Top 10 Best Lumbar Support Pillows for Office Chairs

Top 10 Best Lumbar Support Pillows for Office Chairs
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We spend the majority of our day sitting in an office chair working all day long and get severe backaches. These chronic pains occur because of insufficient back support, therefore to have complete support and comfort, we require lumbar backrest pillows that alleviate the back and neck pain, prevent further damage, thereby maintaining good posture and spinal alignment.

Advantages of Lumbar Support Pillows- Sitting on any type of chair for a long duration of time, you can experience extreme pressure and tension on your lower back which results in high-back pain and weakening of muscles. That’s why it is recommended to use backrest cushions as it some great benefits:-

It helps in maintaining correct body posture and stimulation of blood circulation.
It provides support to back and neck relieving the strain and stress from the body to have a healthy and comfortable working atmosphere.

Buyer’s Guide

The type of pillow best suited to a person’s needs depends on the factors listed below:-

Size and Height- Before buying the lumbar cushion size and height factor is very important to be considered as it varies from person to person, therefore a backrest should cover the whole back of your chair and perfectly fit the curve of the body, plus should be easy to carry as a travel partner.

Material- The material should be of high-quality and premium softness so it does not have effects on skin and provide full back support.

Comfort- The lumbar cushion provides comfort and relaxation to the body, thereby alleviating the chronic back pain from developing.

Durable Covers- These cushions are going to be used a lot just like office chairs, therefore the fabric covers must be removable, washable, and easy to clean.

Lastly, our primary need is the comfort for the body and value for money, so let’s take a look of our top 10 picks:

1. FOVERA Orthopedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion - Made for Back Pain Relief- Ideal Pillow for Computer/Office Chair (Black)

  • The pillow is made with high-quality anti-flattering memory foam with ergonomic design contour to keep your posture straight and aligned.
  • This lumbar cushion alleviates the back and neck pain which occurs during long working hours, thereby providing full support and help in blood circulation.
  • It includes two adjustable straps that are easy to fix to keep your cushion in place and body intact, furthermore, it has 3d mesh fabric cover, to keep your back cool and provide comfort all day long.
  • It offers superior comfort, is perfect for the spine, quite portable, and durable, therefore making an ideal choice for office chairs.

2. Grin Health Sit Right Ergonomic Back Support Memory Foam Backrest Lumbar Cushion

  • This pillow is crafted with premium quality memory foam, i.e. dense and firm, therefore it’s a stress-free buster, relives all back and neck pain, thereby providing supreme comfort.
  • The cushion is designed with contoured ergonomic correction, to give you a perfect aligned spine and can be used in offices, home or cars, etc.
  • It performs dual functions that can be used as lumbar support or seat cushion and come with breathable 3d mesh fabric cover.
  • Also, an adjustable strap helps keep the cushion in place.
  • Cons- It is not suitable in all conditions, not for everyone.

3. Optp Original Mckenzie Lumbar Roll (Standard)

  • The pillow has a unique size and shape that fits your perfectly into your lumbar area and ensure full back support while maintaining good posture.
  • It is crafted with a lightweight polyester removable cover that is easy to clean and handy.
  • This lumbar roll is quite versatile for office use, traveling, and it offers the option of choosing between the standard density or firm density foam construction according to user specifications.
  • Cons- This lumber cushion roll lacks lower back support.

4. Orthowala - Lower Backrest Comfort Cushion office chair back support- on chair & sofa car, etc.

  • The backrest has been made with molded polyurethane foam to support your back.
  • This one is a full length long back pillow for spine alignment, furthermore, it promotes good posture, reduces stress, and alleviates all types of chronic pain.
  • It features ergonomically designed backrest for improving body posture and providing ease and comfort.
  • The pillow is available in various colors suiting your office theme and has a removable plus washable mesh fabric cover.

5. Xamax Backrest Executive

  • This scientifically and ergonomically crafted backrest is a great option for office chairs, as it gives excellent support from top to lower back.
  • It comes with an adjustable belt to keep your position intact while sitting for long hours.
  • The backrest is made of high-density memory foam for providing lumbar support; furthermore, it comes in various color combinations with no weight limitation.

6. Health Sense Soft-Spot BC 21 Memory Foam Back Cushion and Orthopedic Backrest Pillow with Lumbar Support (Grass Green)

  • This product has been designed with ergonomic arc according to the human curvature, thereby reducing the back pain and providing full support.
  • It has removable 3d mesh fabric cover that keeps air circulating avoiding sweat and moisture, also is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The pillow is made of high-quality memory foam to support your back and keep you relax and comfortable.
  • It comes with a magnetic field with the presence of 8 magnets to increase blood circulation and improve your overall health.
  • Furthermore, the lumbar cushion has adjustable straps to keep you intact and secure.
  • Overall, this one is a great buy as it is portable, travel friendly and can be used in office chairs, car seats, sofas, etc.

7. OBLIQ Memory Foam Lumbar Back Support Ergonomic Cushion with Removable 3D Mesh Cover Backrest Pillow for Office Chair, Car and Sofa (Grey)

  • This perfectly designed ergonomic back cushion helps you in maintaining the proper posture; moreover, it gives a comfortable sitting experience even after a long duration of working hours.
  • It has 100% memory foam construction with a removable mesh cover for breathability and easy maintenance, and an extra-long adjustable seat belt convenient for all types of chairs.
  • The cushion is precisely designed to fit the natural curve of your body, thereby reducing the stress and strain from your lower back to keep up full support.
  • All in all, this makes Oblique Lumbar Support very versatile and user friendly.
  • Cons- This has one adjustable strap for securing your position

8. Remedo Back Support Cushion

  • This back support pillow ensures your body is perfectly aligned and includes a Velcro belt for height adjustments.
  • It gives relief from backaches and chronic pains, while help in maintaining the correct lumbar posture and avoid stress.
  • In addition to providing breathability while sitting for a long duration, its removable mesh cover is easy to clean and washable.
  • This performs dual functions that can be used as a lumbar cushion or seat cushion.
  • The product is quite affordable and durable, therefore an ideal choice for office use and traveling.

9. Grin Health Orthopaedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Back Cushion For Car or Office Chair Ideal Pillow for Lower Back Pain Relief, Improve Posture Support Back

  • The cushion with an orthopedic design adapts the shape of your body and relief you from the upper, middle, and lower back pains.
  • This cushion is made of soft, flexible, high-density foam to give you a calm and cooling experience.
  • The lumbar cushion is 13.8”x4.7”x17.7” inches in dimensions, and it offers a 3d mesh washable cover to keep your back cool and dry.
  • It is manufactured by a grin health brand that offers quality design and comfort for the users.

10. The White Willow Orthopaedic Memory Foam Spine Lumbar Full Backrest Cushion For Back Pain Relief Compatible With Computer, Car, Office Ergonomic Chair- Anti Sweat Cover (14"L x 15"W x 5"H) Blue

  • The cushion features a high-density core and versatile seat pad that distributes pressure evenly on legs, back, and hips.
  • Also, it helps in maintaining the lumbar posture and alleviating the back pain.
  • The breathable mesh cover allows air to circulate and provide comfort all day long.
  • It comes with a single adjustable strap to keep the cushion in place.
  • Cons- The product required high maintenance.


We have listed the above products keeping in mind all the factors that are essential for good backrest cushion, therefore our choice would be FOVERA Orthopedic Lumbar Support Memory Foam Cushion as it is crafted with high-quality material, modern design, adjustable straps, and durable cover to deliver the best comfortable working experience for the users.

If you think I left out any other lumbar support cushion please be free to post your valuable suggestions, your feedback is greatly appreciable.

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