The Top 10 Drawing Template Stencils for Architects and Designers

The Top 10 Drawing Template Stencils for Architects and Designers
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Drawing template stencils are the kind of standard symbols that are used for various architectural works as well as designer works. The major reason that Architects and designers use these template stencils in their work is to save time, since “time is money”. These are generally used because of the repetition factor in the work. Generally, these are made from flat plastic with standard cuts in it so as to let pencils work smoothly in it. Today’s market consists of stencils of every need, be it interiors, exteriors, floor plans, elevations, shapes, arrows and many more.

Here’s a list of top 10 template stencils to draw common figures, shapes and symbols to make the job of drawing an easy task.

1. Isomars 1:50 Architectural Drawing Template Stencil-Furniture Symbols for House Interior Floor Plan Design

  • Made up of durable and transparent orange plastic in the size 30 cm x 16 cm x 12 cm
  • The circles on the right serve the purpose of circle master too
  • Useful for interior floor plans having symbols for bed, sofa, sink, dining table, and kitchen appliances, etc.
  • The template is transparent in nature which lets the user see below for its proper positioning.

2. Linex Furniture Template with Furniture and Room Symbols Scale 1-50

  • The tinted green color looks really attractive amongst other stationery materials.
  • Very fragile and can be knocked off easily while working.
  • Minimum options for the selection of furniture.
  • Consists more of square-shaped furniture than curved shape furniture.

3. PRO ART AV2-10E1LPro Art Landscape Template

  • The template is quite handy to work with.
  • Add life to your work with simple strokes of consistent trees and plants.
  • Complete set for landscaping elements such as hedge, wire fence, bushes, barbeque station, etc.
  • The best part is all the templates are mentioned with their name below, making it easier to identify while working.

4. Isomars Ellipses Templates Combo - Set 0f 4

  • This is a “must-have” template stencil for every architect and designer.
  • The combo is appreciable since it consists of ellipses of various degrees and mini ovals.
  • It can be used for various illustrations and applications.
  • The markings on the scale are dark enough and do not fade away with time.

5. Isomars Architecture Designing and Drafting Template Combo - Set of 2

  • Made up of transparent orange plastic in the dimensions of 250mm x 150mm x 1.5mm.
  • This combo set of design template is complete while drafting floor plans for interiors.
  • The sizes are mentioned along with every shape to ease the drafting process.
  • The template is highly fragile.

6. Isomars Circle Radius Master Template

  • Made up of flexible and transparent orange plastic.
  • Durable quality template in the dimensions of 198 mm x 250 mm
  • Perfect for artists, architects, interior designers and various other professionals as degrees and sizes are mentioned along.
  • The job of making circles and curves becomes easier with this super tool.

7. Isomars Circle Square Rectangle Arrows Ellipse Triangle Hexagon Pentagon Symbols Drawing Drafting Template Stencil

  • It is more of a geometrical stencil consisting of circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, pentagon, arrows, etc.
  • No scale or size is mentioned over the stencil.
  • Serves multipurpose use for artists and professionals who believes in customization.
  • The template is durable enough and offers transparency in position while working.

8. 11 Pieces Geometric Stencils for Drawing Circle Templates Set

  • An efficient set of 11 stencils made for accurate and precise work.
  • Not all the stencils have scales and sizes mentioned.
  • Hollowed pattern edges are smoothened, finished and polished for easy usage.
  • Perfect for technical precise work as well as non-technical work too.

9. Isomars Metric 1:50 Scale Architectural Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures Architect Drafting Template Stencil

  • This stencil consists of plan and side view symbols and shapes of sanitary fittings, bathtubs, kitchen appliances which could be used in making elevations and sections.
  • It is made in the dimensions of 263mm x 90mm x 1mm.
  • Perfectly deburred shapes
  • Clean and clear plastic allows the proper positioning of a stencil.

10. Isomars 1:200 Scale Architectural Drawing Template Stencil- Furniture Symbols

  • Architectural template of scale 1:200 Scale highly used for large scale projects
  • It consists of Furniture Symbols residential interior design.
  • The best part is that furniture could easily be customized using this stencil.
  • This has a clear and depressing scale with excellent flexibility and high hardness.


Here, it is important to note that all the above-stated stencils are considered as an important part of any designer’s or architect's stationery kit because each one of them serves its purpose. But I’m sure everyone including me loves to grab their hand on combo set for the obvious reason of saving money plus these are equally good in quality and service for multipurpose works including technical and non-technical. I hope this list would help you in choosing your perfect stencil for the kind of work you are into. Do let me know if I missed any important stencil template in the comment section below.

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