The Top 10 Products Architects Can’t Live Without

The Top 10 Products Architects Can’t Live Without
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Being an architect is no easy task. From hand-made drawings to digital software to preparing on-scale immaculate models resulting in a blood bath of fingers, drafting, sketching and whatnot, the field of architecture is one creative, interesting, and incredible to pursue. There is a lot of hard work included in the design of a project. Not only liberated imagination but various tools and products are required to prepare a drawing, from measuring the plot size to conceptualizing, getting it on paper, and then rendering a three-dimensional model on various software for clients to understand the vision, it is about going all the extra miles you can. So here we will talk about the top ten products that are accompanied by an architect along with his thoughts and creativity and working in this field without such products is like next to impossible. These products let an architect work in a smarter way, which otherwise would have been a hindrance in the path. Trust my words, when I say that the life of an architect revolves around these crucial products

So let’s dive into various important tools that a modern Architect literally can’t live without:

1. Technical Mechanical Pencil – Staedtler 2mm Lead Holder Pack with Eraser

  • The first tool in every architect’s bag or pocket is a pencil. It is an outstanding stationery item from the Staedtler brand.
  • Comes with 2mm lead for smooth and fine drawing experience along with an eraser.
  • Not so pocket friendly for a pencil but worth the price for your creative artwork.
  • Great sketching tool with a stunning clutch mechanism and firm grip for untroubled drawing experience.

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2. A Ruled Notebook – Moleskin Large Ruled Hard Cover Notebook

  • Being an architect is a time-consuming job since there are various factors that have to be taken care of, so a notebook will come handy in these situations, preferably a ruled one, to reduce sentences aligning chaos.
  • A perfect companion for traveling due to its compact size and premium paper quality.
  • It has cardboard bound cover and rounded corners to avoid cuts during handling, which makes it look so classy.
  • It comes with an elastic enclosure and a bookmark for noting down important things.

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3. Handheld Laser Distance Machine – DEWALT 30 Meter Laser Distance

  • A laser distance measuring device helps to measure and surveying a range of distance through a laser light between itself and the target.
  • One can read the measurements on its LED screen and has a working range of 0.15 Metres to 30 Metres.
  • It gives accurate results and is widely used in the construction field, especially for measuring the interior spaces.
  • Its compact and light-weight design makes it portable to use.

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4. Measuring Tape - SD Enterprises Plastic Freemans Fibra Fiber Glass 30M Measuring Tape

  • The measuring tape helps in measuring or verifying the large distances, say exterior, the one that cannot be measured by the laser measuring device.
  • It can measure distance up to 30 meters.
  • It is weather-resistant and made of glass fiber which makes it a durable product
  • It is a value for money item and let's agree on it’s the most fun part, that is pulling and rolling back the reel!

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5. A Calculator - Casio MJ-12DA Desktop Calculator

  • This calculator offers an effortless calculation. Like calculating areas, material quantities, unit's conversion, etc if we talk about calculations in an architect’s job.
  • This Casio calculator is a 150 steps check calculator with the correct feature.
  • With a huge display area and desired key layout which gives a smooth working experience.
  • There is another one special kind if you can find the feet-inch fraction calculator, designed for architects and engineers, which can save your time to solve fractional dimensions and many more construction-related calculations.

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6. Tracing Paper- Designers den a1 White Pattern Paper -Pack of 10 Sheets

  • Tracing sheets are an architect's first friend. Tracing sheets help you to develop the design concepts and sketches.
  • It is a pack of ten sheets with a perfect paper quality
  • This A1 size of the sheet just lets you use all the space with its amazing opacity, however extensive your conceptualization of design may be.
  • You can trace the plans, elevations, and sections and also overlay them one above the other to study without tearing or crushing.

7. A Laptop - Lenovo Legion Y540 9th gen Intel Core i7 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop (8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10/NVIDIA GTX 1650 4 GB/ Black/2.3 Kg), 81SY00CTIN

  • It is a compact, lightweight and portable laptop being a necessity of architects of the new generation. Since hand-drawn drawings have fallen out of place, architects prepare drawings through computer-aided design, a technical software that works on Laptops.
  • It has a 15.6-inch anti-glare screen with 9th Gen Intel Core i7 processor; a powerful processor for the smooth working of various software.
  • It has 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD storage.
  • Legion Coolfront offers separate CPU and GPU cooling for improved airflow and noiseless working.

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8. Wireless Headphones - Bose Sound Sport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones

  • Music is considered as a therapy to focus and enhance designing skills while some use it to zone out the distractions.
  • It is a very good branded wireless earphone, to avoid and save time to detangle the wires and also offers free movement while working.
  • It has 5 hours of battery life with an additional 10 hours with its charging case.
  • In case of losing an earbud, you can track it through Bose Connect App’s ‘find my Bud’ feature.

9. A Tablet -Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi + Cellular, 32GB) - Space Grey (Latest Model)

  • With a 10.2-inch retina display, you flaunt your sketching skills. It is super lightweight which makes it easy to handle and store.
  • You can access any information anytime, draw and save a concept or design that comes to your mind.
  • It comes with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor giving full security to its user.
  • It offers 32 GB or 164 GB storage capacity with up to 10 hours of battery life.

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10. An Editing Software - Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan 20GB: Photoshop + Lightroom

  • Adobe Photoshop is a very supportive software not only for editing the 3-D views but also composing the design sheets.
  • You can transform simple plans, sections, and elevations into highly creative compositions by using Photoshop.
  • Lightroom enables editing, saving, and sharing of images. It can be installed on both laptops or personal computers.
  • Not only for photographers, Adobe Photoshop is a desideratum of all the individuals working in any kind of creative designing field.


I hope you agree with our above-listed products. Since each architect has a different working style, all of the above-mentioned products may not be on every architect’s list but surely the majority of them are. Architects need a variety of countless tools and products to work. We can’t be confined only by these products but we tried our best to give you the finest and significant of the products, of course, brands may differ as per likeness and budget. We would love to know your opinions about these products in the comment section below.

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