The Top 25 Unique Gifts for an Architect

The Top 25 Unique Gifts for an Architect
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Gifts are ways in which you can show people that they are special. Moreover, a gift should resonate with the personality of the person that the gift is being given to. On the same lines, when choosing a gift for an architect, a person should be aware of what an architect would appreciate and treasure as a gift. They are creative people, so something creative is always a great idea for a gift. Other ideas could be based on some influences from great designers and architects, products based on new technology, state of the art stationary (which architect doesn’t love stationery!), accessories, so on so forth. Any gift that resonates with creativity or technological competence is sure to impress your architect friend, contemporaries, office buddies, sibling, the parent, or a relative. Following is a list of top 25 unique gifts suitable for an architect, which are sure to impress –


A pencil is the most important tool that an architect uses. A good mechanical pencil is a good idea for an architect. A mechanical pencil such as Rotring Rapid would not make the architect happy in receiving it, they would love to show off their new possession. While choosing a pencil try to gauge the various options based on the looks and especially ergonomics. All architects like classy pencils.

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2. SMARTPEN with a Journal

It is a good idea to gift a technologically aided tool to an architect. Smartpens are emerging as the next in the gadget for designers. Who would not want to show off a smartpen if they receive it as a gift! There are many smartpens in the market today. One can consider bamboo spark by Wacom, which also comes with a rechargeable journal and a notepad. The best part this smartpen works with any paper and can instantly transfer the work done on a sheet of paper to a smartphone or tablet. A good idea to consider!

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3. A KEYCHAIN with all the symbols that an architect associate with

A keychain is a very handy gift, which is small and the most usable gift. every time the person uses this keychain, he or she would definitely remember the person who gifted them this keychain. A good way of showing that you are thoughtful about the person to whom you are gifting this keychain. It is more like a professional charms ring.

I can bet your architecture friends sure would appreciate this gesture.

4. A Watch – with all the symbolism

A watch from various brands is a good gifting idea, but, when you are choosing a watch for an architect, go for something that has architectural symbolism. Here are two examples of very contemporary watches that would definitely make any architect happy. One watch has all the tools embedded in the dial. Another is a very simple yet classy watch with a plan of a structure as a base for the dial.

These again indicate that the person thinking about the gift gave a good thought about the person receiving it.


An architect and a good sketchbook, always a good option. When in doubt what to give an architect that he or she would love, select a nice sketchbook.

Architects are always happy even if they receive 100 sketchbooks. The uniqueness factor can be countered in by considering the material of the cover, the message or graffiti on the cover, the paper thickness and maybe paper color. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. Here is an example of a sketchbook by Moleskine.

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6. Offbeat Tealight Candle Holder

One can consider a showpiece cum tealight holder such as those made of Himalayan salt natural crystal rock. There is nothing more pleasing than to have something right from the laps of nature. This is a perfect product to adorn the architect’s desk or home. This particular piece is unique.

7. A MUG full of quirk

A mug with a quirk factor is a good idea to give to that quirky and sassy architect friend of yours. They not only love quirky remarks and statements but treasure them.

Besides they can show off the quirk and use the mug at the same time. The catch here is that the idea of gifting a mug is not unique but the tag line or the graphic it has should be out of the box.

Go for it!


A nice and classy fountain pen would never fail as a gift for an architect. Every architect likes to project their taste with their treasured stationary. A fountain pen from LAMY, for instance, does the trick. It comes in an array of vibrant color choices. While buying it you can well imagine the receiver of the pen flaunting it in front of everyone. The fountain pens come with an advantage that they are never too old to discard. These become treasured possessions and thus can rekindle the memories in the future.

9. Cement Planters (Set of 3)

Most architects have an unexplained love for cement planters. These are good to gift as they can put them on their desk in the office or at the workstation back home. After all who doesn’t like a gift that ultimately promotes ‘go green’!

There is a range of profiles and forms that are available in the market, choose the best that goes with the personality of the architect receiving them as a gift.

10. Lego Architecture Studio Set

LEGO is one of the best gifting ideas for an Architect's creative mind. These are interconnecting blocks to build what you are thinking of, putting a shape to your ideas. It helps in developing and enhancing the creative outlook of young minds. LEGO also came up with sets of architectural series, which are scale models of iconic structures and skylines from across the world.

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All architectures are full of travel juices. It is a unique and good idea to gift a set of luggage tags to the travel lover architect. Not just any luggage tags, but tags with a famous structure or a nice frame of architectural element. These luggage tags would lead your architects to make a mark among the common luggage tags. A simple and yet unique gift idea for architects.

12. MEMORY SHADOW BOX – keepsake box

A unique gift for architects is a shadow box. The receiver would be grateful for having this meaningful multipurpose gift. It could be used to display and preserve pictures, memorabilia, achievements, etc. The box could be mounted on the wall or displayed on a table. It is a perfect gift that would help the receiver store memories at the same time it would keep reminding them of this gesture throughout the time.

13. Frank Lloyd Wright COASTERS

This particular set of 4 coasters is inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Made with absorbent stone with a cork back to help prevent scratching the surfaces. This is a very tasteful gift for architects. Perfect for their office or home. A must consider option to gift an architect. It is an official Frank Lloyd Wright collector item.

14. PAPERWEIGHTS of iconic buildings

A paperweight with an iconic building sculpted over it is a gift that has a functional as well as decorative purpose. If in the long run, the person doesn’t want to use it as a paperweight, they can definitely display it in their showcase. There is an entire collection of various iconic buildings in the paperweight. One could even go on to collect the entire collection.

15. Vitruvian Man JEWELLERY

Vitruvian man is a symbolism that every architect knows and connects with, much rather wear it. A nice and thoughtful gift to consider for all the lady architects. A classic gift to consider!

16. Tasteful BOOKENDS

Bookends are a good gifting idea for the bibliophilic architects. The bookends could be a representation of iconic buildings or skylines, or it could be a natural agate, geode or stone. These are good as a memento of remembrance and make for good decorative element for an architect’s bookshelf along with keeping the books intact.

17. A 3D Doodler

Architects love to doodle their ideas, but up until now, it was on a sheet of paper (2D). but, now with the technology’s grace, we have 3D doodler, which could help the architects doodle in 3D. Ideate while doodling the 3D format. This doodler comes with coloured cartridges. The architect can choose to work in a monochrome or layer of colours. A nice gift for the architects who love to doodle, model building or cutting-edge technology.

18. ACME Studios Inc Le Modular Figure Standard Roller Ball Pen

This pen by ACME studios is a collector item, with a Le modular and Le Corbusier’s signature. A nice gift idea for all the architects who love the master architect Le Corbusier.

19. LAPTOP BAG with élan

With all the work on laptops these days, architects carry laptops for presentations to the clients. A nice laptop bag with elan is a good option to choose to gift to an architect. For example, this laptop bag by Clownfish is something that an architect would love to add to the possessions.

20. Fridge magnet cum Vase

This is a gift that helps in bringing greens inside your kitchen. This particular product is of manageable size and houses live plants. An ideal gift for the plant lovers.

21. Offbeat LAMPS

Lights and lighting fixtures are one segment that architects are sensitive towards. It is a nice element to gift to an architect provided it has some x-factor in it. For instance, in both the examples, one is a lighting fixture inspired from an open book and the other lamp has a nice graphic appeal to it, with a balance of colours and white areas. So, consider getting interesting lamps for the architects you are associated with, to brighten then work area or personal space. A lamp that is full of creative appeal is sure to have a lasting impact on the one who is receiving the gift.

22. Minimalistic WALL CLOCKS

Time is an integral part of our schedules. Though for most people clocks and watches have been replaced by our smartphones, there is nothing like a minimalist wall clock. These are irreplaceable and they somehow can increase the style quo of a space that they are used in. for clocks though, considering that you are gifting to an architect, try to consider the material, mechanism and the uniqueness factor in the wall clock that you pick up.


Anyone likes an organized workspace, but a concrete desk organizer for an architect is an apt choice. Something that you can go in for even with your eyes closed and it is sure to make your architectural friends or relatives happy. Besides you give them a reason to remember you every day by putting something on their work desk that they would appreciate.


Creative products and that too as a gift for an architect is always a good idea. This particular pen holder is a creative holder and has an edge to it when compared to the usual pen holders. The varied holes in the panel, let the user balance the pens and pencils thus adding an aesthetic value to it. Besides, there would never be a point when it would look the same.

When one doesn’t want it as a pen holder, it can function as a scaled-down screen.

25. WHISKEY GLASSES with folds

Whiskey glasses are mementos that everyone cherishes. With this particular glass having the folded triangulated profiles, it makes it unique for gifting it to an architect.

In use or not they are sure to adorn the collection of the receiver of this gift. this glass is geometrical and at the same time carries elegance. A perfect go-to in case of any doubt.


This was my list of 25 unique gifts suitable for an architect. Most of these are simple yet have an edge that is sure to make your architect friends happy about the gift. Go ahead with the most unique gift that you can pick up. If there is any other offbeat gifting idea that you think can be added to the list, feel free to put up your suggestions.

Happy Gifting!!

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