10 Must Haves to Set Up a Home Office

10 Must Haves to Set Up a Home Office
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The trend of setting up a home office is on a constant rise. Professionals across various fields have started setting up an office niche in their homes. Thus, allowing them to juggle between home and professional chores according to their convenience. While setting up an office there are a lot of requirements based on the field of practice, but there are certain elements that every office will require. The article discusses the 10 must-haves when setting up a home office –

1. A Spacious and Sturdy Work Desk

To set up a home office, a spacious and sturdy work desk is a must-have. To be able to work seamlessly, a decent work desk is one of the primary requirements. There are two variations of desks that one can look for –

A. Office Desk –

An office desk such as Decornation Valentina Wooden Desk is a stylish and workable element to have in your home office. It is a durable desk with a top made out of MDF and the four legs in solid wood. The subtle color combination makes it a great choice for any setting. This desk has nice drawers to enable the user to store the office essentials.

B. Sit / Stand Desk –

A sit/ stand desk for your home office is a healthy choice. These desks help you in transitioning between sitting and standing positions at regular intervals, thus help in relaxing the back or neck. A sit/stand table like RIFE electric height adjustable standing desk has a lot of working space and room for many gadgets. A person can multitask while using this desk for their home office.

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2. A Comfortable Ergonomic Office Chair- GODREJ INTERIO Ergonomic Motion High Back Executive Chair

A good posture is a must while working for longer durations, this can be well assured by going for a comfortable office chair. There are a lot of ergonomically designed chairs available in the market. One should go in for an ergonomic chair like the one by GODREJ INTERIO. The chair offers comfort through good back support, height and tilt adjustments. The chair offers enhanced stability and flexibility due to the patented EasyFlex technology.

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3. A Powerful Computer

Having a powerful computer for your home office is a must-have to be able to perform diverse tasks. One can either choose to go for a desktop or laptop based on the requirements and usability.

One can choose to go for an eye-catching desktop such as Lenovo Ideacentre A340 is a powerful computer with 8th generation Intel Core i3 processor and discreet graphics. This desktop has a sleek design with a modern stand. The system has an FHD screen and comes with an optional touchscreen feature. This desktop works smoothly even while multitasking.

If the user wants portability along with a strong configuration for their computer, they can opt for a laptop like Lenovo ThinkPad P52 Laptop. This laptop is a powerful device that works on Intel HexaCore (6 cores) i7 processor. It has FHD IPS Display with a nice NVIDIA P1000 graphics card. This is quite a good choice and is even VR ready.

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4. A Multifunctional Printer- Canon MF232W Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

Home office gear would be incomplete without a multifunctional printer like Canon MF232W. The device can print in black and white, scan and copy. It is a very efficient device with a monthly duty cycle of 15000 pages. It is a must-have as it will help in performing the functions instantly and save you constant trips to the nearest print shop, thus saving on time and money.

5. A Good LED Desk Lamp- Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight

While working good lighting is very important to reduce the strain on one’s eyes. A good desk lamp or task light is a must-have when looking to set up a home office. Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight is a good desk lamp to consider when looking for desk lamps. This LED light source is minimalistic and elegant in design, with ambient lighting for the work desk.

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6. Magnetic White Board- AmazonBasics Whiteboard Drywipe Magnetic with Pen Tray and Aluminium Trim,Includes 6 magnets, 1 eraser, and 2 dry-erase markers, 1.96 ft x 1.47 ft (WxH)

One needs a place to write their thoughts, to-do lists, ideations, etc. A magnetic drywipe whiteboard by AmazonBasics is an ideal choice. It not only helps you in jotting down things, but it can also double up as a vision board to put up pictures or inspirations with the help of magnetic pins. These boards come in various sizes, depending on the requirements.

7. Storage- Filing Cabinet

One major component of a home office is storage elements. One can go for open and modular shelves like Kurtzy DIY Book Storage Display Rack These can be useful in storing books, files, plants, showpieces, awards, etc. This storage element works in a variety of setups.

If a person is not willing to use open cabinets, they can go in for filing units or drawer units depending on the requirement. A filing cabinet or drawer chest in steel by UNIMAPLE is an ideal choice for a home office. It can help store files, office supplies, personal items, so on and so forth.

8. Cord Organizer- Vatsas Long Lasting Multi Purpose Self Adhesive Silicone Cable Organizer for Home and Office

Cords of various devices create a ruckus in the work area, to organize the various cords a cord organizer is a must-have for home office. Cord organizer by vatsas is a strong organizer with long-lasting adhesive. It can be mounted on any surface to clip on various cords to it for better wire management so that one enjoys hassle-free work area.

9. Desk Organizer for Clean and Organized Workspace

Office space would have a lot of stationery and miscellaneous supplies. To keep all the supplies in an organized manner one can opt for a formal desk organizer like Callas PU Plus MDF Desk Organizer. It can be used to keep stationary, as a mobile or remote holder, so on and so forth. This desk organizer is sure to suit any setting and has an elegant look to it.

If one likes to give their office space a quirk factor, they can go in for RIANZ Rewind Desk Tidy Retro Cassette desk organizer, which mimics a cassette. This can hold stationery and even has a tape dispenser.

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10. Art to Inspire or Motivate- Indianara Synthetic Wood Framed Wall Hanging without Glass (Multicolour, 8.7x8.7-inch) - 4 Piece Set

Art is bound to improve the quality of space. It is a fact that well thought of a piece of art will help in inspiring and motivating the person occupying the office, leading to enhanced performance and efficiency. Motivational posters by Indianara are a must-have in your home office to give you the daily dose of a motivational boost.


These are the 10 must-haves to set up a home office. Picking the models of items would vary from office to office based on the space availability and décor taste of the user. If there are elements that you think could be added to the list of must-haves then feel free to post your suggestions!

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