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Glass Entrance Door 3d Design

3d model of a Double shutter Glass entrance Pivot Door with wooden frame.

SS Base Table

Square Table size 900x900 mm. design with stone top and stainless steel base, suitable for Cafeteria, Food court,...

Housing Apartment Block

Plot size 55'x40' designed as double storey builder apartment floor, having 2 nos., 2 bhk apartment on one floor with...

Jali Design in Square Panel

Contemporary design laser cut Jali designed in square panel, can be used for screen, Wall element, Space Divider etc.

Gazebo Style Entrance Plaza 3d view

A modern style Gazebo/Pavilion, has got a nice glass roof with the combination of roof tiles, supported by RCC pillars...

Air Conditioning Grill in 3d View

3d view of a Air Conditioning grill. It is usually required while installing ductable air conditioning.

Bear Autocad Block

Bear in 2d elevation showing autocad file.

Glass Lift Lobby

Lift Lobby layout plan with Glass Lift.

Expansion Joint Detail

Typical Detail of Expansion Joint with Edge Beam and Strip Seal.

Different layout Options of small office .dwg

A small office space planning/Layout showing 3 alternative options with reception/waiting area, 1 conference room, 1...

Commercial building boundary wall and entry-exit gate design

Commercial building boundary wall and entry/exit gate design. Gate is being designed in MS pipe and Boundary wall made...

Master Bedroom Interior detail with bed wall panelling and TV unit design.dwg

Complete Master bedroom Interior detail- Layout, Bed wall design/Elevation, Panelling Detail, a contemporary TV unit...