Best Smartpens for Architects and Designers

The Top 10 Best Smartpens for Architects and Designers

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Updated on 2020-04-26

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While doodling or sketching, many of you would have thought if the same sketch could be digitized in that instant, exactly as it is. I certainly have, at numerous times, while sketching and pondering over an idea. Like everything is turning smart, so have the pens. A smart pen is a technologically driven instrument. It helps to transfer the sketches, notes, doodles, etc. from a paper instantly to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Certain smart pens come with a feature of voice recording also, so that with every note or sketch, you can attach a voice note.

Once transferred these notes, doodles or sketches are ready to be used whenever you want. What’s more? You can even edit the file that is stored to be used in presentations. They have sure started making things easy for us. For architects and designers, it’s more like a dream come true. It is gradually becoming a must-have gadget for architects and designers. In the following article, I will take you through 10 smart pens ideal for architects and designers –  

1. Moleskine - Pen+ Ellipse Smartpen

  • The smartpen seamlessly transfers every pen stroke to your device in real-time.
  • It with paper using Ncoded technology.
  • The work is transferred through the Moleskine Notes app and is compatible with android and iOS.
  • It also has an audio recording feature to sync audio notes with your work. In this way, one can record thoughts with the notes.   
  • This smartpen works efficiently with Moleskine notepad.
  • The battery capacity is not that huge.

2. Staedtler 990 01 Digital Pen - Blue

  • This smartpen helps in digitizing and saving handwritten notes and sketches by transferring to the computer.
  • The transfer takes place through a receiver.  
  • It works with an adaptive handwriting recognition software.
  • It is enabled to recognize 30 languages.
  • It can save up to 100 A4 pages.
  • It works with normal paper, there is no requirement of special paper or digital notepad.
  • The software can be purchased and it is compatible with Windows.

3. Neo Smartpen N2 for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets (Titan Black)

  • The pen automatically turns on once someone starts writing with it.
  • This smartpen works with the Encoded paper and Neo Notes app to transfer the notes and sketches to a smart device.
  • The app is android and iOS supported.
  • It can store up to 1000 A4 pages.  
  • It has a calendar that records the date, place, and weather when the note was captured.
  • Recognizes 15 languages.
  • It also has a feature of voice syncing with notes, can be used while connected to the app.
  • It is an ergonomically suited pen with a slim body and pressure detection, giving all the comfort to the hand while writing.
  • This smartpen had been a 2015 iF Design Award Winner.

4. Wacom Bamboo Spark CDS600G Smart Folio with Gadget Pocket

  • It lets you write on your favorite paper and converts your work to a digital file with high accuracy and gives the flexibility to work at your will.
  • The notes or sketches are instantly saved to the Bamboo Spark app. With the help of this app, you can organize and edit your work.
  • It works with android and iOS devices. The notes could be accessed on multiple devices.
  • It has a handwriting recognition feature.
  • It can store up to 100 pages.
  • It is suited for everyone who likes to store their notes or doodles for using them as references later.  

5. IRISNotes 3 Air

  • This smartpen work on standard paper with a standard ink giving the user a feel of a conventional pen.
  • The ergonomics and style also relate to the feel of traditional pens.  
  • Recognizes 30 languages in addition to graphs and drawings.
  • The notes are stored in the receiver. These notes can be uploaded later to the devices and they can be digitized to a 100% editable file.
  • The files could be saved directly to the device by means of WiFi or with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • IRISNotes 3 has software provided for PC and Mac, it helps in digitizing the notes on your computer. The IRISNote 3 app also allows the user to create videos with the recording of your voice with notes.
  • It can store up to 100 A4 pages.
  • The pen is equipped with a learning module that enhances its capabilities of handwriting recognition.

6. NeoLab Convergence Neopen M1 Smartpen for iOS, Android, Smartphones, Tablets, and Windows

  • This smartpen has the charm of an ordinary pen.
  • It is a thin pen with a cylindrical fiberglass body, this helps in a comfortable grip and therefore effortless working.
  • Available in vibrant color variations.
  • It has an automatic power function, switches on when one opens the cap and gains a standby mode if not used for a while.
  • It can store over 1000 A4 pages.
  • Works with N notebooks which are equipped with Ncoded technology.
  • For the best results, the use of the pen should be done in good light conditions.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled so that the work can be transferred seamlessly to your devices.
  • There is a software (Neo app) also provided by the brand to aid the transfer

7. Equil Smartpen

  • This pen is super classy and compatible with any paper.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled and works with all OS environments.
  • The notes are transferred to your devices in real-time.
  • There are two dedicated apps required to transfer your work to the devices. These are Equil Note and Equil Sketch. Both theses apps enable the user to edit and organize their data.
  • Pen gestures could be customized to make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Designed to recognize 600 pressure levels, to extract the work in the intended detail.
  • One can add media files to make the work notes or documents more interactive.
  • It can save up to 10000 pages.

8. NEWYES Smartpen Sync to The Mobile Devices for Notes with APP (Syncpen 1.0)

  • The built-in camera helps in capturing the precise proportions of the work done.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled to help in wireless transmissions.
  • The pen has a handwriting recognition feature that can be used with the help of NEWYES NOTE app. It is compatible with android and iOS.
  • The app helps in generating editable text for your notes.
  • with the help of the app, one can even add voice notes with the files. This helps to preserve your train of thought.
  • It has a sleek and elegant design.

9. Livescribe APX-00E39 Aegir Smartpen

  • Works with Livescribe's paper to help one digitize their work efficiently.
  • Audio notes can be attached to the files with the help of the Livescribe+ app and Livescribe+ Desktop.
  • This app also helps in searching for your handwritten notes when you need them.
  • Recognizes 26 languages.
  • The app works with android, iOS and windows. 
  •  It has a feature to store data even when it is not syncing with a device.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity with phones and computers.
  • It can store up to 1200 A4 pages.

10. Livescribe 3 smartpen Black Edition

  • Bluetooth smart can be used to sync all the data with the help of the Livescribe+ app, compatible with android and iOS.
  • Allows attaching of voice notes with your notes and sketches, this is called pencasts.
  • The camera provided is a high-speed infrared camera that makes the entire process faster.
  • The handwritten notes can be converted to digital text with remarkable accuracy.
  • It is compatible with android and iOS devices.
  • This pen gives a smooth and effortless writing experience.
  • Works with designed Livescribe paper.

With so many competitive choices in the market, it becomes difficult to pick one. But our favorite is  NeoLab Convergence Neopen M1 Smartpen. The reason for it to qualify to become a favorite is that it has the essence of a traditional pen. It is sleek and offers a good grip and smooth writing. This was our choice, but, go ahead and pick the best-suited smartpen for yourself. For architects and designers, a good smartpen would be a good investment to make. If there is any smartpen that you think we missed upon, please feel free to post your suggestions!


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