled with carpenter’s help.
  • This dish rack is an ideal choice for your modular kitchen and is worth buying.

4. Planet Stainless Steel Detergent and Bin Holder (Silver)

  • It offers a stainless steel detergent and bin holder with a lifetime warranty on rusting and is super easy in installation.
  • The product is made of heavy-duty steel for great strength and reliability.
  • It can be used under the sink or above the ground on the sink door for proper cleaning; also it keeps your corner spick and span.
  • All in all, this bin holder is a must-buy for your kitchen.

5. Now & Ever Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen 3 Shelves Bottle Pullout Basket, 8W X 20Dx 21H Inches, Silver

  • These holders acquire less space as it comes with a sleek design to store and accommodate bottles, jars, soap trays, etc.
  • The 3 shelves pullout is designed with chrome plating and glossy finish that looks beautiful.
  • It holds bottles conveniently placed them in order and brings everything within easy reach.
  • This holder is corrosion resistant along with easy pullout and installation making it a worthy buy.

6. Now & Ever Left Side Corner Soft Close Swing Tray with Anti-Skid Matt

  • The unit is designed with high-grade stainless steel that guarantees great strength, outstanding performance, and a lifetime warranty.
  • It features an anti-skid matt at the bottom to protect the surface of the cabinet and requires a minimum opening door cabinet space of 450 mm.
  • The unit can be placed in the corner cabinet, maximizes the cabinet space, and minimize the clutter of large bowls, plates, and pots.
  • It organizes and neatly arranges all your crockery, and brings them within easy reach.
  • This stylish swing tray is sturdy in construction and looks elegant, therefore it’s highly recommended.

7. Now & Ever Stainless Steel Universal Show Hand with Soft Close and Anti-Skid Matt (Silver)

  • The product measure 660 x485 x590 (w x d x h) mm is of excellent quality and durability.
  • The smart-sleek design of this product utilizes the maximum space and stores jars, plates, bowls, and pots, etc.
  • It is fitted inside the corner cabinets and has the great capacity to hold heavyweight items.
  • These organizers utilize the corner cabinet space very efficiently and the stored items become more accessible.
  • This product is a beautiful addition to your modular kitchen.
  • Cons- Higher in price.

8. LYNK Professional Pullout Spice Rack Slide-out Cabinet Organizer

  • It provides easy access to all the spice jars in the kitchen cabinet.
  • The rack is made with engineered steel along with chrome finish and has a long life span.
  • The unique design pullout is superb and operates smoothly; also it can be installed easily.
  • The polycarbonate tray protects the cabinet from spilling any item while keeping them stable.
  • The space-saver, sturdy construction, easy-access for everything, therefore this one a great choice and value for money.

9. MOBILY SS Pantry Unit Storage System (Cabinet Width 600mm 12 Baskets)

  • This large unit is sturdy in construction with adjustable shelves to make organization easier.
  • It features 12 baskets to arrange and sort all your pantry items like cereals, oil, and cookies, etc.
  • The unit is easy to assemble and is provided with all hardware and instructions.
  • It categorizes and arranges all your kitchen stock also organizes them in one place.
  • The product offers heavy-duty construction, good bearing capacity, and corrosion resistance; therefore it’s a perfect choice for storage of groceries.

10. WINSTAR Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen Corner Storage | Carousel Basket | 2 Shelf Rack | Kitchen Organizer (24-inch, Silver)

  • The simple and elegant design of this stainless steel carousel basket is to organize all your large utensils and dishes.
  • The product with a 24-inch display is crafted with stainless steel and nickel-chrome plating for great strength and resistance.
  • Another great feature is the anti-scratch cap at the bottom that protects the kitchen cabinet.
  • This 360-degree carousel keeps all your stored items in a well-organized way.


These different kinds of steel baskets organize your kitchen space and turn into a wonderful place in the house. So choose products with supreme quality that ensure excellent performance and high durability. Our pick would be LEAVES Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Set of 6 as it includes maximum no of different baskets required for your modular kitchen with supreme quality, sturdy construction, and affordable price.

If you think I left out one that is important or any other point, please free to post your valuable suggestions.

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