The Top 10 Best Drawing Sheet Storage Tube for Architects and Designers

The Top 10 Best Drawing Sheet Storage Tube for Architects and Designers

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For an architect or a designer, the phrase “Carrying around my world” literally means carrying their sheets, designs, sketches etc. Carrying their precious drawing sheets to safety is definitely an important task. The most efficient way to do so is via a tube storage as it requires less space and can be carried around efficiently and safely.

You will certainly be overwhelmed by the various options of sheet holder/sheet container/drafting tube/roll pack out there. To help all of you out there who are looking to buy a sheet holder, we have cumulated a list of the best 10 options available in the market for you.

1. POPULAR Drawing Sheet Holder/Sheet Container/Drafting Tube/Roll Pack

This sturdy drawing sheet holder is used for storing and carrying all kinds of important documents, sketches, posters, maps etc. It is made of robust plastic material making it waterproof and securing all the components inside it. The sheet holder can be extended from 19 inches to a maximum of 29 inches which ensures that all kinds of sheet sizes can be stored inside it.

2. Isomars Sheet Container

This Isomars adjustable sheet holder has a 7cm outer diameter and can be adjusted between 47cm and 70cm. This is high quality and a heavy-duty sheet container that is light and water-resistant. It is a portable sheet holder, perfect for all professionals to carry their designs.

3. Vishal Drawing Sheet Holder/Sheet Container/Drafting Tube/Roll Pack

This is a versatile tube holder apt for all documents, blue prints, posters, paper rolls, scrolls, maps, sketching papers, etc. The length of the holder can be adjusted from 19 inches to 29 inches holding different sizes of papers. All kinds of paperwork are protected inside the tube holder’s plastic body.

4. POPULAR Drawing Sheet Holder/Sheet Container/Drafting Tube/Roll Pack (Black)

This Popular’s drawing tube has to be your pick if you are looking for something stylish. This elegant tool will become an accessory for you. It has a lock and an unlock system with an adjustable length from 24.5 inches to 40 inches, accommodating all odd sizes of artwork. The sheet holder is lightweight, water-proof and light-resistant making it an excellent choice for architects and designers alike.

5. Asint Drafting Tube Boxing 62-110 cm

This Monte Marte drafting tube is constructed of PVC with an adjustable nylon strap. This smart tube holder in black color can be adjusted between the heights of 62cm and 110cm via twist-lock increments. It a flexible and user-friendly product.

6. NANDINI ENTERPRISES Drawing Sheet Holder Container

The Nandini drawing sheet holder is black in color with red highlights. It is a handy product that offers flexibility in accommodating different size sheets. It has an interior diameter of 2.5 inches has an adjustable height anywhere between 30cm and 60cm.

7. Hug Me Drawing Sheet or Art Paper or Jumbo Paper Container

This waterproof and robust hug me sheet holder is definitely the cutest option amongst all which makes storing all artwork or important documents a blissful experience. The size of the holder can be adjusted between 30cm and 60cm. The holder comes with a removable and adjustable strap to carry the holder around.

8. Canvasify Artist Drawing Canvas Sheet Holder/Telescoping Sheet Container/Artist Portfolio Expandable Tube

This Canvasify sheet holder is an elegant and stylish one in beige color. It comes with multiple handles, making it convenient to be carried around in a manner that is comfortable for you. The lock and unlock system and strap make the sheet holder extendable and portable. This holder is probably the only eco-friendly option here as it is made of durable cotton canvas.

9. Art pavilion Plastic Sheet Holder Colourful

This bold green color holder is not for the faint-hearted as it is an ideal statement piece. This sheet holder has an internal diameter of 2.5 inches and can be extended up to 42 inches. This roll pack not only helps you carry all kinds of important documents but also stores them in an efficient manner. It has a removal and adjustable shoulder strap.

10. KABEER ART Water and Light Resistant Plastic Storage Tube

This black color document holder has a 3.5-inch diameter and is made of sturdy plastic. The holder can be expanded from 2.5 inches to 40 inches with 21 adjustable locking positions in 3/4" increments. The holder has an adjustable strap which is long enough to use even when the holder is fully extended. The holder is water-resistant and light-resistant protecting your sheets in all situations. It also has a twist-off, threaded lid with contact card for easy labeling of tube's contents.


Final Verdict:

No one likes an artwork or a design that they have worked on hours to be spoiled. So, you should definitely buy a sheet holder to carry all those precious paperwork because there is no better way to carry those sheets. We hope our article has helped in deciding the perfect sheet holder for you. All these ten options are definitely the best ones out there. Our favorite has to be the Isomars sheet container because of the durability and sturdiness it offers.

Please share your feedback on these options and don’t hesitate to tell us which one is your favorite.

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