The Top 10 Notebooks to Carry for Architect-Client Meeting

The Top 10 Notebooks to Carry for Architect-Client Meeting
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From team meetings to informal client interactions, keeping a notebook handy is an invaluable habit every architect and designer is familiar with. Not only does it act as a planner, organizer or a place for taking notes but It also helps record new ideas and acts as a source for the next big concept.

If you are an architect or a designer, you know the importance of having a personal notebook. From taking notes to passing time by doodling away those free minutes, a notebook is a must-have. However, selecting one which suits you the best can be a long cumbersome task. From different paper qualities to the size of the notebook itself; from the type of covers to its reusability, one is spoilt for choices.

So, to make your life easier we bring our top 10 picks which are sure to make your life as an architect more organized, efficient and creative!

1. MENORAH - Dot Grid, A5 Notebook - Black Dotted Journal - 240 Pages- 90 GSM- (210 x 135 mm) - 2021 Office Notebook, Planner - Completely Handmade

  • This notebook offers good paper quality which promises to be acid-free and wood-free with 90 gsm paper.
  • With careful attention to detail, this notebook comes with 240 numbered pages and a contents page to make working with it efficient and less time-consuming.
  • The choice of dotted pages makes it useful for various purposes such as taking notes as well as sketching, drafting etc.
  • It comes with an inner gusseted pocket, page marker and an extra bookmark to keep additional memos, tabs, cards secure in place.
  • One can choose from a varied range of color options based on their aesthetic preferences and personality.

2. Moleskine Classic Notebook, Soft Cover, Large (5" x 8.25") Ruled/Lined, Black, 240 Pages

  • Moleskin Classic Notebook promotes itself as essential for taking notes and a practical and easy-to-use notebook.
  • With its slim design and softcover, it is light to carry and takes up minimum space. Its round edges prevent it from wearing. Thus, making it extremely useful for people on the go.
  • The thick ivory paper pages are of pleasing color and prevent bleed through. It is ideal for using a fountain pen, ballpoint pen and other writing materials.
  • The notebook consists of 240 blank pages, elastic closure and multiple color varieties to choose from.

3. Rhodia Boutique Rhodiarama Sapphire Blue Goalbook Glued Spine Square Ruled Notebook - A5-210 mm x 148 mm

  • It is well-designed with Italian faux leather cover and will definitely make a valuable addition to your collection.
  • The notebook boasts of premium quality paper. The ivory sheets are perfect for using fountain pens and prevent bleed-through and feathering.
  • It consists of 96 lined sheets, inner pocket and ribbon page marker.
  • The notebook range comes in a variety of page styles: Lined, blank and dotted, making it useful for multiple tasks.
  • With pages glued to the spine the notebook, It lays flat so it is easier to work on from multiple directions.

4. Moleskine Professional Notebook, Large, Black, Hard Cover (5 x 8.25) Diary

  • The fourth pick is especially suited for professionals with a requirement for planning, scheduling and efficient note-taking.
  • This moleskin notebook comes with 240 thick ivory paper pages, hardcover and elastic closure.
  • The PRO Notebook has a custom layout with a task-focused design. It has designated projects and travels planning space to keep one in pace with the deadlines.
  • The stickers and detachable to-do lists are a unique feature of this product adding to its functionality.

5. Dingbats Wildlife Dotted Hardcover Notebook - PU Leather, Perforated 100gsm Ink-Proof Paper, Pocket, Elastic Closure, Pen Holder, Bookmark (Black Duck, Medium A5

  • The compact A5 size and faux leather hardcover provides a good grip to the notebook and makes it user-friendly.
  • The Wildlife range comes with an embossed animal imprint adding character to the notebook.
  • Apart from high quality 100 gsm writing paper, it comes with an inner pocket, pen holder and a variety of lined, blank and dotted pages.
  • This notebook is 100% vegan certified made with recyclable materials, so one does not have to think twice about the environment while purchasing it.

6. Dotted Grid Notebook/Journal - Dot Grid Hard Cover Notebook, Premium Thick Paper with Fine Inner Pocket, Dark Gray Smooth Faux Leather

  • This notebook offers a unique layout with each spread offering dot grids.
  • It is good for taking notes, list-making and also for making those rough diagrams and layouts for clients in a meeting.
  • This is 64 sheets, 128 pages thick notebook which is easy to carry around and available in a wide range of colors.

7. Field Notes 3.5"x5.5" Kraft Plain Memo Book, 48 pages (3-Pack)

  • This notebook is a compact-sized, convenient memo book for taking quick notes.
  • It comes in packs of three with the options of rules, graphs and plain paper.
  • It is a 48-page flexible notebook that one can take out to use without thinking twice whether it be to jot down information or to rip off a page to share with someone.

8. Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Hard Cover Notebook, 4 3/4" x 7 1/2", Yellow Cover, Geological Pattern

  • For all the site meetings and when one needs to work in the external environment, this notebook proves to be a life savior.
  • This notebook is a rare option for protecting your notes against rain, dust and grime.
  • It has a distinct rigid fabrikoid hardcover and the pages come in a coating of unique moisture shield.
  • It is pocket-sized and allows users to write in pen or pencil even when the pages are soaked.

9. Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

  • Rocketbook notebook provides a one-off product that is completely reusable.
  • It saves paper and your notes through scanning in an app-based system.
  • It comes with 36 reusable pages and a pilot friXion pen to take notes with.
  • The notes can be scanned and saved in Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud and email.

10. code&quill Origin Notebook Premium Hardcover Notebook for Creatives

  • It appeals to all kinds of architects and designers with its simple design.
  • It is built with more horizontal space which gives more space for writing.
  • Each page is made with 100 gsm fine-grain, acid free paper.
  • It has a combination of dot grid and indentation rule layout.


We have covered a diverse range of Notebooks in our article. It will assist you in choosing the one. If you are still confused, you can go with our pick and that would be MENORAH - Dot Grid, A5 Notebook - Black Dotted Journal with its elegant and functional design. It's premium quality and easy user interface make it useful for multiple tasks. It is a promising product that is sure to enhance your productivity as an architect.

Go ahead and share your thoughts on the products and keep us posted on any products we might have missed out.

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