10 Best Measuring Tape for Architects and Designers

10 Best Measuring Tape for Architects and Designers
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A measuring tape is nothing but a flexible ruler that could either be self-retracting or a roll-up. The concept of measuring tapes might have originated in the field of tailoring but with the passage of time, it has become more associated with the field of architects and designers.

All architects and designers use measuring tapes to measure sizes and distances of products or in sites. Therefore, measuring tapes are quintessential for all budding and practicing architects and designers. We have compiled a list of top 10 measuring tapes available in the market to familiarise you with the best options and help you in picking up the perfect one.

1. Royal Tools 30 Meter / 100 FT Freemans Fibra Fiber Glass Measuring Tape

This grey color measuring tape is made of fiber and measures 32 cm x 5.7 cm x 15 cm. This is a simple and basic measuring tape but apt for measuring longer distances as it can measure distances up to 30m.

2. FREEMANS Digital Measuring Tape (5 m, 19 mm, Black)

Freeman’s digital measuring tape is a versatile tool with accurate measurements. This black color, carbon steel elegant tape comes with its own carry pouch and covers a distance of up to 5m. The display can be rotated on the LCD display depending upon the direction of usage, making it convenient to record the readings. The best feature of the tape has to be the option to store and recall up to eight measurements which not only saves time but also aids in cross-checking the measurements.

3. Freemans IK7525 Ikon 7.5m:25mm Measuring Tape

This yellow color, Freeman’s measuring tape covers a distance of up to 7.5m. The tape has a robust built which is resonated in its high quality. It also has a close or a retract button to lock the tape in position for effective usage. The tape measures 103 x 35 x 84 mm and it weighs 399 gms.

4. AdirPro 715-06 16' Retractable Digital Measuring Tape with LCD Display

The AdirPro16' Retractable Digital Measuring Tape is sturdy and a multi-purpose tool that comes with a heavy-duty belt clip and wrist strap for easy storage and handling. The LCD display can be used for viewing measurements both in imperial and metric system with the help of a single switch. The hold function of the tape keeps the measurement on display while you retract the blade and the memory function holds up to eight measurements for long-term or short-term usage.

5. Stanley STHT36067-812 5-meter Tough Case Tape

The Stanley 5 meter tape in bright yellow colour has a durable and resilient tough case made of engineered plastic. The metal clip on the back of the case aids the measuring tape to be plugged to belts or pants for instant access. The lock button ensures safety of the tape.

6. MR LIGHT TOTAL Steel Measuring Tape (5 mx19 mm, Multicolour)

This measuring tape is one of the best ergonomically designed tape as it has a case that fits comfortably in your hand and also a winding handle for a smooth winding movement. All in all, the tape provides an easy and precise experience. The tape can quantify distances up to 5m and has readings in both the imperial and metric systems. The rubber cover of the tape provides a stronghold and a comfortable grip on the tape.

7. Shuangyou 5 m Laser Spirit Level with 18F Retractable Measuring Tape Pro Multi-Function Tool (Multicolour)

The Shuangyou’s measuring tape is a multi-purpose tool as it also has laser level and spirit level. It projects horizontal and vertical laser light beam having a wavelength of 63- 680 NM. This retractable tape measure distances up to 5.5 m. It has a 2D liquid level bubbles spirit level on top.

8. FREEMANS Plastic and Aluminium Levo 5 m:16 mm Measuring Tape + 30 cm Basik Spirit Level, Grey and Blue

This grey and blue color measuring tape comes with a basic additional spirit level. The tape measures distance up to 5m and are made of a combination of aluminum and plastic. The combination of these two types of equipment delivers the most accurate results while measuring distances.

9. Galaxy Tape Measure, 60 Inches Measuring Tapes/150 cm Dual-Side Flexible Ruler for Cloth Body Measuring Tailoring or Dressmaking Sewing Spring Return Pocket Tape

This fiberglass tape has an outer shell made of plastic. It is an elegant tape in black color which perfectly fits into any pocket. It is appropriate for measuring small distances as it can measure up to 1.5 meters or 60 inches. The retracting action of the tape is accessed through a button placed at the center of the tape. It is a flexible tape and can be utilized to evaluate all kinds of surfaces especially the curved ones.

10. Mixen Measure King 3-in-1 Digital Tape String Mode Sonic Mode and Roller Mode Universal Measuring (Black)

The Mixen measure king has a digital display and is a tough built. The paramount feature of this digital tape is that it can measure all kinds of surfaces very effectively. The tape has three types of measuring modes which are roll mode, flex mode and laser mode. Roll mode can measure any curved surface or irregularly shaped objects just by rolling the attached wheel for length or distance. Flex cord allows you to easily and accurately measure around objects. Laser mode is apt to measure long and hard to reach areas. Cord mode measures up to 11 feet, roll mode up to 75 feet and laser mode can measure up to 25 feet.


We have covered a diverse range of measuring tapes in our article. It will assist you in choosing the one. If you are still confused, you can go with our pick from these top 10 measuring tapes which is the FREEMANS Digital Measuring Tape. It measures distances up to 5m and has a rotating LED display. The superior quality and ease of usage just add to its value.

Comment below and tell us which is the tape that you are currently using and the one that you will choose if you go for an upgrade. Keep Measuring!!

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