10 Highest-Rated Certificate Folders for an Architect's Interview

10 Highest-Rated Certificate Folders for an Architect's Interview
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Architects are always known to be smart and shrewd when it comes to their personalities and presentation. They leave no stone unturned in making things look different and dashing which is exactly the case with certificate folders for their interview. The certificate folder in an architect’s hand gives the strong first impression which comes in various materials such as PU leather, faux leather, plastic, etc. Adequate security is the key point behind these folders which play an important role in keeping the certificates organized and secure in every possible way with the utmost style. A certificate folder also holds a momentous position since it makes a great souvenir for an architect who would never compromise on its quality and specification.

For this, the best collection from the market has been analyzed and reviewed to make the best choice for our readers to land with literally the best and the finest without any doubt. Here is the top ten highest-rated certificate folders list:

1. AmazingHind Leatherette Files Folders / Document Bag With Adjustable Handles (20 Leaf, Size: B4, Color: Brown)

  • This professional file folder is made up of faux leather that withstands all scratches and scores.
  • The outer hardbound cover keeps all the documents safe along with perfect zipper closure.
  • It has an admirable design that comes with a retractable handle to hold the folder.
  • It is a durable folder that does not crack or warp with time.

2. Itoya Art Portfolio 8-10 Inches Storage Display Book, 24 Sleeves for 48 Views

  • First and the foremost feature is the sturdy and elegant design.
  • It consists of a black sheet in each pocket which serves the purpose of the frame very nicely.
  • Flips very easily even after loaded fully with certificates.
  • Pocket-friendly folder with perfect durability and premium quality.

3. JD9 Leather Document File Folder Executive Folder for Certificate A4 Size Document Organizer File - 30 Sleeve – Black for Office, Home, Banks, Professionals (Pack of 1).

  • Minimalistic design that looks quite professional with a high-quality magnetic lock instead of a zipper closure.
  • The outer cover is made from PU Leather which is stain-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Consist of additional pockets on front and back cover for storing IDs, notepads and other such material apart from 40 other compartments.
  • Stitched in a good quality which is soft and comfortable to touch and use.

4. C-Line 24-Pocket Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book, 48-Page Capacity, for 8.5 x 11-Inch Inserts, Black

  • It consists of a storage pocket on the front for carrying a pen or a notepad, etc.
  • This is an archival quality product including imperishable features.
  • A customizable spine is the best part of it making it look more professional.
  • The transparent film is clear enough for the clear display of certificates.

5. Oxford Certificate Holders, Letter Size, Burgundy, 2 Pack of 5 Holders

  • This folder has a robust and vigorous design to keep the certificate intact.
  • The display can be used in horizontal as well as vertical direction.
  • The cover has a gold foil embossed over the linen finish which is quite light in weight.
  • This environment-friendly folder has a sleeve that is fairly thick and looks simply classy.

6. Southworth Certificate Holder, 9.5" x 12", 105 lb, Black Linen Finish, 10 Count - Packaging May Vary (PF18)

  • Perfect linen finish outer cover makes it look elegant and a bit heavy.
  • Easy to use with die-cut slits and make the certificate look classy.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product that is more appropriately used in portrait direction than a horizontal one.
  • A little high priced but the quality is simply worth it.

7. GraduationMall Smooth Diploma Certificate Cover 8 1/2" x 11" (Purple)

  • Beautifully engrafted exterior with leatherette and foam padding outer cover.
  • Works perfectly well to hold the certificate with white background inside.
  • Nothing much fancy except the satin ribbons on all the four corners.
  • Overall, it has a classy, sturdy and elegant design.

8. Geographics Linen Stock Document Cover, 9.75 x 12.5 Inches, Green

  • Linen textured cover with beautiful gold foil design making it look elegant and intricately designed.
  • Perfect in terms of durability and lightweight to carry
  • It consists of a die-cut slot for keeping meaning awards securely.
  • Premium quality product with perfect bind stitching that avoids it from being flimsy.

9. DAHSHA Leather Professional File Folder with 20 Sleeves for File Folders for Certificates, Documents Holder- Dark Brown

  • Made from superior quality PU leather with 20 transparent inner compartments.
  • Good quality stitching, as well as zipper closures, work without any hindrances.
  • Extra pockets on the front and back cover to store extra items such as notepad, IDs, etc
  • The certificates remain organized and secure since the material used is water-resistant.

10. Dacto2pick Faux Leather File Folder Bag for Document/Certificate, 20 Leafs, FS Size(Bigger Than A4), Professional and Waterproof with Different Colours (Brown)

  • A pocket-friendly product with excellent quality of faux leather used which is soft.
  • The best part is that it has a provision to add more leaves in the file.
  • It is light in weight and durable in nature.
  • Consist of extra pocket on the front cover to put essential items and this also consists of an extra pocket specially designed for keeping a pen.


On carefully reviewing the entire list stated above, I personally loved “Oxford Certificate Holders” for not just the burgundy color it offers but I even loved its sturdy design and strong binding. The effect of embossed golden work on its cover is something I loved the most. I hope this list has been helpful for all our readers. Do let us know if we left out any folder that you think is important, in the comment section below.

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