The Top 7 Most Versatile Self-Healing Cutting Mats

The Top 7 Most Versatile Self-Healing Cutting Mats

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It might be difficult to believe, but tiny pieces pressed together to create a solid cutting surface are actually the star in all kinds of craft-related workshops, architecture and crafting world. Yes, here we are referring to the “Self-Healing Cutting Mats”. This revolutionary equipment saves your table or any other surface that you are using for cutting or marking tools as the blade actually goes inside the tiny pieces, separating them, and not cutting in the surface as a whole unit. At the same time, it proves to be an excellent work surface by providing a uniform medium. It protects your soft surfaces such as wood tables, wood-topped crafting benches, glass drawing tables etc. when using cutting or marking tools that could potentially create marks, or cause damage.

We are listing below, the 7 Most Versatile Self-Healing Mats out there to save you the regret from scratches on your wooden tables. This is an ideal post for those of you who have worn out your Cutting Mats and are looking for the best option in the market.

1. ANSIO A2 Double Sided Self Healing Eco Friendly 5 Layers Cutting Mat Metric/Imperial 59cm x 44cm (22.5 Inch x 17 Inch) (Super Pink/Royal Purple)

This is a multi-layer and a self-healing cutting mat measuring 59cm x 44cm making it ideal for all kinds of paper sizes up to A4. This peppy mat comes in pink on one side and purple on the other. It is extremely utilitarian as it has double-sided markings with imperial one side and metric on the other. The multiple cross lines, angles (0 to 180) and 1mm to 50mm circles on the grid are extremely beneficial for markings, cutting paper or crafting for specific measurements and sizes. The mat is constituted of tough PVC material which is environmentally conscious as it is completely recyclable.

2. Morn Sun Flexible Cutting Mat A/3 Size With Marked Pattern And Grids (18" X 12"), Green

The Morn Sun flexible cutting mat is made of vinyl material making it extremely flexible for usage. The mat is A3 in size, an appropriate size to be carried around and work on as it is not too big or too small. This versatile mat is stain-absorbent, non-toxic and even non-glare.

3. ANSIO A1 Foldable Cutting Mat - Self Healing - Imperial 34 inch x 22.5 inch (A1, Green)

The ANSIO foldable cutting mat is extremely functional and appropriate for working on bigger sizes. This A1 size mat can be folded into half its size making it convenient to be carried around and stored. This green color mat is also eco-friendly as it is fully recyclable. All the sides of the mat are marked with highly accurate markings for the best results. The mat has single side Imperial markings in inches and also, guidelines for angles, diagonals, square and circles to facilitate the cutting or marking process.

4. SYGA A4 Cutting Mat Printed Grid Lines Scale Plate Knife Leather Paper Board

This SYGA cutting mat is A4 in size, blue in color with the leather paper board back. It is a lasting mat with high durability as it is triple-layered and has blade resistant core. It is ideal for different kinds of craft activities and model making. The non-slip surface of the mat is an added bonus.

5. DUVERRA Professional Cutting Mat A1 Self-Healing 5 Layers Double Sided Durable Non-Slip PVC - Imperial - Inchs/Metric - cm/mm – 34 Inch x 23 Inch / 89cm x 59 cm – Light Brown/Dark Brown

This non-slip cutting mat is five-layered and it reseals its surface providing a continuous smooth surface for all kinds of cutting activities. The mat gets more usage out of it as it is double-sided and has metric grid lines on one side and imperial on the other. It is A1 in size and therefore big enough to accommodate all sizes of cutting activities. The mat has a neutral color on both sides proving it to be a good base i.e. light brown color on one side and dark brown on the other. The mat is also eco-friendly as it is composed of robust PVC material.

6. ANSIO PVC Rotatable Cutting Mat Self Healing Imperial (13 x 13 Inch, Green)

The most distinctive feature of this cutting mat is that is rotatable, augmenting its functionality. It is square in size measuring 13 x 13 inches. The clear grid line in yellow color is highlighted on the dark green color mat. It has single side imperial markings with guidelines for angles, diagonals and circles. It is quite beneficial that the mat is environmentally friendly as it is fully recyclable.

7. Fiskars 24X36 Inch Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat

This cutting mat is 24x36 inches making it a comparatively larger size for all kinds of model making. This grey color self-healing mat has grids on both sides and hence provides more space to work on. It has bias lines that make shape cutting and cutting at angles a breeze.


Final Verdict-:

This article covers all kinds of assortments of self-healing cutting mats available in the market. The range covered here has different colors and sizes but they all function perfectly at self-healing cutting mats. Our pick has to be the DUVERRA professional cutting mat as it is definitely the most versatile of all. Not only it is big in size, but it is double-sided and has marked in both metric and imperial making it an ideal pic.

You may pick your favorite from the lot depending on your need and function, but don’t forget to comment below and tell us.

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