The Top 10 Scale/Ruler for Architects and Designers

The Top 10 Scale/Ruler for Architects and Designers
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Amongst various tools and equipment, rulers are the most essential toolset for architects and designers to produce accurate drawings and works. The scale is generally used to describe the relationship between a drawing or physical model and buildings on the ground, which is indeed one of the most important aspects of architectural and spatial design. Hence it is essential to choose the correct scale/ ruler for producing precise works on ground level because there is no room for error when it comes to large scale projects. So to make this job even easier, here’s a list of top scale/ ruler for architects and designers:

1. Architectural scale ruler, engineer drafting, triangular- American standard

  • American standard scale is made up of anodized turquoise aluminum.
  • The measurements are mentioned in inches as well as centimeters which is a bonus point.
  • A triangular-shaped ruler has six sides and eleven different scales mentioned on it.
  • Measurements are etched on the stain-free surface of a ruler making it a fine quality and good design product.

2. Pro Art 180 12-Inch Architectural Triangular Scale

  • This pocket-friendly ruler is made up of plastic and machining is done very clean.
  • Very smooth and clear edges making it a durable item.
  • Easy to use as it comes with both imperial and metric scales.
  • One of the most accurate scales to be used for professional and precise work.

3. Equilibrium architects scale- 12 inch triangular aluminium drafting scale

  • Made up of hollow-core aluminum with a matte finish
  • The markings are precisely embossed with black color which stands out well.
  • Its edges are a bit pointed and sharp.
  • One of the most durable rulers used by professionals because of its precision factor.

4. Alvin 98/ARC 12" Black Aluminum Architect Triangular Scale

  • Made up of high quality, black anodized aluminum and looks more substantial than other scales.
  • This scale has a large profile and has a hollow core.
  • It comes in a hard translucent plastic case and its edges are tapered.
  • White markings on black looks not just great but make the working easy as white color stands out so well.

5. Gejoy 12 Inch Triangular Architect Aluminium Scale

  • Consists of six different scales on three sides.
  • Edges are tapered, angles are squared off and ends are plastic protected.
  • Lightweight, a durable and reliable tool that is perfect for technical drawings usage.
  • Measurements are embossed for precise measurements which makes it persuasive enough for professional work.

6. Intoy Etched And Solid Aluminium Architect Scale, Sciedu Triangular Ruler

  • Made of solid high-grade aluminum to avoid warping and flex.
  • A very durable ruler which is etched by laser for high precision and never fades away.
  • This sturdy design offers 11 different scales on all three sides, makes it a versatile scale.
  • It can be used for any kind of project but works best with design projects.

7. Alvin 241B Scale Eng 12In Trnglr Bamboo

  • The very first ruler that entered into the architectural market long back before aluminum and plastic.
  • A very reliable and durable ruler which is used by most of the professionals even today.
  • All the six faces are made out of plastic with a bamboo core.
  • All the divisions are machine engraved with color-coded furrows.

8. Nokko 3 Piece Aluminum Ruler Set

  • Three ruler set consists of two architectural rulers with different scales and one simple aluminum ruler
  • High quality etched 3 sided ruler which is durable enough for long term projects.
  • Precise markings and sharp edges perform wonderfully on every kind of surface.
  • Made up of solid core with high contrast markings and high visibility.

9. Staedtler 12-Inches Architect Triangular Scale (98718-31BK)

  • Made up of solid white plastic with color-coded grooves which makes the job much simpler.
  • A pocket-friendly ruler which is perfect for students as well as professionals.
  • Three sides with six different scales to ensure quick and accurate workability.
  • No compromise in terms of legibility and sturdiness.

10. HoliFiver Triangular Architectural Scale Ruler – 12” Imperial Scale, Laser-Etched Aluminum Red Finish

  • This triple sided design is made up of a solid block of high grade anodized aluminum.
  • The most unique thing about this ruler is that it comes with engraved quotes on it.
  • The red color makes it look even more pleasing.
  • This stylish and sleek design is sturdy and durable.


To put it in a nutshell, the above-collected data clearly states that plastic rulers are cheaper than aluminum ones but let’s not forget that we professionals move more towards durable items than cheaper items since it serves as our bread and butter. On a personal note, I have spent huge bucks on “Etched And Solid Aluminium Architect Scale, Sciedu Triangular Ruler” during my graduation days and guess what? I still work with it even after 7 long years. Laser engraved marks didn’t fade and work with the best possible precision. Its concave design avoids smudging. Anodic oxidation black color surface makes it easier to identify in the stationary mess if I compare my other transparent and white scales. So I would personally recommend you to put your hands once on it and I’m sure you will not regret spending any penny on it. I hope the article helps you grab the best one.

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