Best File Organizers for an Office

The Top 10 Best File Organizers for an Office

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We spend a good portion of the day by wasting our time looking out the documents under a stack of papers and arranging them in our office. A messed place with piles of paper and a tower of documents brings no creativity and productivity. But you can get rid of all this clutter, by getting the best file rack for your workspace.

This office accessory keeps everything in its order and makes your life quite easy and sorted. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and different materials, so prefer the one which meets your expectations.

What Features To Look Out For:-

1. DESIGN- File organizers come in two designs standard or modular, modular ones have to be assembled as compared to standard ones which are already assembled, prefer modular one over the other as they are easy to dismantle and can be carried to any other place.

2. No of trays/ compartments- If you have plenty of documents and papers then you will require an organizer that has various sections for holding all the paperwork so choose according to your preference.

3. Material- Select material (wooden, plastic, or metal) that blends with your working space or you can opt for a metal file organizer as they go with any décor plus looks elegant and stylish.

4. Size- Consider size factor if you have a small desk or space so that the file rack does not take a major portion of the space and organize everything properly.

These are some factors to be considered before buying one. Now let’s have a look at our top 10 file organizers.

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1. SEPAL 4 Tier Metal Mesh File Tray A4 Documents/Files/Papers/Letters/folders Holder Desk Organizer for Home and Office

  • This storage tray has 4 stackable trays to hold all letters, files, papers, mails, and many more.
  • The tray has some great features like smart built design, durable metal construction, quick access, and convenient storage therefore it’s one of the favorite products used in the office.
  • Another added feature is the trays slide back and forth, which makes it super easy to store and secure all your files.
  • These organizers assemble quickly and use limited space on the desk, thereby keeping your space organized and clutter-free.

2. AmazonBasics Mesh Six Slot File Storage Office Organizer with Double Tray

  • The organizer comes with 6 slots for holding all your important files and documents; furthermore, it has two-tray under the top for storing paper stacks, folders, and envelopes.
  • It has a sturdy construction, easy to assemble, and has compact dimensions that work well on the desk.
  • The rack is designed with steel wire mesh, thereby providing durability and good reliability.
  • On the bottom, there are rubber bands that help to prevent from sliding or scratching the working surface.
  • All in all, this is an ideal organizer due to its great performance and attractive appearance.

3. Safco Products Steel Combination Desk Rack, 3 Upright and 3 Horizontal, Black, 3167BL

  • This steel organizer comes with a combination of 3 horizontal and 3 vertical sections to handle paperwork, files, folders, books, binders, etc. and other office supplies.
  • Also, it is provided with rubber grips at the bottom to protect the working surface.
  • The product features sturdy construction, decorative end panels, long-lasting strength, and appealing appearance making it a worthy buy for any professions.

4. AmazonBasics Hanging File Folders - Letter Size (25 Pack) - Assorted Colors

  • There are twenty-five different sections, divided by 5 separate colors for quick identification, thereby keeping your information organized and easily accessible.
  • The hanging file folders provide clear plastic tabs to create your custom labels, for better access and convenience.
  • It can be placed anywhere in file boxes, file cabinets, drawers, etc. so, function well in most locations.
  • Another added feature is this one is made of recycled materials.

5. Callas Metal Mesh Both Wall Mounted & Hanging File Holder Organiser Literature Rack, LD01-658

  • It occupies the vertical space thus keeping your desk organized and functional.
  • Callas brand offers great organizational tools and accessories for your office and home.
  • This organizer features 5 slots for holding and organizing all your documents in one place, also it can be mounted or hanged on the wall.
  • The product is built of high- quality steel-mesh construction with black powder coat finish; moreover, it comes with 2 hanging angles so you can hang it anywhere according to your space.

6. Kurtzy Black Wire Metal File Rack and Desk Organizer/Magazine Holder for Office Mesh (Black) 4 Slot

  • The file rack is compact, has dimensions 29x32x31 cm and made of high-quality steel with a smooth coating keeps your working space organized.
  • The product is quite versatile as it has 4 slots for storing A4 papers; files, magazines, books, etc. also occupy less space and is time- saver.
  • It has some unique features like sturdy construction, professional durability; furthermore, the rack has the hollow-out body that is ventilated to keep all files dry by keeping the dust away from assembling.

Cons- High in price and comes with no warranty.

7. Callas Mesh Collection Stacking Sorter, 5 Sections, LD 1183

  • This organizer is designed with sturdy metal construction to have a sleek industrial look that can go with any office décor.
  • The product dimensions 8.25 inches long by 14.375 inches wide by 7.75 inches high
  • The vertical organizer has 5 sections to hold all your necessary documents thus heaping your desk clean, tidy, and well organized.

Cons – Low built quality and can hold lightweight files.

8. Pendaflex 23011 Desktop File w/Hanging Folders, Letter, Plastic, 12 1/4 x 6 x 9 1/2, Blue

  • The organizer includes 5 letter-sized hanging folders to hold all your important documents, have clear tabs, and place inserts.
  • This one is flexible, convenient to use, maximize the space, and comes with side handles, thereby storing and securing all your papers.
  • It is a portable file box and is available in different colors to keep everything sorted and organized.
  • It has some additional features like good build quality, reliability, and strength.

9. SimpleHouseware 6 Trays Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer, Silver

  • This organizer is designed with silver steel mesh construction and has dimensions 13'' L x 9'' W x 15.5'' H, for storing and securing your documents.
  • It includes 6 mesh trays to carry all A4 letters, papers, mails, envelopes, and other stationery tools.
  • The product has 5 tilted trays to stack up all files and papers and a flat tray for storing your other office supplies.
  • By getting this organizer you can assure that your files and other working instruments will always stay organized.

10. JD9 Office Tray, File Tray, Document Tray, Paper Tray A4 Documents/Files/Papers/Letters/folders Holder Desk Organizer (Blue) (4 Tier)

  • The unit has been designed for high durable plastic and is strong enough to store no of files and papers; furthermore, this one is quite affordable and reliable.
  • This 4 tier desktop organizer can accommodate and organize all your A4 papers, notes, files, drawings, etc. and can be used for home or office.
  • It has more storage space as other compared organizers to store your office accessories.
  • The JD9 tray is quite easy to assemble and saves a lot of time; perhaps it makes your desk well-organized and clutter-free.

A file rack is an important office tool required every day to arrange the desk from the stack of documents and piles of papers. So it’s important to choose the right rack according to your needs and specifications. Our pick from the top 10 file organizers would be Sepal 4 Tier Metal Mesh File Tray as it has a ton of great features like build quality, industrial design, sturdy construction, and convenient to use, thereby making it worth buying!  A clean and organized workspace free of mess brings clarity to the mind and gives a great output.

If you think I left out one that is important or any other point, please free to post your valuable suggestions.


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