The Top 10 Colored Pencils for Professional Designers

The Top 10 Colored Pencils for Professional Designers

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Pencils are the real weapon for any professional designer in order to present their art from their mind to the paper. The hues of colored pencils are often layered to create a dimensional piece of art by the professionals. The journey from holding a normal colored pencil during childhood to working with some professional brand pencil indeed teaches a lot and this actually holds a very significant role in any designer’s thought process. Therefore, colored pencils have come up a long way in terms of their demand and technology-related work. Here’s a list of few colored pencils which are available in the market:

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1. Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set - Pack of 120

  • This set of 120 colored pencils comes in wooden case, which is light-weight and has a carry handle and is absolutely value for money.
  • Although not a pocket-friendly product but it is really a brilliant thing for the professional designers as if offers a wide range of colors.
  • The quality is simply amazing which can be seen during blending, mixing and fine detailing works.
  • It is much more versatile than any ordinary pencil colors as they do not break easily.

2. TIMESETL 50 Color Pencil Set - Sketching Oil Based Coloring Pencil

  • This set of 5o colors comes in a very convenient storage-kind-pocket which is easily folded and requires very less space
  • It features a range of rich and vibrant pigmented colors suitable for superior blending and shading works.
  • Works perfectly for sketching and précised detail works.
  • Superior sharpen ability and high-break resistance.

3. Derwent Inktense watercolour pencil set tin (Set of 72)

  • These colored pencils can be used as dry but gives a splendid effect when popped with water.
  • It can be used on not just paper but other materials too such as fabric.
  • Laying of color is super smooth in dry as well as wet technique.
  • Definitely a great buy, if one loves watercolor because these are easy to work with rather than those conventional watercolors.

4. Staedtler 137 C 48 Luna water color pencil-Pack of 48

  • Richly pigmented pencils can be used dry as well as with water to create an impressive effect.
  • Very durable as they are high break-resistance.
  • These barrel-shaped pencils come in a standard cardboard box.
  • The blending ability of these pencils makes it easier for beginners to use them in any way.

5. New AquaBlend by Spectrum Noir 24pc Pencil Tin - Naturals

  • These are appreciable wax and oil hybrid pencils.
  • Highly blend-able and gives a decent result for artworks.
  • Perfectly water soluble with no complaints of staining and residue.
  • The only frustrating fact about these pencils is that one needs to buy all the sets available in order to get the desired color at times.

6. Castle Art Supplies 72 Colored Pencils Set with Vibrant Color

  • The matte black outer tin packing is simply high end and offers a wide range of colors.
  • Nice and compact design of tin consists of three grooved trays inside so as to keep the colors organized.
  • Colors are easy to work and blend perfectly.
  • Colors are not named or numbered which sometimes create a mess while sorting it out.

7. SUDEE STILE 96 Unique Colors Pack Art Colored Pencils Set for Drawing

  • Made up of softening poplar wood, gives smooth and uninterrupted coloring feeling.
  • It comes in a heavily laminated durable tube-shaped plastic storage container
  • Richly vibrant and striking colors are highly pigmented resulting in easy layering and blending.
  • The lead is wax-based which produces good color results.

8. Prismacolor Premier Art Stix Woodless Colored Pencils, 36-Count

  • An array of exposed cores are buttery smooth in application.
  • Delicate blends and lush layers create unmatched results.
  • Very helpful for large portraits and landscapes as these stix are broad and intense.
  • Could be sharpen for fine detail work and produce absolutely amazing results for strokes on large surface areas.

9. Arteza Professional Colored Pencils (Set of 72)

  • It comes in a durable double-hinged tin with clearly labeled and numbered pencil colors inside.
  • Offers vivd array of bright, saturated and brilliant colors.
  • Blending and layering are done effortlessly which provides rich and deep coverage of the surface.
  • Soft and dense wax core is break-resistant and works like a buttery effect.

10. Prismacolor Colored Pencils Box of 150 Assorted Colors

  • This bundle of 150 colored pencils comes in a durable box along with the perfect quality of 2- blade sharpener and triangular eraser.
  • These premium quality pencils are pigmented and provide superior blending.
  • This pocket-friendly product is highly durable which is used for fine detailing works by the professionals.
  • Gives perfect result of mixing, shading and blending because of the smooth and creamy inner core.

I’ve always been a huge fan of colors since my childhood which is also one of the factors that landed me in the field of architecture. So my personal favorite is “Staedtler 137 C 48 Luna water color pencil-Pack of 48” because I could do a lot with them in my design works. The rough strokes help in scratching mind while designing whereas using it with a splash of water creates an impressive impact which I’ve used right in front of my clients to make them visualize the kind of design I have in my head and trust me, clients don’t leave their seats without paying me advance, seeing this skill of mine. That’s a bonus point I have with this set of colors. Try it and let me know if you get the same results. I would love to know your experiences in the comment section below.

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