The Top 10 Most Stylish Bookshelves Worth Buying

The Top 10 Most Stylish Bookshelves Worth Buying

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Updated on 2020-05-24

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Books are men’s best friends. Organizing books is a big task as to where to keep them? Therefore bookshelf is a perfect solution to all the mess and clutter in the room. Bookcase displays your sense of style and organizational skills as they bring life to the room and attract the attention of the visitors. These are available in various cool and stylish options so you can opt and customize according to your need that looks aesthetically pleasing and blends with your décor.

What Features To Look Out For:-

1. Design- Bookshelves come in no of designs like standard, ladder, built-in, and corner. So, select according to your room décor that merges well into space.

2. No of shelves- If you have plenty of books and decorative pieces then you will require a bookshelf that has various sections and good strength for holding all your books and keeping them in place, so choose according to your preference.

3. Material- Select material (wooden, particleboard, laminate, metal, or glass) that blends with your space or you can opt for particleboard i.e. engineered wood bookshelf as they go with modern interiors plus looks elegant and stylish.

We have summarised some of the best bookshelves that you can purchase. So let’s have a look at our top 10 best bookcases available in the market.

1. Deck Up Reno Ladder Book Shelf/Display Unit (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

  • This modern contemporary style bookshelf has a matte finish and comes in dark wenge color and complements the home or office décor.
  • The ladder measures 25x14x69(L x W x H) inches requires the installation and comes with DIY assembly instructions.
  • The five-tier bookshelf can accommodate books of any size and other décor pieces.
  • The bookshelf is crafted with engineered wood and is very simple to maintain just wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  • Therefore, the sturdy construction and its durability make it an ideal bookshelf for your home.
  • This statement furniture piece adds beauty to your space.

2. A10SHOP Zeta Metal Shelves Invisible Wall Mount Bookshelves (Black, Standard Size) - Set of 3.

  • A distinctive feature that makes it different from others is the invisible design i.e. it displays the stack of books floating in the air.
  • The product is crafted from heavy-gauge steel and has a sturdy construction; furthermore, it has compact dimensions and can hold up to 5 kg of books.
  • With this bookshelf, you can remove all the books clutter placed across the room and properly organize them.
  • The sleek and minimalistic design of bookshelf blends with your home décor and would last for a lifetime with its durability and stability.
  • This wall-mounted bookshelf is provided with assembly instructions and hardware for easy installation.

3. TRIBESIGNS 5-Tier Bookshelf, Vintage Industrial Style Bookcase 72 H x 12 W x 47L Inches, Cherry

  • This 5-tier spacious bookshelf has each shelf of 47” in length to accommodate a large number of books and can withstand a good amount of weight.
  • The shelf is constructed with engineered wood along with a solid steel tube frame that strengthens the durability and stability of the product.
  • Also, it comes with adjustable pads at the bottom to protect the floor surface from scratches.
  • This multi-functional bookshelf blends with both traditional and modern home decor and is a worthy buy!
  • Cons- The assembly instructions are not clear.

4. Deck Up Lexis 3-Shelf Bookcase and Storage Unit (Dark Wenge, Matte Finish)

  • This bookcase is compact yet functional, it has 3 open shelves for book storage and measures 16x11x42 inches.
  • It has matte-finish and is laminated with engineered wood that reflects a rich and luxurious look.
  • The product is provided with a user manual for quick and easy installation.
  • This open cabinet bookshelf can be placed anywhere in your home and comes at an affordable price.
  • Cons- It does not have large storage space.

5. DECORNATION 3 Tier Nora Bookcase Book Rack Storage Organiser, MDF for Long Last Bookshelf - White

  • The DECOR NATION’S 3 tier storage shelf is extremely pleasing and useful and can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms, or offices.
  • This gorgeous white color set complements all types of décor and has ample storage space for keeping your books.
  • The product measures and is made of MDF, thereby making this one durable and reliable.
  • The bookcase is provided with assembly instructions for easy installation.
  • A great storage solution for your books and display items, therefore this statement piece is well worth buying.

6. KURTZY DIY Book Storage Display Rack Shelf Cabinet Unit Organizer for Living Room, Bed Room, Study Room & Office Decor (47CM x 21cm x 131cm)

  • The remarkable furniture set offers plenty of storage for your books and display items.
  • The unit is provided with side support to keep the books and delicate items in place.
  • This multi-tier unit has an ample amount of space so that you can personalize it according to your needs.
  • The shelf is perfectly designed as it comes with smooth soft edges to protect and keep us safe.
  • It has some unique features like sturdy construction, professional durability, water, and scratch-resistant; furthermore, the bookshelf has DIY design i.e. easy to install and assemble.
  • Cons- it comes with no warranty and installation process is time-consuming

7. Klaxon Home Decor Wall Shelves/Book Shelf And Storage | Wall Shelves Wooden S Shape - (Brown, Matte Finish)(Do It Yourself - DIY)

  • If you are searching for a modern and compact wall shelf, then this one is for you.
  • This wall shelf easily organizes your books and other delicate items, also it is easy to install with assembly instructions.
  • It has a very stylish design and looks good in the living room; furthermore the unit is made of engineered wood and measures 1000 x 200 x 530 MM. 
  • Klaxon brand offers high quality and super finished products for your home and office.
  • Cons – It can hold lightweight products and difficult to fix.

8. Amazon Brand - Solimo Pavo Engineered Wood Bookcase (Wenge Finish)

  • This modern contemporary bookcase is a great addition to space and looks classy.
  • The unit is thoughtfully designed to ensure safety and quality for users.
  • The supreme quality engineered wood has smooth edges along with sleek wenge finish, making this one a durable and stable product.
  • Also, the product offers high resistance against moisture and stains.
  • For maintaining this stylish piece simply wipe clean using the damp cloth, thereby making it an ideal bookcase for your home.

9. @home by NILKAMAL Checkers 4 Tier Book Shelf (Melamine Finish, Walnut)

  • This contemporary style can be used for the placement of books, flower pots, and other decorating items, moreover, due to its perfectly square design it is called Checkers 4 tier Bookshelf.
  • The walnut-colored bookshelf is flawless and goes with any room décor.
  • It is made from engineered wood that ensures the stability and durability of the product, also the melamine finish adds a soft touch to it.
  • Additionally, it offers great customer service to assemble the product.
  • This versatile product is a welcomed addition to your space.

10. AAROORA Bedside End Table Home Bedroom & Living Room Multipurpose Storage Engineered Wood Bedside Table (Wenge Finish)

  • This bookcase brightens up your space and can be used to store frequently used books and daily essentials in the bedroom or living room.
  • It features 3 open compartments to neatly organize all your books and other display items.
  • It is provided with the hardware and instruction sheet to assemble the product.
  • Overall, this cabinet is a great option for limited space and is well worth buying!
  • Cons- A carpenter assistance is required to assemble the product.
  • It comes with no warranty

The perfect bookcase displays your collection of books, pictures, and artworks, plus it adds grace and elegance to the room. So it’s important to choose the right one according to your needs. Therefore, our pick would be Deck up Reno Ladder Book Shelf/Display Unit because this sleek, stylish bookcase features high-quality engineered wood, ample storage space, sturdy construction, and it effortlessly complements the home décor.

If you think I left out one that is important or any other point, please free to post your valuable suggestions.


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