The Top 10 Best T-Square for an Architecture Student

The Top 10 Best T-Square for an Architecture Student
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As new architecture students, we have all been in a position where we can’t decide which stationery items we would need more than others. How to balance between the quality and the cost of the item so that it is not too expensive yet it lasts long. In this article, we list the best T-Squares an architecture student needs to get their hands on!

T-Squares are absolutely essential for hand-drafting as they help in guiding drawings. These are available in various materials, sizes and prices. As an architecture student, you are definitely going to spend a lot of time with these instruments so it is best to know about the varieties available, the product which will suit your working style the best and is comfortable to work with. So here goes the list:

1. Isomars T Square - Detachable 32"(Scholar)

  • This Isomars T-Square is made from acrylic. It is clear and therefore provides more visibility.
  • It comes with a detachable plastic head.
  • It has a 32” scale to help in drawing parallel lines and right angles.
  • The markings are in both mm and inch and hence provide ease of use.
  • The acrylic material makes it light and easy to carry.

2. Alumicolor Ludwig Precision Heavy Duty T-Square Blade, 48"

  • With its aluminum body and durable plastic head, it proves to be a heavy-duty product.
  • Its construct enables it uses beyond drafting such as cutting and accurate measuring.
  • It has precise marking which does not rub off easily and large printed numbers ensure quick usage and increased accuracy.
  • This is a 48” T-Square, however one can find smaller alternatives also available.

3. Pro Art 18-Inch Aluminum T-Square

  • Pro Art T-Square is built from hardened, spring tempered aluminum.
  • The head is constructed from impact-resistant ABS Plastic.
  • It is 14-inch-long with a thin design.
  • The markings are in both inch and metric which allow for multiple uses.

4. Darice 24-Inch Aluminium T-Square

  • This 24-inch T-Square features a plastic head fixed to an aluminum body.
  • It is designed with a peg on the lower end. The T-Square lays completely flat on any smooth surface making drafting easy and precise.
  • It provides extremely accurate measurements with calibrations down to 1/32 of an inch for the first 3-inches and 1/16-Inch for the remainder of the ruler.
  • It also comes with a pouch for storage and protection.

5. Starrett T-36 Aluminum T-Square for Drafting and General Layout Work, 36 Length

  • This is a sturdy 36-inch long T-square.
  • The 2-inch wide, anodized aluminium blade lies flat and resists bending.
  • Graduations of 1/8" are on one edge and 1/16" on the other edge add accuracy.
  • It can be effectively used for drafting and general layout work.

6. Alvin Transparent Edge T-Square, 21" (C21)

  • This is a unique alternative to acrylic and metal T-Squares. It is built as per industry standards.
  • The blade is made from select hardwood which adds stiffness and strength to the Ruler.
  • The acrylic edges of the blade provide transparency to the work and they are elevated to prevent smudging.
  • The elevated edges also prevent friction between the ruler and drawing surface eliminating scratching of the surfaces.
  • The blade is attached to the head with rust-free screws giving the T-Square longevity.

7. Mr. Pen - T Square, T Ruler, 18 inch Metal Ruler, T Square Ruler, Drafting Tools, Architect Ruler, Set Square, Drafting Ruler, Tsquare, Truler, Architectural Triangle,Tee Ruler, L Square, Scale Ruler

  • This is a high impact, T Ruler made from carbon steel to make this product durable.
  • It has 18 inch/ 45 cm blade and a 12 inch/ 30 cm T-head. The dual scale makes drafting even easier and the scale flexible to use.
  • Its design allows it to be used as a T- Square, and L-Square.
  • The white laser markings on the black body are very distinct and makes the scale quick to use.

8. Lightweight Aluminum T-Square Ruler Size 18

  • The Fairgate T-Square has a high-tempered alloy blade securely riveted to a plastic head.
  • The graduations on this Ruler are long-lasting as they are deeply cut with highly visible black color.
  • It can be used by students while working in harsh environments due to its durable materials.
  • Its lightweight properties make it easily transferrable from one workplace to another.

9. Pangda 12 Inch/30 cm Junior T-Square Plastic Transparent T-Ruler for Drafting and General Layout Work (1)

  • This T-square is made completely of plastic. It has a plastic shaft 12-inch long attached to a plastic head.
  • The complete transparency of the ruler makes it enjoyable to work with.
  • It has black markings that stand out on the transparent plastic blade.
  • It comes with a convenient hanging hole on the lower edge.

10. PRO ART 36-Inch Wood T-Square

  • This is a wood and acrylic combo T-Square. The added wood component makes it stiff and ensures its stays perpendicular to the head.
  • It is made with select hardwood. It comes with elevated acrylic edges that prevent ink from seeping and smudging.
  • The ruler is available in 4 lengths: 18, 24, 30, 36 -inch.


It is very important that as a student you are being assisted by the most efficient and accurate tools. It is the part of life where you are undergoing an important learning process. Faulty and wrong instruments can hinder that process and make you dejected. Therefore, it is imperative to select the most suitable option for you.

We have two top picks for this list. The first one is more useful for students when they have to carry their instruments around frequently. For this, we recommend Isomars Detachable 32” T-Square. It is light to carry around, accurate, easy to use and inexpensive so even if you lose it, it isn’t difficult to replace. The second pick is a more heavy-duty T-Square by Alumicolor. Since it is made from metal, it is more durable and provides high precision. Although it might be a bit more on the expensive side, it will last you for decades. This can be stationed at the home workplace and will definitely make it worth the price.

I hope this list was helpful. We are always looking for new suggestions so feel free to reach us.

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