More Drawings to watch

Designer Door Designs

Various Designer door designs.

Expansion Joint Floor to Wall

Expansion Joint Detail for Floor to wall location with S.S. Cover Plate.

Fire Sprinkler 3d

3d view of Fire Sprinkler, that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected.

House Space Planning 30'x50'

Architectural layout plan of a Independent House size (30'x50'). It has been designed on G+1 floor. Here Ground Floor...

Independent house double storey layout with RCP.dwg

Double storey residence/Independent House Layout/Planning. Here Ground Floor is having parking and a big hall &...

Lift Elevator Interior Design Detail

Guest Lift/Elevator of a hotel showing Interior Design Detail. It has been designed in Veneer, Mirror, Leather Panel,...

Single Tree in 2d Elevation

Single tree in 2d elevation that can be used to complement a landscape design project.

Various Cabinets Autocad Block

Block and front design of various Cabinets like TV Cabinet, Study Desk, Crockery Cabinet, Display Cabinet, Storage...

Sofa Set Block

Furniture Sofa Set Block, can be used for furniture space planning project.

Typical L Workstation Design

A Typical L Shape Working table drawing, showing complete fabrication detail with material specification.

Small office furniture layout plan (Area approx 2600 sq.ft.) with public toilet layout

Office furniture layout plan (Area approx 2600 sq.ft.) with public toilet layout

Office Back Unit Design

Back unit/Storage unit in size (3'x1'-6") showing its detail with plan, elevation and section, made in mdf and laminate...