Top 10 Scientific Calculators for Architecture Students

Top 10 Scientific Calculators for Architecture Students
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A scientific calculator is an extremely handy and essential accessory for every architecture student and can perform multiple functions like trigonometry, logarithm, probability, and many more. A good calculator makes life easier and prevents errors. The calculations involved in architectural work are highly complicated and for such complex calculations, we require scientific calculators.

Here are some of the important features to look before buying one:

• Functions- It’s important to begin by looking for the functions present on the product that interests you e.g. like all statistical, mathematical, trigonometrical, algebraic, etc. This is an essential criterion that should not be overlooked during the purchase.

• Size - Always go for a compact size which you can take it everywhere without any constraints.

• Power- Opt for dual power both battery and solar energy in case of any issues further always checks the proper working of the machine.

As you know there is a wide range of calculators and brands which are available in the market, there are Texas and Casio and these brands are consistently producing quality calculators for many years, some have the same characteristics and others are different which make them unique, let’s have a short review on our top picks.

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1. Casio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 417 Functions

• With over 417 functions and switching onto the desired mode, this one makes your calculations quick and trouble-free.

• It has a dot matrix and natural textbook display for all the long algebraic functions and equations on-screen with ease.

• The multiple modes set up helps in performing all complex, polynomial, statistics, and matrix calculations.

• Battery life- Dual power both battery and solar energy for long-lasting usage.

• The design and features of this calculator are quite impressive and elegant.

2. Texas Instruments TI-36 X Pro Scientific Calculator

• The 36x pro calculator has four-line LCD and can transform all fractions, decimals into possible representations.

• One of the unique features of this one it offers multiple view display and shows multiple calculations at the very same time, furthermore, it also has easy-to-use mode menu, textbook appearance calculations, built-in solvers, and auto-power off feature.

• Warranty- 3 years from the purchase date.

• The light in weight, pocket fitting, soft keys make this product more remarkable.

Cons- It’s a pretty expensive product for the students.

3. Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 552 Functions with Menu Driven Interface

  • This one has 552 functions for all the fast functioning and 4 times better resolution than Casio 991ES for viewing of long expressions.
  • Another additional feature that makes it more remarkable is graphic visualization by scanning the QR code of data using your smartphone.
  • The high-resolution LCD handles easily all complex numerical formulas and symbols.
  • The power backup of the calculator is strong as it works on both battery and solar energy thus giving you durability and reliability.
  • The metallic keys, sleek design, and color-coded keypad make this calculator more attractive and stylish.
  • Cons- It misses out some functions like LCM, HCF, etc.

4. Casio FX-115ES Plus Scientific Calculator

• One of the main features of this one is the natural textbook display and has a fraction function which makes it super easy for all the calculations.

• It has over 280 functions and a multi-line display which allows for all-important replay functions.

• This calculator is light in weight with good durability and comes with an affordable price, therefore for every architecture student, it’s a smart buy.

5. HP 35S Programmable Scientific Calculator, 14-Digit LCD

  • The calculator comes with two batteries and 30 kb of memory.
  • Lightweight, compact size fits easily in your bag.
  • It has a huge library of built-in functions and constants.
  • One of the exceptional features of this one is that it led you to choose between RPN (reverse polish notation) and algebraic system.
  • Adjustable contrast two-line display maximizes visibility.

6. Casio fx-300MS Plus Scientific Calculator

• This one is quite ancient and is in the market for many years as it is the finest and cheapest calculator by Casio.

• It has a two-line display that shows up to 10 digits and can perform around 240 functions.

• The functioning of this is very simple and can be used in any field and has almost 229 functions such as scientific, exponential, trigonometric, etc.

• The auto replay function and backspace key give you error-free calculations.

7. Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS Scientific Calculator

• What makes it stand out compared to others is the Multiview display screen in which you enter calculations and compare results all at the same time.

• It works very quickly with fractions and decimals using the toggle key.

• Excellent in reviewing and editing your calculations.

Cons- No solar power only battery backup.

8. Bambalio BL82MS Scientific Calulator

• This one comes with a slide on to protect the keys and display panel and safeguards the calculator.

• It has a 240 step check and correct functions for easier and faster calculations.

• The large display with dot matrix feature helps you to work through your problems quite effortlessly.

• This calculator is budget-friendly and of the stable brand which deals in stationery in all over India.

9. Casio Scientific Calculator (FX260SLRSC)

• This one performs well in both trigonometric and fractional calculations.

• It features the two-line bright LCD with 10 digits, a hard slide case, solar-powered battery, and light in weight, therefore it's quite reliable and sturdy.

• Overall a good buy in terms of price and durability.

Cons- It has one limitation difficult to use in night.

10. Protokart Battery Powered 2 Line LCD Display Business SAT/AP Test Engineering Scientific Calculator

• It generates up to 240 functions and with a two-line display feature, all the inputs and results can be viewed at the same time.

• With its display quality, one and two-variable statistical calculations and three angle mode like degree or grades all are managed simultaneously, thereby making this one superb in all calculations.

• The calculator comes with a hard shell cover to protect the working surface.

Cons- Only battery operated and 3 months warranty.


Lastly our pick from the above-selected calculators that would possibly be Casio FX 991ES plus as it has a ton of great features that make it worth the money you will be spending. A scientific calculator can make all the difference for architecture students, these calculators bring accuracy in calculations and are indeed important. So choose wisely as it will last through your college life and beyond.

If there is any point or feature which we missed upon, please free to post your valuable suggestions.

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